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That Call

The call between Edward and Rosalie in New Moon. (Edward's point of view) see rosalie's point of view called The Call.

The call from New Moon between Edward and Rosalie.

1. NO

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I didn't really know where I was. I knew I was in South America staring around the little space I found to sit in a sewer. With rats and spiders crawling around me. I didn't bother to listen to the thoughts of voices above me. Listening now, the group of men were fighting over a bottle of beer. I just let the sounds fly by me. Meaningless. I was meaningless, this life of mine was meaningless, the whole world was meaningless.

As I closed my eyes, I see the one face I wish I could see with my own eyes again. Bella's. Ah, showing a smile. A smile of welcoming. Ah, how I wished I could go back. I could. I could be back in Forks by morning, staring at Bella's window. NO!You made a promise Edward don't break it.

My phone rang again, for the fifth time in the last hour. I haven't bothered to look at the caller ID, but thinking maybe it was Carlisle. Maybe something was wrong? Maybe someone was hurt?

I picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Oh Edward, it's about time you answered my call." Rosalie. Probably calling cause she's bored. When I heard her voice I knew my family was fine.

I hung up.

Again the phone rang. Well might as well get it over with or face hearing the same ringing for the rest of eternity.

I answered the phone. "What?" I hadn't realized my voice sounded dry and lifeless.

"Well since i'm so kind I decided to give you a call and tell you Alice is in Forks." Rosalie told me quickly with a hint of angry.

"What?" I said surprised. I told Alice not to go to see Bella! She had promised that she would stay away from her as long as I did too. I outta throw her tiny...

"Yeah, you know how Alice is 'Miss Smarty Pants' thinks you know everything...kinda like you sometimes." She told me with a lot of humor in her voice.

I couldn't think of anything else to say besides, "What?" again.

She paused. "Everyone said not to tell you what happened but I think that's absolutley dumb...I mean the sooner you know the sooner you'll come home right?" She told me quickly again.

"What are you talking about Rosalie? Why did you call?" I said irraited.

"Well..." She paused again.

"Get on with it Rosalie." I said angry. I wish she would get it over with so I can go back to my depression.

"She's dead Edward." She told me softly. I couldn't breath. It felt that time had stopped. I knew when she said 'she' knowing it was the one thing keeping me on this earth.

She went on. "Yeah I guess Alice had a vision of Bella jumping of a cliff...It was to late anyway but she went down to see if she could stop her but it was too late...I'm sorry but I think you have every right to know what has happened." She said.

I hung up.