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Before the Blue Hour

This story is taken place before Twilight. How they all became The Cullen Clan.


1. Awake and Horror

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I was awake. I didn’t know what to think. Everything was so clear and I could visualize everything. The past 3 days have been hell. I was now sitting in front of this man that brought me here. He was my doctor in the hospital. I thought surely I have died but he sat there with a smile on his face. Hi Edward I am Dr. Cullen but you can call me Carlisle. I am glad you’re feeling better! Carlisle, Where am I exactly? What happened to my mother? Am I dead? Carlisle took in a deep breath and looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I am sorry Edward but your mother passed away 3 days ago. I brought you here from the hospital to save you. It was your mother’s last wish. My mother passed? I sat there and suddenly my whole entire body started shaking. I was sobbing but no tears. My mother was the only person to EVER understand me. How? What should I do now? I was screaming. Carlisle just sat there still with pain stricken sadness on his face. He knew exactly how I felt. After a while he interrupted my sadness and grief and said, Umm Edward? I know your grieving right now for your loss but I really need to speak to you about something important. I took a deep breath and tried to get a hold of myself and I sat back down. Edward, The reason why you’re still alive is because like I said your mother’s last wish was for me to save you. Anyway I could. So I did as she wished and I bit you. You are now a vampire. You’re immortal. I stood up and walked to a mirror. It was me. But I was pale VERY pale I even have red eyes. How could this be? Carlisle rose from his seat to stand beside me. He put one had on my shoulder and said, Edward I am a vampire. I sat down on the floor in shock. So you’re saying I am now a vampire? That I am going to live for-EVER? Yes, Carlisle spoke. Wha- What do I do now? Carlisle helped me off the floor and said Edward we need to go and hunt. I backed away... There is NO WAY I could hurt someone! No, Edward my kind doesn’t hunt for human blood. We hunt for animal blood. I could not hurt someone either. That’s why I became a doctor to save lives. Not end them. So we walked out the door and proceeded into the forest. I am glad we went very quickly, my throat was burning. I was extremely thirsty.

The next few days I have learned. I am a Vampire, many Vampires have special abilities and some no do not. I have learned that I do have a special ability. I can hear what others think. In other words I can read minds. I cannot believe this myself and Carlisle was very impressed. As I now sit in my room I was reading the paper. I enjoyed sitting here and listening to the birds outside my window and reading what was going on outside of this house. Carlisle told me that it wasn’t wise for me to go into the city being a newborn. So I did what I was told. I glared at the paper. There in Black in White.

Edward A Masen Sr, Elizabeth A Masen, and Edward A Masen Jr

The Family passed in the local hospital Sunday of the Spanish Influenza. Funeral Services are being held at the Masen Mansion at 2pm Friday Afternoon.

I knew I had to pay my respects. I HAVE to. I need to speak with Carlisle.

So today is the last day I will ever see my parents again. I didn’t know exactly how to handle this. Carlisle told me that I could not go to the funeral. People might see me and notice me and I might lose control. Considering my grandparents and now parents are passed I have no family but Carlisle. This is something you cannot prepare for... Ever. Carlisle wanted to move so we decided after the funeral we would leave. I wanted to get away and never return. So Carlisle joined me after everyone has left. The house was empty and the cemetery was also empty. It was time to pay my respects. I sat there and stared at my families tombstones are a long time. Carlisle left me alone but kept close in case someone came near. I didn’t know what to say to them. All I wanted to do is just make this all go away. I didn’t want to be a monster I didn’t want any of this to happen. But it did so here I am. I laid one single rose white rose over my mother and father’s grave. It was time to go.

I decided to grab a few things from my childhood home. The door was locked. Luckily I could pick the lock. I walked in. The smell of orange blossoms hit me. It smelled as of my mother. I ran upstairs with inhuman speed and grabbed my journal, clothing and what little money I did have. I went into my parent’s room. This was harder. My mother’s things were sitting on the Vanity Table. Her brush she used to brush her hair. The lipstick she used when going out with my father. This was harder than I thought. I wanted to grab everything but I had such little time. I had to leave quickly. I ran around the room grabbed my father’s pocket watch my mother’s wedding ring and grabbed a few documents and the money in my father’s safe. I knew he would want me to have it. Then I left. Never to return here again. Carlisle meets me down the street in his vehicle and we left for Wisconsin.

It took days to get there. We did however take detours to hunt. Since I was a newborn and no control I needed to feed at least twice a day. When we stopped for gasoline I had to hold my breath so I didn’t smell the humans. It took everything I had not to jump out of the vehicle to kill the innocent gasoline salesman. I promised Carlisle I would not reveal of who we were. We finally made it to Wisconsin. Carlisle got a job at the local hospital (Of course) and I unfortually have to go through high school. Carlisle said as soon as a year has passed I would be able to go to school. Pretty much to keep up appearances. We are pretending Carlisle is my father and I am Edward Anthony Cullen, His son. Actually to be honest Carlisle has been more of a father than my actual father. He understands me. As of right now I can not be known about. So I have to stay hidden. As always, Hidden.

Three Years Later….