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Co-written with ACEMCKEAN. What happens when all of the Cullen clan plus Jacob Black sit down for their first interview after it is revealed that they are the in fact the real characters from the book series, Twilight. This is an interactive story!


2. Chapter 2

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AN: Shout out to my awesome co writer ACEMCKEAN.

AN2: Thanks to our contributors for this chapter cheeks023 and kumiko 1906.

I looked over at the guests, hoping they were all feeling calm. My nerves were really getting to me and I could tell that some of the producers and stage crew were feeling quite tense too. I took a deep breath to steady myself and looked back at the guests with a smile.

“So are you guys comfortable so far?” I asked as I scanned the group in front of me

Nobody is truly comfortable on Larry King Live.

Edward smiles, it’s almost like he can read my thoughts.

Aww Shit!! I forgot that rumor. I think he can. Awww Shit!! I’m making an ass outta myself. Shit!! I’m nervous and I can’t help thinking stupid stuff. Damn I need to calm down. Take a deep breath Larry. Pull yourself together.

The director takes his seat and point towards me. “Larry we’re on in 5...4...3...2...”

“And we’re back with the famous Cullen family and Jacob Black, a close family friend.”

The Cullens all nod towards the camera. I look up to see that Rosalie was still sulking.

What’s her problem.

“So I think I will ask a few questions of my own, before we go to the phone boards and internet questions that have come flooding in for you.”

Carlisle stretched his hand over and placed it on his wife‘s lap. “Sound good Larry,” Carlisle says calmly.

Rosalie seems more upset than before. That can’t be good. She scares me most out of all these guys, except maybe the big guy Emmett, he’s huge.

Damn it, Edward is smiling again.

“So I guess my first question is this.... I hear vampires have amazing speed and strength. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Emmett yells, trying to be first. “Can I show him?” He was bouncing out of his seat with this.

“Emmett, this is an interview not show and tell,” Rosalie says slapping him.

I think I am right to be wary of her. She looks back at me and offers a fake smile.

“Very true,” Carlisle answers, “Actually Stephanie got it right and was able to dispel a lot of the falsehoods about vampires. I was very impressed with her work.”

“So you don’t sleep?”

“Renesmee and Jacob do, but none of the rest of us can sleep,” Edward answers.

“So what do you do with all that spare time?”

The laughs and pointed glares between the couples gives me a big insight into that. I was about to stutter something out, when Edward interrupted my thoughts.

“Lots of things Larry. Each of us have hobbies that we pursue,” Edward answers quickly as Alice tries to motion to Rose to shut Emmett up before he can...

“And sex... lots and lots of sex,” Emmett blurts out. Rosalie hits him again. Yup, definitely scared of the blonde!

Sex? Hmmm. Well I guess if you have endless amount of time what else would you want to do?

“Okay! Thanks for that Emmett,” I say stunned a little. I gasp a quick breath of air while all the Cullens glare at Emmett.

“What?” he asks softly, rubbing his head where Rosalie hit him.

“So sunlight,” I say trying to change the subject.

“Well it doesn’t burn us, as all the movies would suggest, but we can’t be inconspicuous in the sun,” Carlisle answered.

“Yeah! It's like their skin is embedded with millions of diamonds,” Renesmee supplied. “It’s absolutely breath takingly gorgeous!”

“So they sparkle?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Renesmee agreed.

“And you and Jacob?” I ask, pointing the question to Renesmee.

“No such luck. Jacob is completely unaffected by the sunlight and my sparkle is very minimal. It just looks like I have a nice sparkly body powder on,” she filled in. I got the feeling she was envious of the sparkle.

“So one more question before we get to some viewer questions. Is it true that some of you have additional gifts?”

“Yes,” Carlisle answered. “Jasper can calm or excite a room with his emotional control. He can also feel what others are feeling. Alice can see the future. Edward reads minds. Bella is what is called a shield, she can shield the whole family and more from attack. And little Renesmee can share her visions with anyone just through touch.”

Aww CRAP!! He is a mind reader! Maybe I could get Jasper to calm me down so I don’t keep making such a fool of myself with my thoughts. At least I haven’t had any improper thoughts about his mother, sisters, wife or daughter. That would suck! And they are all stunningly beautifu....

Edward growled slightly in my direction. DAMN IT!!!

“So lets go to our phone banks. Who do we have on the phone?”

“Hi Larry, It’s cheeks023 from Winnipeg, Canada. I just wanna say... I love you guys. Seriously can one of you bite me please??? I want to be a vampire too!!” she stated, her voice rising to near shriek mode.

“Did you have a question,” I asked, cutting off her little scream fest.

“Okay!! Anyways my question is for all of you. If these books were turned into a movie, who would you want to play you on the big screen?”

“Great question cheeks023. Why don’t we start in the back row this time. Emmett?”

“Well, Larry,” Emmett said, trying to act sophisticated. “My first thought was Brad Pitt, of course, but then I decided he wasn’t buff enough to be me. The only guy that is buff enough and could possibly pull off my look is Kellan Lutz. Of course he’d need a wig or something to get this effect.” He smoothed his hands through his hair and looked at Rosalie, who rolled her eyes.

“What about you Rosalie?”

“Nobody. It really is a stupid question. Seriously how could a human encompass my beauty,” she said, glaring at me. She really scares me.

“How about you Jasper?”

“Ummmm...” Jasper said, looking very nervous. Suddenly I felt nervous too, it was almost incapacitating!!

“What about Johnny Depp in a blonde wig?” Emmett said, snickering.

“Hey Johnny Depp is kinda hot,” Alice said.

“Does that mean you think I’m hot?” Jasper asked her, the mood in the room seemed to get visibly calmer.

“You are way hotter than Johnny Depp.... but I guess he’s kinda hot.... for a human,” Alice chimed.

“Okay I’ll take Johnny Depp,” Jasper said, holding his wife’s hand gently.

“And same question to you Alice?”

“I couldn’t even hazard a guess. Unfortunately I can’t see into the future when HE is round,” Alice said as she pointed her little finger at Jacob.

“Alice, they don’t want to know who will play you. Just who you think could play you,” Rosalie scowled.

“Well in that case, maybe Ashley Greene? She’s cute and just needs a good haircut and her hair would be perfect. Oh and she has great fashion sense!” Alice said, smiling.

“Same question to you Jacob.”

“Well there was an actor in an old kid’s movie that I thought about. I think his name is Taylor Lautner. Of course he would need to gain some weight and build up his muscles. It would only take him a few month of hard work,” Jacob said, reaching his hand up to rub Nessie’s shoulder soothingly.

“The only actress I can think of for me is Elizabeth Browning. She was in a movie called The Uninvited. I think she could do a good job,” Renesmee said, turning to smile at Jacob.


“Ack!! I'm not sure. I mean.. well... I don't know!! But Robert Pattinson could play Edward. You know the guy who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter
movies,” she smiled at Edward shyly as she said this.

“Okay, so one time in an airport someone asks me if I’m this Robert Pattinson character and nobody will let me live it down.. I mean seriously have you seen his hair? It’s always a mess, and he’s got a bloody British accent. He’s not a good enough actor to get rid of that to play me!” Edward grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“No you need the whole story. So, we’re all sitting around at Heathrow airport in London. We were waiting for a flight to Toronto Canada, making another move and this little girl comes over to him and starts batting her eyelashes at him, not saying a word.. Of course Mr. Prude gets up and moves away from her and goes to sit with Bella. This little girl follows him...” Emmett started.

“Oh get on with it already. She was a teenager who had a huge crush on Robert Pattinson and so she asked if he was Robert. He said no, she said she didn’t believe him, he showed her his wallet saying he was American and not Robert Pattinson. She sighed and went away,” Rosalie finished for Emmett while Edward continued to pinch the bridge of his nose..

“So do many people approach you guys?”

“Sometimes and sometimes not,” Alice answered, “I seem to get approached more since Stephanie’s books have come out. Even before it was discovered that they were true.”

“Anyways back to cheeks023’s question. Carlisle and Esme?”

“Out of all the family, we are the only ones who rarely watch any TV or movies so the actors I chose are probably quite out of date,” Esme answered.

“Who would those be?”

“Well I thought Julia Roberts would have done a great job of it when she was in Pretty Woman and Matthew McConaughey would have made a great Carlisle when he was younger... but the only current actor that I could see is Henry Cavill from the Tudors playing Carlisle.” Esme answered.

“That’s only because you two are obsessed with the Tudors,” Alice giggled.

“Well that may be true. It is a good show,” Carlisle answered, looking at Alice.

“So does that answer your question cheeks023?”

“Yes, thank you! I love you guys! You’re all awesome. Emmett if you want to call me sometime my number is 1 - 204.....” Cheeks023 started before the producer cut her off.

Rosalie growled and crossed her arms.

“Well that was interesting. Do you get many crazed fans, like cheeks023?”

“Of course. I mean who could resist the hunk that is Emmett?” Emmett answered.

Rosalie growled again. I was getting more and more scared of Rosalie, so I figured I better change the topic.

“The next question was sent via email from Kumiko 1906. Anna from Peru writes ‘How do you feel about the books?’ I guess that question is open to anyone.”

“Stephanie did an amazing job on the books. She really has a great talent for interviewing and writing. In some ways it has made our lives easier, and in others more difficult. We now have a certain degree of celebrity so there are paparazzi everywhere trying to get our pictures BUT we also don’t need to pretend to be something we’re not,” Carlisle concluded.

“So no more high school?” I asked.

“Only for Nessie. She’s just finishing grade twelve for the first time.” Edward answered.

“Okay. Well I hope that answered your question Anna. When we get back from our next break we have Mssammydean on the line with some questions for the Cullens.”


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