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Your Ex-Lover is Dead

All human. When Jacob takes Bella to meet and old friend, 2 months before their wedding, she gets a big surprise when that friend is Edward, Bella's ex. With Edward back in her life will Bella be able to follow through with her wedding?


2. Stay Away

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Chapter 2: Stay Away

As soon as Jacob was out of ear shot Edward began, “Bella, about that day, I know I messed up but-”

Bella lifted her hand to cut him off; the look in her eyes didn’t portray the same Bella he loved, “Edward, don’t, just don’t. I don’t care anymore, I have Jacob.”

Bella wanted to believe her words, she was trying so hard not to convey any emotion when it came to Edward, and she didn’t want him to have any ammo.

The ex-lovers sat there in silence, the sexual tension apparent for both of them. Despite the hatred she told herself she had, Bella couldn’t deny the attraction she felt for Edward. For Edward there was no hatred for his lost love, he didn’t know how to explain to Bella what really happened, he was only a teenager then, not even a man. He knew that remnants of the Bella he had fallen for, was buried under the mask she had. He was still attracted to her, what man wasn’t, but he also felt a glimmer of the spark they once shared.

Jacob was happy to know that Edward and Bella had known each other, however brief. He knew Edward had a reputation for moving schools, so it didn’t surprise him in the slightest when Bella recognized him. He watched them interact, he could see the awkwardness between them, he hoped to remedy once he got back.

The hostess was having a table cleared so that they could take their seats, he waited there to make sure it got done. Finally, he returned to his friend and his fiancé, and they all headed for their table.

The group ate in silence, Jacob attempted to soothe the situation, like Bella knew he would, but his efforts were useless, so he settled with the fact that no one was arguing.

Edward finally broke the silence when he questioned Bella, “Jacob tells me you’re a writer, what do you write about?”

Bella was still trying to hide her discomfort so it took her a while to finally answer, “Well it’s a relationship advice column, I write about all the things that bother women about men and how to handle the situation.”

“Oh, I know that column,” Edward mumbled. He hadn’t realized what man eater she had become. Edward read that column, the author was witty, smart, and knew what she was talking about, but he never imagined Bella wrote it. This was not the same Bella he fallen for, he feared that his ex-lover was dead.

“What about you?” Bella said, looking bored.

“Well I went to business school and invested my trust fund, into a bar with Emmett, you remember him? I also dabble in a little real estate,” he said with a shrug. Bella wincing at Emmett’s name didn’t surprise him; he too had fucked up when Edward left.

“Oh,” was all Bella said. Jacob was happy that the conversation was finally picking up. He was excited that the night wouldn’t be a total bust.

Jacob thought bringing up Alice may have done them some good, “Hey, Edward, did you ever meet Alice?”

Edward nodded, surprised by his question, he hadn’t really thought of her.

“Did you know she has her own clothing line? Right now she is blowing up, she’s designing Bella’s dress for the wedding,” Jacob said, trying to keep the conversation light. While Edward, tried to regain some composure.

“Wow, that doesn’t surprise me. She and Bella were attached at the hip from what I remembered, and she always had a unique style.”

“So when you guys went to high school, how well did you know each other?” Jacob asked, hoping that high school held fond memories for them. Jacob had no idea how right he was, but they didn’t let on.

Bella quickly assured him that they only shared one class together.

The conversation was strained and forced the rest of the night. Bella kept praying for the night to be over, while Edward wished it never end. He decided he needed to talk to Bella, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Edward was the first to get his car back form the valet, and said his good byes, and drove off. But really he waited in his car to see Bella. He watched them say good bye, and gripped his steering wheel when they kissed.

Jacob was going back to his place, because he had a long day ahead of him, and Bella wasn’t in the best mood for him to be at her place. They said their goodbyes, Jacob getting his car, and Bella right after.

Bella knew Edward was following her, but she didn’t care. She wanted him to follow her, so she could say everything she had wanted to after he left her. She hoped that by getting this out of the way she could finally move on with Jacob.

Bella pulled up to her apartment, and waited for Edward to find parking. Edward was shocked that Bella was willingly, letting him go into her apartment, but he didn’t say anything out of fear, she might reconsider.

They stood in the elevator in silence, on opposite ends. Bella kept her gaze straight ahead, while Edward looked at the ground. When they finally got to her floor, Edward followed her into her apartment. He stood, awkwardly in the entrance, while Bella fumbled around in the kitchen.

She came back into Edward’s view with two water bottles one for each of them. She sat down on her couch, and Edward wasn’t sure what to do, so he stood there with one hand on his bottle, while the other, in his front pocket.

“Oh sit down already,” she said breaking the silence.

“Sorry,” Edward mumbled.

Again, they were on opposite ends of one another.

Bella was struggling with what to say, she had imagined a confrontation so many times. Sometimes she imagined, cussing him out like he deserved and other times she pictured a romantic reunion. She knew that the second option was not an option, but more of a fantasy, she had Jacob now.

Finally, Bella decided she wanted to know one thing. “Edward, did you ever love me? Or was I just a distraction?”

Edward too, had imagined a reunion, he knew he would get an earful no matter what, but he always hoped that Bella and he would get to finally live their love for another. So when Bella asked him if he ever loved her he was caught off guard.

“Bella, I never stopped loving you. I-” he didn’t continue, he didn’t know what else he could say. Edward had prepared himself for this day, accumulating reasons, as to why he left without telling her, but at that moment he really didn’t know what to say.

“Then why,” Bella’s voice came out more pained, than she wanted.

Edward knew this was his only second chance with Bella and had to take it. “Bella, I warned you I would be leaving soon. Carlisle and Esme were always ones for traveling. Remember how much I tried to resist you in the beginning? I knew I couldn’t get attached because we would be leaving soon. But I just couldn’t help it; I loved you too much, to stay away. I knew I was being selfish when we started going out, but I wanted you, needed you. I only had a week’s notice, and instead of focusing on goodbye, I wanted our final days, to be perfect, so that I could take that with me.”

“But you didn’t even have the guts to tell me. I had to hear it through Jessica, the gossip queen. I waited for you in the park for hours. I couldn’t believe that you were gone. When you didn’t show I called you for hours. I called Emmet to see if he knew where you were, but he didn’t pick up. I even called Rosalie, but no one was answering my call. Finally, Alice had to come and pry me from the park bench.” Bella was finally telling Edward everything she had wanted to say to him, but it wasn’t making her feel better.

Edward soaked in Bella’s words. He had had every intention of showing up that day, but when he got there and saw Bella bathing in the sun, smiling, so happy and care free, he couldn’t bring himself to face her sadness. He was a coward.

After letting her tears flow, Bella began again, “you changed your number, your email address; there was no way for me to contact you. But you’ve had seven years to come and find me. You knew where I lived, you clearly stayed in touch with Emmet, I even kept the same cell phone number hoping you would call me, but you never did! Why didn’t you show up?”

Bella finally got to ask him the question that had kept her up for so many nights. After that day in the park, Bella spent the rest of the summer in her room. Alice attempted to get her out of her funk but failed miserably. She wrote a box of letters for Edward, some asking why, some begging for his return, a few filled with anger, and one awaiting his return. Bella only went to school because Rene and Charlie forced her too. When her birthday rolled around, she locked herself in her room, remembering the significance of what that they could have been. The only real comfort was Alice; she had stuck by Bella through her rough days, and even night. It wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles, did she began the healing process.

Edward took some time to mull out his response, but no matter how he worded it, there was no use in denying that he was a coward. Edward took a deep breath and began, “I didn’t tell you because I was afraid, and I was a coward, Bella. I couldn’t deal with having to say goodbye to you. I showed up that day and watched you so happy and full of life. I couldn’t be the one to break your heart. I knew you and I were always something more than high school sweethearts and I couldn’t be the one to cause you the amount of pain I felt.”

Bella was still in tears, and Edward could feel the rage and hurt that was radiated off of her, because of his words, because of him. Ultimately, his worst fear had come true, he had caused her pain, broken her.

He knew he only had chance to say it, "Bella, I love you, always have, always will."

“Idiot,” Bella muttered under her breathe. “I think we’ve both said everything we needed to say. Please let yourself out.”

Bella got up and headed for her bedroom. She hesitated when she heard Edward get up and leave, she waited for the door to slam but it never came. Instead, she felt his arms around her, and Bella was powerless to his touch.