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this is a personal poem, from a personal experience, but i think it highlights bella's and edwards seperation in new moon, and a bit of bella's opinion


1. Chapter 1

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why are you still searching? Why do you look?
Why pursue them who would have none of you? Who do not deem you fit....
who spurn your advances, who make you seem foolish
and leave you stranded. No lifelines can be seen by the eye around you
just as no person crosses your horizon....

do you have a choice? Can you command your heart to obey you?
Can you cut yourself off completely? Do you speed up time itself?
Why not? After all, did you not promise to fetch the moon for that person?
To bring them the stars, to raise them to the clouds, to share the ocean deeps with them?

No. no you cannot. Could you cut off your own arm? Would you?

Listen...can you here them? The music. The smell. The very scent of love wafts throught the air. Glorius and undiminshed. Humble and quiet.
And yet...does it not make you vomit? The stench of pain and heartbreak, of knives in backs of people in agony, of depression, of misery, awkwardness, difficulty and shadows.

Can you see it? I can. Its there, right in front of my face. And beyond it, oh so ever out of reach! Is her face. Her perfect features.

Insanity seems to be my only choice.... my only life line.