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Before the Blue Hour

This story is taken place before Twilight. How they all became The Cullen Clan.


2. Surprise and Heartbreak

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I am 26 years old and I am 9 months pregnant. I am due any day now. As I just got done with my teachings I decided to go home and cook some dinner. Just as I walked in the door my water broke. Oh no! I called the doctor right away. I lay down on the bed and prayed he would get here soon. About Twenty minutes have passed. I was sweating and screaming and trying not to push. Just then the doctor knocked. He heard me screaming and came in. He dropped his bag and, and I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Cullen??? Wasn’t he the SAME doctor I saw when I broke my leg? In Ohio? It couldn’t have been. It can’t be. No!

Hi, Mrs. Evenson is it? I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen. I see you are ready to give birth? Yes, Sir I cried. He laughed and was sort of nervous as he looked up at me and saw my face. Esme, Esme Platt? Yes Doctor Cullen. That was my maiden name.


I was sixteen years old and I had a broken leg. The local doctor was out of town so my father had to take me to the local hospital. The Doctor who saw me? Doctor Carlisle Cullen. He was beautiful. His voice was musical and he wasn’t married. I feel in love with him at first sight. His voice, his hair and he were a doctor. Unfortually, my parents had another future for me. They wanted me to marry a family friend’s son. I HAD to talk to him further. As soon as he was done treating me he disappeared. I didn’t see him again.

Here he was. In my house. In Wisconsin. Then all of a sudden another contraction. OWW Mrs.…Mrs.Evenson I need to check to see how far along you are. I did as told and he said well your baby will be here soon. Just keep on pushing and you will have a baby soon! Dr.Cullen I know who you are. You treated me when I was sixteen. He smiled at me and said yes I remember Mrs.Evenson. Do I need to phone your husband? Umm... No I do not have a husband I am a widow. He suddenly started apologizing. I held up my hand. No need Doctor. Please, just get this baby out of me! This was the most horrible pain I have ever been in. But it is worth it. After another hour I was holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms. He is beautiful. Carlisle smiled at me and said. So, Miss Esme what are you going to name him? I smiled at said I think I will name him Charles.

Doctor Cullen started packing up his medical bag. Um. Dr.Cullen? Please, call me Carlisle he said. Carlisle, may I ever see you again? He smiled and said well I have to check up on you and the baby of yours. I smiled and thanked him as he gave me instructions on the next few days and walked out the door.

What I didn’t understand is HOW does he look the exact same as he did ten years ago? As soon as I am able I am going to speak to him.

Charles was three days old and he was growing. It was January and very cold outside. Charles was beginning to get a cold and sneezing and coughing. I was concerned but it was snowing heavily outside. I tried to phone a doctor but no one could come out. Doctor Cullen was not at his office today. I guess it was because of the snow. Maybe after a good night rest the baby will start to feel better. He feed and we went to sleep.


As soon as I walked out of Mrs.Evensons home I ran straight home. I didn’t know what to do. Should we run? No! It would look to suspicious. I placed my hand on my head. I promised her I would check up on her in a few days. As soon as I did I would leave. I have to she has to notice I haven’t aged in ten years. But she is so grown up. She is a woman now. She is beautiful. No! I couldn’t she is human. She has a human baby to take care of. I have Edward. No! I must not think about her. We have to leave as soon as I go back and check on her. I will go in a week. I have been alone with no mate for almost 300 years. I have never met anyone in all my hundreds of years so beautiful. No! I HAVE to leave her again. I need to go home and tell Edward.

As soon as I walked in the door I spoke to Edward he agreed and we were going to leave in 2 weeks. Enough time for me to check up on her and the baby.

It’s been five days. Two more days and I will check on her. I know I am driving Edward crazy thinking about her but I can’t stop. Suddenly I got a phone call. It was Mrs. Evenson. She was crying. I could barely understand what she was saying. Suddenly the phone line went dead and I got in my vehicle and drove as fast as I could to her home. I knocked on the door. Nothing. I came in and there she was holding her baby crying over him. I knew exactly what happened. He passed away. I asked her for me to see him but she wouldn’t let him go. I could already tell he was gone. I got up and phoned the mortuary. Soon they came and asked me questions. I told them exactly what happened, the baby died from a lung infection. It was just too cold for a newborn baby. She didn’t move she sat there in a rocking chair staring out the window. She was in total shock. I didn’t know what to say. I stayed with her for a few hours. When she finally went to sleep, I had written her a note telling her to phone me if she wanted to speak and went home. As soon as I came home Edward asked me what was wrong. I suppose he heard what I was thinking. I was worried about her. I have seen this many times. He asked me if we were moving now. I sighed and said no, not yet. I want to stick around and make sure she is okay. I don’t want to leave her like this. Morning I will cook some breakfast and bring her some. She needs something to eat. It was Ten AM and I decided to go ahead and bring her some food and check up on her. I knocked on her door. Nothing. I spoke then. Mrs.Evenson it’s Doctor Cullen may I come in? Nothing. I didn’t even hear a heartbeat inside. She must be gone. So I decided to return home. Edward and I decided it was time to hunt. It’s time to try to get my mind off of things. I truly hope she is okay.

We walked out the door and into the forest. Ahhh Nice clean fresh air. We decided to head about a half a mile out of town into the forest. No one came out here so I wasn’t worried for Edwards’s sake. Just your instincts take over when you’re on the hunt. So we found some white-tailed deer and feasted. It felt good just to get away from it all and relax. Edward seemed to be very happy to go somewhere other than school and home. I asked him if he found any woman at school to court. He just shook his head. No, Sir I have not. None of the girls here interest me. I just sighed I know exactly how he feels. He asked me about Mrs.Evenson. I suppose he read my mind. Sigh, I know he can’t help it but it feels odd having no privacy sometimes. I told him that I went by her home to check up on her and she wasn’t there. Then suddenly something hit Edward and I. Edward stood up straight and said Carlisle there is a human here. I noticed it also. It is Esme! She is out here? I hope she didn’t see us. I can’t believe how careless I have been.


I left my home I couldn’t stand to bury my son. It was MY fault. If I would of just kept him inside. Why did I go to the store? I should have just waited. I have absolutely NO ONE now. Nobody cares if I live or die. I decided then to go on a walk. I need to clear my mind. I need to figure out what I am going to do. Here I am here in Wisconsin all alone. If my husband ever finds me I know for sure he will kill me. I left everything I knew because he beat me. My precious angel is gone. I know exactly what I have to do. I am going to be with my son in heaven. I hope he forgives me for doing this to myself.

I sat there crying on the edge of the cliff. So many emotions going through me. Heartbreak, Loss, Anger and Numbness. I couldn’t even see anymore the tears were poring over. I love you my precious angel! Mommy is going to be with you again! Then I jumped. The wind was washing my emotions away and then everything was black.