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Shocking Surprise

Bella and Edward go back to Isle Esme for awhile. When Bella find out she's prenant again thay rush back home to Carlisle. Shocking Surprise Banner by me! *Update- Story is now finished keep on the look out for Continuation of Forever the sequel it will soon be up.*

This is my very first story, so I hope you guys like it. Reveiw if you want. Edit: Forget the if you want Reveiw now. Come on are you people heartless. 500 veiws and yet only five reveiws.

4. Chapter 4-Confession

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When I walked into the room the first thing I saw was Renesmee's tear filled eyes. She must be tortured not knowing what was troubling her parents. I gave her a warm reasurring smile. That seemed to help a little.

The next thing I saw was Alice jumping up and down and squealing like a teenage girl who just met their favorite celebirty. You can't hide anyhting from Alice.

Everyone else was waiting for us to tell them what was going on. they all seemed to be getting more and more impatiant, even Esme.

"Familiy. Bella and Edward have some very important and life changing new to share with you." I glanced at Edward he was in no condition to talk. Great. It's up to me to give the news.

I siged a deep and heavy sigh. Just spit it out Bella. Spit it out don't be such a wimp. Ok where to start.

"Everyone I know this will sound impossible but you have to beleive me." I siged again. "For some impossible reason I'm.... I'm...."

"Just spit it out Bella. The suspense is killing me." Jacob said a little arritated.

I siged again."I'm pregnant." The whole room seemed to turn riged just like Edward and I had.

"Um... Bella. Don't you think you should tell them the other part?" I'm amazed Edward spoke up. I would think he'd go riged with the rest of the room like he hadn't heard it the first time.

"Right now?" he nodded.

"Hold up? There's another part" Emmett was holding his palms up as if he were trying to stop a car.

"Yes um... Edward could you Explain this one?" he nodded.

"There's an old legend that says that if a vampire were to get pregnant it means that, that vampire is the most powerful being, and is to take care of the vampire world."

"Ok so your saying that Bella is the born leader of the vampire world?" Jasper said. Edward nodded.

Renesmee came running to me hugging me when she was in front of me. "Oh Mom, I knew there was somthing wrong. How can you be a leader?"

"I don't know baby." My voice sounded detatched. By know everyone had filed out of the room to give us some privacy. Alice stayed.


"Yes Alice?"

"I just want to say that I'm very happy for you. Are you planning to tell Charlie?" I hadn't thought about Charlie. I could feel the fear of his reaction coming on.

"He'll find out sooner or later." Hopefully later. Charlie's reactions can be unpredictable. Alice left the room. There was something else she wanted to say. I wonder what it was?

"So what now?" A soft velvet voice wispered in my ear.

"Oh I see you've recovered you voice." I tried to make today a little bit more humorous.

"With a great amount of effort. Yes. You still haven't answered my question."

I honestly didn't know what to do "I don't know. What's the right thing to do?'

"My answer would be to keep that baby safe. From what I understand He or she is the aire to the vampire world."

"Wow, no presure."we both laughed. He kissed me adoringly. I'm sure Alice will tell me later if it's a girl or boy.

Poor Renesmee. Though she was doing slightly better than her father the first time through. She sulked in her room. From what Edward was hearing she was remembering her birth and how she almost killed me. She doen't want it to be this way for this child.

I knocked on her door. "Renesmee?"

"Come in Mom."

When I walked in her eyes were filled with tears. I sat next to her on her bed. "Mom, I don't want you to die."

"Oh, Renesmee It's not like that. Your grandfather says I'll be just fine and will live." She sniffed and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

"How can you know that for sure?"

"I don't know for sure. but I'm trusting the legends to be right."

"Ok I'll trust the legends to be right to save your life." We both laid down on the bed. She curled into me and we stayed there for the rest or the night.