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2 times, 3 people.. We Humans Knew the Truth

Age 2, We Humans Knew The Truth Forks was never the same after Isabella Marie (Cullen) left. Namely, Mike, Jessica, and Lauren.

iN terms of rating, if you read Twilight you can read this.. enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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Age 2, we humans knew the truth

It was assumed in the Forks High School

If you were single and model hot,

If you wore looks to kill without even really trying..

If you went around avoiding any type of contact with the opposite sex..

If you were Edward

Then you were gay.

And that was just all and well with the male population.

But for girls like Jessica and Lauren,


Then it was entirely different.

It was the reason they hated Bella when

He’d actually acted human around her-


She wasn’t hot.

She wasn’t street smart.

She was so klutzy it was hard not to laugh!

But for some reason he’d chosen her,

An almost animalistic appearance they’d venture to say,

Above the delectable women who’d thrown themselves at him.

That was not enough,


Because as soon as graduation rolled around..

They married.

Did she forget the way he left her?

Broken and shattered inside?

Everyone could see it! Everyone knew!

Her drug had left and she’d had no life,

No heart

No soul left to offer.

And as soon as he came knocking on her door,

That one night when a certain Newton came to spy,

He saw the same ghostlike-



Carry her

Looking almost dead

To her room.


As soon as the same Bella who’d changed their lives in her own special way

Fell to the influenza of some honeymoon country

A certain Stanley..


Well she knew something was up.

Not quite normal.

No, far from it actually.

It was no surprise when word got around Charlie was a grandfather.

But Jess knew differently.

She could only guess,

Of course,

No one wanted to spy on the Cullens..

It wasn’t safe.

The daughter,

The child

Was not adopted.

She was conceived during the honeymoon like any other godforsaken intentional accident.

So Stanley reasoned

As did Lauren

Bella had nearly died giving birth to her child-

An angel, maybe.

And now she was one of them.

Newton had seen her one day out walking.

He told them how she glided.

How she was beautiful beyond compare.

How she seemed to kiss the air she walked on.

How she sprang inhumanly toward a deer in the forest.

How she lowered her mouth with an almost feral hunger.

How Mike ran like hell before she turned on him..

Yes, they knew.

They knew the Cullens were not human.

And they were just fine with that.