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Shocking Surprise

Bella and Edward go back to Isle Esme for awhile. When Bella find out she's prenant again thay rush back home to Carlisle. Shocking Surprise Banner by me! *Update- Story is now finished keep on the look out for Continuation of Forever the sequel it will soon be up.*

This is my very first story, so I hope you guys like it. Reveiw if you want. Edit: Forget the if you want Reveiw now. Come on are you people heartless. 500 veiws and yet only five reveiws.

5. Chapter 5-Charlie

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"Are you sure you don't want to go with us?" Everyone except me and Alice were going hunting. I had just went a day ago. He'd been begging and pleading all day. He said he couldn't live with the pain that I was more fragile than before, and that I could trip and fall and hurt me and the baby. It took forever to convince Rosalie to go on that hunt. Edward told Alice to stay with me and keep me safe.

"I'm fine. I'm not thirsty at all. Anyway I hunted yesterday with Alice, remember?"

Edward turned towards Alice. "Call me if anything happens." Alice nodded. Edward threw her a small silver phone.

"Whatever Edward. She's not that fragile. And if I know anything the birth won't be for another five months." You'll never find me betting against Alice. If she says it won't be for another five months it won't be for another five months.

"It never hurts to be careful." I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you go before you tear someones head off. I swear I've never seen your eyes so black before." He smiled then walked out the door. As soon as he was out of sight I collapsed on the coach and sighed.


"Yes Alice?"

"Could I talk to you?"

"Yes of course." I looked at her face. There was excitement and a little bit of worry.

"Um...Where to start?" she sighed."Well first of all Charlie has decided to come over here in a day. From what I've seen he's getting irritated that you haven't contacted him in a while. Are you going to tell him?" Oh I hadn't thought about Charlie in a while.

"Yeah I think that I should tell him. But I'm afraid of his reaction. Will he be happy? Will he be sad? Will he be angry and try to kill Edward?" That last one was what I was afraid of.

Alice laughed. "I can't see what his reaction will be yet. I have found out some other things though some are not so great. I was going to wait and see your reaction before I told Edward" She seemed to be measuring my reaction.

"What other things?" She was keeping something from me. It seemed that this was prepared and that she was thinking it over.

"Well... Do you want the good or bad first?" Oh boy there was a bad? Might as well get the bad over with. End happy, right?

"Let's go with the bad first."

"It might not be bad. But it is unexpected. Um... I... Well I... I saw the Volturi coming." Oh shit. What could they possibly want? To destroy me so they could keep in control? "I think they might just be coming here to negotiate. Nothing too bad. But anything involving the Volturi could turn bad." I nodded.

"The good thing. Please? Before I go insane?" She chuckled.

"Well I found out what it was." I looked at her questioningly.

"What, what is?" She looked down at my stomach. "Oh! tell me."

"It's a boy!" She jumped up and down on the couch clapping her hands.

"Really? That's great. Not that it matters."

"Yes really. I'll have to say that he looks an awful lot like Edward." I was speechless. I suddenly remembered some of the dreams I had when I was human. A little boy that had brilliant green eyes and Bronze colored hair. "Oh Bella!" she hugged me "I'm so happy for you" Then I remembered how Renesmee had been acting the past four months. She pulled back to look at my face.

"What's the matter?"

"Renesmee." She knew what I was talking about. She had a talk with her about the future.

"She's still acting like that?" I nodded.

"She's just so worried that I'll end up in the same situation as before. I tried convincing her differently."

She hugged me and said. "She's just worried that you'll be hurt."


Everyone returned to the house about 12 hours after they left.

"How was your alone time with Alice?" he murmured softly in my ear.

"Like you don't know!" he laughed.

"Actually I wasn't listening. I thought I really didn't want to know." I looked into eyes he meant the first part. I'm sure that he did want to know it's just that Alice was probably thinking of other things to ensure that Edward was clueless when he got home.

"You liar! You wanted to know what was going on and you know it." He nodded while he laughed.

"Alice was reciting the Declaration Of Independence. She gave me no information." Might as well tell him.

"Fine I'll tell you what happened." He gave me my favorite crooked smile.

"We were discussing the future, Alice said that Charlie's coming over in a couple hours." I let that soak in. He seemed to react the same as I did. "And the Volturi are coming for a visit." He looked furious. "But Alice said that there coming to negotiate." He seemed to relax. "And on a happier note, we know what the baby is." His whole face seemed to brighten. "She said it's going to be a boy." He hugged me and rubbed my stomach.

He suddenly realized something "Oh, come with me I need to show you something." He pulled me towards his grand piano. He started playing a complex, yet beautiful and intricate melody.

"Oh!" I felt a nudge.


"It's the baby he's kicking. I think he likes it."

"The song I just played is for him." I smiled and kissed him. Then we heard a knock on the door.

"Um... Charlie will be here in five minutes. I'm sorry if I disturbed you." Alice was standing in the doorway.

"No it's fine I was just showing her the piece I wrote for the baby."

"OK then let's go see Charlie." Alice seemed happy. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought I would be.

Two minutes after we got in the front room Charlie knocked on the door. Carlisle got up to answer the door.

"Charlie it's good to see you again. Won't you come in?" I squeezed Edwards hand like I had when we first told Charlie me and Edward were getting married.

"Don't be worried, love," he whispered in my ear. I relaxed somewhat.

"Dad sit down please I have something to tell you." He looked a little bit suspicious. He glared at Edward then at me. It were as if he stood up and screamed at Edward 'What have you done to my daughter?!'. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

'OK Bella just spit it out'

"Charlie, I'm... I'm... I'm pregnant." I hadn't noticed that everyone had cleared out of the room to give me, Charlie, and Edward some privacy. Charlie looked like he could ripe Edwards throught out. Charlie's face was beginning to turn from his normal color to pink, pink to red, red to blue.

"Dad breathe!" he took a deep breathe.

"How can you be pregnant!" 'just answer simply' Though he seemed angry.

"Dad don't blame just Edward, it's partly my fault."

"Charlie aren't you happy for her. She's having our second child." Edward seemed all too cheery.

"Speaking of child where's Renesmee?" Thank goodness that he had dropped the subject.

"I'm right here grandfather!" She came running towards him.

"How long have you been listening?" he said in a softer voice.

"I already knew grandfather." she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Dad, I think I'm old enough to be making my own decisions."

"I know I guess I'm still a little pretective of my baby girl."

"It's alright." that was about it for that subject for the rest of the night. We spent the rest of the night talking about what we've been up to. Of course we had to make up something on the spot. It was nice to have Charlie know that I was pregnant. That was one less thing I have to worry about.