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The Call

This is the call Rosalie made to Edward in New Moon before he decide to go to Italy. (Rosalie's point of view)

This is something that I had in mind when I was reading New Moon, just thinking what Rosalie had said to Edward.

1. Answer!

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I dialed Edward's cell number once more. I was starting to get really irraited. Why won't he just pick up the phone? It's not like I called him because I was bored.

But I kinda of was. A little. Nothing has been the same since my family has left Forks. Edward wandered on his own, checking in a few times each month. Esme was depressed of Edward's leaving. Emmett was not his usually joking, teddy bear self either. Even Jasper was different, even though he felt the sadness of everyone he wasn't himself either. But Alice she was still herself, a little. She didn't go on big shopping trips as often and that was different, but she was still smiling. She tolded everyone that someday Edward wouldn't be able to take this seperation from Bella and return to Forks. But till then, everyone was down.

I figured that if I told Edward about Bella's death from jumping off a cliff he would start sulking over the girl and then come home. Everyone said that it wouldn't be right to tell him, but I thought the sooner he knew the sooner he would come home and we could be a family again.

Truthfully, I missed my brother Edward. Not as much as everyone else just a tiny bit. And I guess I felt a little bad about his girlfriend or well ex a little, she made Edward laugh more and smile. I missed his stupid jokes, the sound of the piano, the helping hands when we worked on the cars together. It was the only thing we get along together with. It was not the same without him. He needed to come home. Everyone wanted him home. I wanted him to come home.

I finally heard the ringing of the phone stop when Edward answered "Hello?" He voice sounded lifeless.

"Oh Edward, it's about time you answered my call." I told him angrily.

He hung up.

Irraited, I dialed again.

"What?" Edward answered lifeless again.

"Well since i'm so kind I decided to give you a call and tell you Alice is in Forks." I told him quickly.

"What?" Edward said suprised.

"Yeah, you know how Alice is 'Miss Smarty Pants' thinks you know everything...kinda like you sometimes." I told him with a little humor.

"What?" He said again.

I hesaited. "Everyone said not to tell you what happened but I think that's absolutley dumb...I mean the sooner you know the sooner you'll come home right?" I told him again quickly with a little regert.

"What are you talking about Rosalie? Why did you call?"


"Get on with it Rosalie."

I signed. "She's dead Edward." I told him softly.

I paused.

"Yeah I guess Alice had a vision of Bella jumping of a cliff...It was to late anyway but she went down to see if she could stop her but it was too late...I'm sorry but I think you have every right to know what has happened." I told him and went on.

I heard the dial tone.