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Your Ex-Lover is Dead

All human. When Jacob takes Bella to meet and old friend, 2 months before their wedding, she gets a big surprise when that friend is Edward, Bella's ex. With Edward back in her life will Bella be able to follow through with her wedding?


1. Dinner with a Friend

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Chapter 1:Dinner With a Friend

It was a hot August night; Bella was sitting in her room, watching the local news when she heard Jacob’s footsteps, as he let himself in. “Bella! Where are you?”

Bella could already hear the excitement in his voice. That was what she loved about him; he was always happy, fun, and carefree. Even when he had problems at work, or he was having a bad day he always found one good thing to say about his day. Jacob Black balanced Bella’s morbid outlook perfectly. She always prepared herself for the worse possible scenario instead of looking at the positive. Jacob had saved her from her great depression, without realizing it.

From the moment they met, he knew he had to love her, and she knew she had to let him. Bella was still dealing with the ghosts of her past. He swooped in, like the superhero he was and saved her from herself. He taught her to be happy again, and showed her how to love unconditionally again.

It had taken Jacob a lot of work for Bella to finally open up, even then he sensed that Bella would never fully be herself again. A part of her was missing, and try as he might he never got her to say why. He figured as much it had to do with a past love and something so traumatic that it left her feeling incomplete.

He didn’t want to think about that love that caused her so much pain, because it always worried him that he could never fill it. Slowly, he helped Bella live again, cut loose, and enjoy life. She had changed for him and so had he. There would be instances where instead of Bella making the sarcastic remark it was he who said it. They had grown to fit each other, and soon they would be married.

“Babe, you will never believe who called me?” he said, enthusiastically.

“Who?” she asked following in his excitement.

“Well, actually I don’t think I mentioned him before but when I lived in La Push, Edward and I used to hang out all the time. Mostly, we worked on our cars and went to auto shows together, but he was a really cool guy. It sucked when he had to move,” he said with a slight frown. "Yeah so he wants to have dinner tonight."

“Yeah sure, you knew I had nothing planned for tonight,” she said shrugging her shoulders. Bella pretended not to hear the name of is friend for her sanity.

“Great, you’ll love him, we’ve kept in touch mostly through emails, but he hasn’t changed much, a little too serious, but all around a cool guy. We’re meeting him at 7 at P.F. Changs”

Bella looked at her watch and realized she only had an hour to shower and get ready if they were going to make it on time. “Jake! That’s a little short notice, I don’t know if I’ll make it on time. Maybe you two go ahead and I’ll meet you when I’m ready.”

“Are you sure? I could just call him and postpone it to 8? I really want you to meet him.”

“No go ahead, have some guy bonding time,” she said heading for her bedroom.

“Alright, see you soon,” he said finishing his beer and heading out.

Once Bella realized she was getting ready to go meet one of Jacob’s friends, she groaned in displeasure. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to meet him; she just didn’t want to be the third wheel, on their little man date. She considered calling Jacob to cancel, but decided against it, he had wanted her there, tardy at the very least but there.

Bella couldn’t help the feeling she got when she thought of Jacob. It always reassured her to know that he would always be there for her. Their love wasn’t instant, like it had been with him, but it felt right when she was with Jacob. He had helped her mend her heart and she couldn’t help but love him.

P.F. Changs wasn’t that far from the apartment she owned, but in the Los Angeles traffic, everywhere seemed far. She pulled to the valet and walked in and quickly scanned the room for Jacob, he was the bar talking to his friend, Edward something. She hadn’t let herself think that name until Jacob had mentioned his friend. Panic overwhelmed Bella when she looked closely at the disarray of bronze hair.

She blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, but there was no denying it, Jacob’s Edward was the same Edward that had broken Bella’s heart all those years ago.

The bubbly hostess walked up to her and asked, “Miss, do you need a table?”

Bella was still in shock, she watched the love of her life and fiancé talking and laughing over drinks. She felt someone tugging at her arm; she looked to find a small blonde mouthing something.

Time unfroze and she turned to the hostess, “I’m sorry what?”

“I asked you if you needed a table,” the hostess said, in an irritated tone.

“No, I’m meeting some people at the bar,” Bella said, directing her attention to the two men.

“Do you need any help finding them?” the hostess offered.

“No, I found them already,” Bella said, chuckling, she couldn’t ignore the irony.

“Well if you need anything let me know,” the hostess said walking away.

Bella tried to regain composure, but her efforts were futile. Again, she started to panic and dashed to the ladies room. She grabbed her cell phone out of her clutch, and dialed the only other number in her speed dial.

Alice had been with Bella when she met Edward and helped her recover the pieces, of her broken heart. She moved with her, after high school, when she decided she needed to leave Phoenix, because it reminded her of him too much. Bella enrolled in Cal State L.A. while Alice enrolled in FIDM, the Fashion Institutes of Design and Merchandising. Bella pursued her English degree, and recently got promoted as a columnist for the Times and Alice began her own clothing line and was just watching it flourish.

Alice finally picked up after the fifth or sixth ring, “Hey Bells, I'm working on your dress as we speak, this better be important.”

“Alice! He’s here, Edward is here!” Bella whispered screamed into the phone.

“What!” Alice shrieked into the phone, “Wait, where are you? How did he find you?”

“Jacob had gotten a call from his old friend,” she paused at his name, “Edward, and he wanted to have dinner with him so that he could meet his fiancé, meaning me! We’re at P.F. Changs!”

“Oh. My. God!” Alice screamed into the phone. “Bella, you can’t let him destroy you, he left you remember? It was me and Jacob who helped you come out of your zombie daze. You need to get back out there and show him what he missed out on. Do you understand? Your not the same Bella anymore, you've moved on, your different now, happy. No more breaking down because of Edward, you hear me, no more!”

“Thanks Al, I needed that,” she said shutting her phone off.

Bella checked herself out in the mirror, Alice had been right she looked good, and she felt good too. There was no way Edward was going to ruin Bella’s life. She marched outside the bathroom and to the direction where she had last seen Jacob and Edward.

Edward had his back towards Bella, so it was Jacob who noticed her first. His smile grew wide when he saw her in his favorite red dress. Bella felt instantly reassured once she saw his toothy smile. He got up and ushered her to his previous seat.

Edward eyes grew big when he saw who Jacob’s fiancé was. He had only thought of Bella everyday since he left. Jacob introduced them, and Edward choked out a, “hello.”

While Bella, the epitome of confidence, said, “Yes I think we’ve met before, Taft High School, Phoenix Arizona, I think we had biology together.”

Her nonchalant attitude disturbed Edward more than it should. Bella had grown into the beautiful woman, he knew she would be. Often, he had imagined seeing her again, but not like this. His old friend’s fiancé, clearly she had moved on and he hadn’t.

Bella too had thought about what she would do or say when she saw Edward, but in that instant she felt paralyzed. She didn't want Jacob to ever find out the extent of her wounds, especially since it was his good friend who caused all of it. Bella didn't have to tell Jacob anything about her past, he had guessed right, and she never bothered to say anything.

Edward realized that Bella didn’t want Jacob to know the extent of their relationship and played along, it was the least he could do, after how he left things. “Right,” Edward said, as mock realization poured over his face.

“Oh cool, you two know each other. Well, I’ll let you two get caught up and I’ll go and see if our table is ready,” he said giving Bella a kiss on her forehead.

Edward couldn’t hide the jealousy he felt when Jacob kissed Bella on her forehead, that used to be his spot.