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Shocking Surprise

Bella and Edward go back to Isle Esme for awhile. When Bella find out she's prenant again thay rush back home to Carlisle. Shocking Surprise Banner by me! *Update- Story is now finished keep on the look out for Continuation of Forever the sequel it will soon be up.*

This is my very first story, so I hope you guys like it. Reveiw if you want. Edit: Forget the if you want Reveiw now. Come on are you people heartless. 500 veiws and yet only five reveiws.

9. Chapter 9-Beginning of the rest of Forever

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 971   Review this Chapter

“Hey Bella! Charlie’s almost here!” Alice called from the other room. Just then I heard the tires of the cruiser turn off the interstate. I was holding Robert in my arms, my beautiful son, and on earthier side of me was Edward my wonderful husband and Nessie my sweet and lovely daughter.

“Ok Alice!” I got up and Edward wrapped his arm around my waist. Renesmee stayed were she already was. We walked to the door, Charlie was already there. He knocked on the door three quick times. I opened the door. Robert was still lying in my arms gazing at my face with his brilliant green eyes

“Hi dad!” I said. He noticed the small boy in my arms.

“He Bells, Edward,” He acknowledged Edward with a small amount of bitterness. “ and this must be my new grandchild.” He was looking at Robert in my arms. Robert was shifting uncomfortably. He was hungry.

“Yes….Um…. Come in. I have to disappear for a moment.” I went to go find Rosalie.

“Rosalie!” I called. She was by my side in an instant.

“Yes Bella?”

“Look could you feed him just this once?”

“Yes of course.” She put her arms out. I gave him to her.

“ Thanks.” I said. I leaned over and kissed Robert on the cheek and ran back to the living room. Charlie was sitting uncomfortably on the couch.

“Sorry about that.” I said as I entered the room. I sat down next to Edward.

“Getting hungry was he?” Edward whispered. I nodded. Just then Nessie walked in.

“Hey kiddo!” Charlie greeted her.

“Hey grandpa.” She greeted back. “Mom Rose needs you.” I sighed.

“I’ll be right back.” As I passed I kissed Edward and Nessie. I ran to where Rosalie was feeding Robert. Or trying to feed him as I should say.

“Yes what is it, Rose?” She tried to put the bottle full of lynx blood in his mouth, he refused.

“He won’t let me feed him, yet I’ve seen you feed him without hesitation, I don’t get it.” I chuckled.

“Here let me see him.” She handed me Robert and the bottle. I put the bottle in his mouth he didn’t refuse. I laughed again. He finished the bottle. I handed it to Rosalie. I heard her mutter something like ‘momma’s boy’. I walked back into the living room with Robert in my arms.

“Sorry about that….again, he didn’t want Rosalie to feed him.” I sat between Edward and Nessie.

“What’s up dad?”

“Tell me something Bella how many times have you been nervous about telling me something?” Wow that was random.

“Two or three times” I answered.

“Well now it’s my turn to confess, and now I know how you felt.”

“Dad what would you have to confess?”

“I’m marrying Sue Clearwater.” He seemed to be waiting for my reaction.

“That’s great dad, really great.” I congratulated him.

“Yeah I really love her, and amazingly she loves me back.”

“I know the feeling.” Edward said then kissed me.

“So may I see my grandson?” Charlie asked. I looked down to Robert he smiled encouragingly.

“Sure.” I handed Robert to Charlie. “Handsome boy.” He said then looked at me and Edward.

“You two make beautiful children.” He commented. I smiled. He handed Robert back to me.

“What’s his name?” Charlie asked.


“Mmm…. Simple, but it fits. How old is he?” He asked.

“He’s only a couple days old.” We continued talking for a couple more hours then Charlie had to get back to Sue only after agreeing that Alice could plan the wedding. We said good bye then Charlie drove away. I turned to Edward and kissed him. He seemed surprised.

“Where did all this enthusiasm come from?” He asked as soon as I let him go.

“I don’t know I’m just in a really good mood today.” Robert started shifting hungrily. I laughed.

“He’s hungry.” Edward stated.

“For a boy so young he’s so quiet. Come on.” I walked to the kitchen. I grabbed the bottle that Alice must have set out. He started sucking as soon as the bottle was in his mouth.

“We’re not feeding him enough.” I looked up to Edward

“It’ll get easier.” Edward said. Edward was observing me feed Robert.

“I love you.” Edward said lovingly

“I love you too,” I looked up to Edward. “That’s kind of why this little guy is here.” I raised the bottle from his mouth, he had finished a couple minutes ago and was listening to us.

“You ready to go home?” Edward asked.

“Yes where’s Nessie?”

“Right here.” Nessie entered the room. She headed out the back door we followed her to the cottage.

“We’ll have to get Esme to design us a kitchen.” Edward said as we entered the house.

“Yeah, I don’t want to have to go all the way back to the main house for a bottle.” Robert started pulling on a lock of hair that was dangling by my face. “Tired yet?” I asked. He smiled. I towed Edward to our room where the crib was, that Rosalie gave us. I laid him down, his eyes started to close, a couple of minutes later he was asleep.

“Beautiful.” Edward whispered in my ear.

“Who are you talking about now?” I asked

“Both of you.” He kissed my cheek, I turned around and pressed my lips against his. This was the beginning to my new forever, the forever with my family, Edward, Renesmee, and my new son Robert.