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Before the Blue Hour

This story is taken place before Twilight. How they all became The Cullen Clan.


3. Hell and Heaven

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We ran as fast as we could only to see her already fall. I jumped after her but she already hit. My poor Esme! As I got closer to this tragedy I notice something I wasn’t expecting. A very faint heartbeat! EDWARD I shouted! She is still alive come and help me! We need to get her back to the house. I have to save her! Edward took one look at her and ran. He RAN? Edward I shouted but he was gone. I didn’t notice it but her blood was spilled everywhere. No wonder he ran. What am I going to do? I had to think quickly she was going to die. I had two options. Save her by putting my venom in her bloodstream or let her die. No! I couldn’t just let her die. I HAD to save her! Then I bit down. Her blood is so sweet and the monster in me longed for it but I HAD to stop for this poor woman! As I put venom in her veins I sat back. I am not even sure this will actually save her. She is so broken. Her heart is barely beating. She has severe trauma all over. It HAS to.

The next few days she has been screaming out in pain. Complaining of her whole body is burning. I sat beside her bed the entire time. I tried to reassure her that it will be over soon. Suddenly the screaming stopped and her heart beat slowed and then suddenly stopped. Her eyes flew open. Red no longer will I see those beautiful blue eyes. I was saddened by this. She turned and looked at me. I smiled and said. Esme? Are you okay? She looked at me wide eyed. Am I in heaven? I sighed no ma’am you’re in my home. I saved you from the cliff. She frowned. I am supposed to be dead she screeched! Miss? I am sorry but I couldn’t let you kill yourself. How – How am I alive? I jumped! I should be dead! I sighed. I didn’t know what to tell her.

Esme? I am a Vampire. I saved you by biting you and now you’re here alive. Well sort of. You’re immortal now. She flew off the bed and was VERY angry. She started to pace the floor. She screeched! I am a VAMPIRE? You CHANGED ME???? I wanted to DIE!! I KNEW there was something different about you! I started pleading. Esme PLEASE understand I did this because I LOVE YO- I suddenly put my hand over my mouth. How can this be???????? I knew I had strong feelings towards this woman but, but I had NO Idea it was like that! I was dumbfounded for the first time in my entire existence.

When I meet her when she was sixteen I remember everything about her. She was the happiest human I have ever set my eyes on. She was glowing. Everything about her was just ….right. I had to soon leave because I almost got caught. So I never thought I would run into her again. Suddenly my memory of her was cut short and she started smiling. You said. You LOVE me? If I could blush I surely would. Just then her hand flew to her throat. Oh yes she must feed! We will speak about this later. We need to hunt.

A few hours later we came back home. I went over everything about hunting, our kind, and my love for her. She even declared she loved me also. She said she loved me from the first day she sat her eyes on me. Ten Years ago. We came into the door hand in hand and Edward was standing there completely confused. He had no idea what was going on. I stopped and cleared my throat. Esme? This is Edward. Edward? This is Esme. I explained to her how Edward joined this small Coven. We spend days and nights just talking. I finally. FINALLY had a mate. Someone that completely understands me. Love at first sight. I always thought it was fiction from the books I have read and the plays I have attended but no, it is absolutely real. Edward was extremely happy for me. I felt terrible he didn’t have a mate. Although I have a feeling he will in time. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to find love. He spent most of his time with his studies and with his piano. Things started to finally seem complete in my life. I am ecstatic.

I had to unfortually break the news to Edward and Esme that we will have to move again. Edward wasn’t too thrilled but he knew we had to. Someone would notice Esme and we had to get her away from here. Edward spoke so Carlisle where are we going? I decided the best place to go is Canada. We packed swiftly. Before anyone found about Esme’s disappearance me and Edward went to her home and grabbed everything we could for her then we were gone. Another town we were never at. Always destroying any evidence we were there.

The next few years were wonderful and then sadness. Esme and I became married. I bought her this beautiful ring and we had a quiet ceremony just the three of us and of course the pastor. It was absolutely lovely. I have never been happier than all of my 300 years. She was truly happy. Then there was sadness. Edward decided to leave. I think he felt like the third wheel. He wanted to try to find a better life for himself. Esme and I were sad to see him leave but we couldn’t hold him back. Although about four years passed and Edward returned and asked to come back. Esme and I were thrilled to have Edward back. It just wasn’t the same without him.

During those four years he went out on his own taking the lives of humans. I didn’t agree with this but he understands he cannot take the lives of humans no matter how he justified it. I was happy he understood. I couldn’t be more proud of him for returning. We all decided it was time to leave before the humans suspected us. So we packed up and left for Rochester, New York.