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Your Ex-Lover is Dead

All human. When Jacob takes Bella to meet and old friend, 2 months before their wedding, she gets a big surprise when that friend is Edward, Bella's ex. With Edward back in her life will Bella be able to follow through with her wedding?


3. The Morning After

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Chapter 3: The Morning After

Edward didn’t want to go but had no choice; Bella had specifically asked him to leave. He had is hand on the doorknob, when a surge of courage took over, he wasn’t leaving this time around, he needed to be with Bella, even if were just one more night. He headed for Bella’s room and saw her standing still in the doorway.

He grabbed her by the waist and began kissing her neck, and Bella didn’t stop him. In that instant Edward knew that Bella belonged to him no matter how much time had passed. He began touching her, like he had when they were teenagers. But this time; there was no fear of getting caught, there was no hesitation in their exploration, this time, there wasn’t anything stopping them.

Bella felt Edward inside her and knew that, that’s where he belonged. For so long Bella had attempted to keep her virginity in tact, but that all changed when Jacob had come along. Part of her felt like she had betrayed Edward after it happened; she had spent so many years fantasizing about her first experience … with Edward.

Edward and Bella’s bodies intertwined, and readjusted to fit one another. Bella had never felt this so much passion and desire, and for that she cursed Edward. Despite his reasons, his actions were unforgivable, and yet she couldn’t stop herself from fucking him in the same bed she had shared with Jacob.

Edward used all the abilities he had learned from previous lovers to please Bella. He knew she was close, and he was too. He held out in anticipation for hearing his name but once Bella climaxed she merely groaned in pleasure, biting her bottom lip, never uttering his name. Bella already felt guilty for being with Edward and enjoying it immensely, so when she climaxed she forbade herself from screaming her name. She had to bite her bottom lip, to prevent her every urge from saying his name. When Edward realized that Bella wasn’t going to say his name, he focused on how beautiful she looked riding her orgasm, and climaxed as well.


Edward woke up first, with Bella still in his arms, he took her scent in, and puller closer to make sure she was real, that last night had actually happened. He felt Bella stirring, indicating she was about to wake. Bella’s eyes fluttered open, she felt familiar arms but they weren’t the arms she was used to. She saw through her lashes the face that had tortured her dreams many times. Realization hit Bella instantly, last night had really happened; she jumped of the bed and ran to her bathroom.

Edward watched in shock, he wasn’t sure if he should follow her, or leave. Anger overwhelmed Edward, he had thought that Bella had wanted the same things as he did, but now he wasn’t so sure.

Bella paced in her bathroom, hoping he would leave but he never did. She sat with her back against the door, knees to her chest, waiting in silence. After an eternity she heard the voice of the man she hated.

“Bella,” Edward said, softly, “Are you alright?”

Bella was angry at the question, “Obviously Edward, I am not alright. Do you realize what we did last night? I love Jacob not you! Please leave, pretend like last night never happened!”

Edward was getting angrier as she spoke each word. “Bella, you wanted it just as much as I did. Get out here and face the music,” he said hoarsely.


Patience was never Edward’s strong suit, so it wasn’t surprising when he blew up at Bella’s tantrum. He began banging the door, hoping to get a reaction.

“Stop that, just go…Last night happened but never again! Just… just think of it as closure,” Bella said, hoping he would leave soon.

“Fine! I’ll do what you want. We’ll pretend like last night didn’t happen!”

Edward gathered his clothes and left. He was a scorned man, after the night they had together it was impossible for her to deny him, unless… unless it was just a way for her to execute her revenge. He pondered that possibility greatly, recounting the events, and the words said. Revenge was definitely a possibility. As he waited for the elevator to come, he realized he wanted Bella to pay. Her actions only proved to him, that old Bella was no more. Just then an idea struck, and he got his hone out to dial Jacob’s number. He would do exaclty what Bella asked.

Jacob had gone home happy, he knew that it was only a matter of time until Edward and Bella would get along. He had no idea how true that those words were. He hadn’t led on to Bella, how close Edward and him had gotten back in La Push. Jacob had struggled with always having to pick up the slack after his mother had passed, and Billy became paralyzed. Jacob needed a way to relax and have something that was just for cars with Edward had been an escape for both, although Edward had never opened up, they both had an unspoken bond.

He had a long day ahead of him, two of his mechanics had called in sick and he needed to pick up their slack and handle all the paper work it took to keep the place afloat. For many years, Edward and Jacob had talked about opening their own shop together. They would email each other trying to execute a plan but found it difficult with their busy lives. It wasn’t until last night that they talked about the shop again. Jacob wasn’t sure how serious he would be today, now that he was sober.

He felt his phone vibrate and chuckled at the caller id, it was Edward.

“Hey man what’s up?” he answered.

“Hey Jacob, how are you?”

“Ok, working you?”

“I’m ok just got up actually. I was hoping we could meet for lunch and maybe talk about the mechanic shop?” he said, hesitantly.

“Yeah sounds great! How about we just go to Chili’s? I need to get back soon.” Jacob tried to hide his eagerness but found it impossible.

“That’s fine, How’s 1?”

“Yeah,” Jacob said hanging up the phone.

When Edward left, Bella felt like she could finally breath. She prepared herself for the dreaded call she had to make.

“Bella, I’ve been on pins and needles, waiting for you to call what happened?” Alice shouted into her phone.

“Alice nothing happened, I told him I was happy with Jacob and to leave me alone.”

“That’s good, then what?” Alice asked, as she was working on the draping of Bella’s dress.

“Well, we had dinner, we made small talk, dinner was over, he followed me home, and we had sex,” Bella said, hoping Alice wouldn’t freak out.

Alice let the fabric fall, once she heard Bella’s words. “Isabella Marie Swan! How could you? After all the hard work Jacob has done to fix you? After everything all the heartache he caused you just let him walk right in? What are you going to do now? Are you and Jacob breaking up? You are going to tell him right? Was he good? Is he still there?”

“Alice! This is all too much. I don’t know how it happened it just did. I haven’t forgiven him, I kicked him out. I’m not sure about Jacob, all I know is I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Alright, I’m coming over, clearly you need me,” Alice said, halfway through the door.

Bella got dressed and waited for Alice to come over. She waited in the tub of her bathroom, not being able to face the see any room he had been in.

Bella heard Alice come in and calling for her. When Alice found Bella in the tub, she feared that she would not be able to help her out of this mess like she had before.

Bella recounted the events of last night and this morning, in silence. Mostly she pondered on how to kill Edward and hide the body. They mystery of why Edward had left had finally been revealed and Alice could only think of him as a coward. She helped Bella try and figure out a game plan but there was no use any way they saw it Bella was fucked.

They spent of the day avoiding the issue and eating pizza. It was around three that Jacob finally called Bella. Alice and Bella grew wide-eyed when they realized who was calling. They tossed the phone back and forth, when Bella finally answered.

“Hey Jacob,” she said, as calmly as possible.

“Bella, I have the best news. Edward and I are going into business together, We’re going out tonight to celebrate at his club!”

“Umm. Could you hold on a sec?” Bella said, attempting to fight her panic attack. She muted the phone and recounted Jacob’s words. Both women knew she couldn’t face him just yet, so Alice took the phone and did what all best friends did in situations like these.

“Hey Jacob, sorry about that, congratulations on that deal but Bella already agreed to come over and hang out with Jasper and I,” she said, like the expert liar she was.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jacob said, causing Alice to let go of the breath she had been holding in anticipation. “How about you and Jasper join us? The more the merrier”

“Umm…” Alice had not counterarguments for Jacob and had no choice to agree. “Ok.”

Alice couldn’t face Bella jus yet, she feared for her sanity. Everything she had gone through for that stupid prick, all the tears wasted, she didn’t need that. If she could prolong her pain for a few more seconds, maybe she would be alright.

“Alice, did he buy it?” Bella asked anticipating her response.

“He invited us too, I couldn’t say no,” Alice responded.

Bella stared at Alice in disbelief, before breaking down again.