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Your Ex-Lover is Dead

All human. When Jacob takes Bella to meet and old friend, 2 months before their wedding, she gets a big surprise when that friend is Edward, Bella's ex. With Edward back in her life will Bella be able to follow through with her wedding?


4. Ain't It Funny

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Chapter 4: Ain’t It Funny

Once Bella heard Alice’s words, her body stiffened and went into shock. Bella couldn't understand everything being said to her, and couldn’t move a muscle. Her body hadn’t betrayed her in years, not since Jacob had helped her. Somehow, it didn’t surprise her that this happened, Edward would always be the reason her body would give out on her.

She could hear Alice far away, screaming for her to come back. Alice had lived through this the first time and knew what to do already.

Slowly, Bella could hear Alice’s voice more clearly.

“Bella, come back to me, you don’t belong in that dark place, come back to me!” Alice repeated, until the glazed look on Bella was gone.

“I’m sorry Alice, it was like my mind and body was at war with each other,” Bella said, sobbing.

“I know sweetie, I know, but we have to get ready. Bella, you have to get it together. Listen, we have to make Edward feel uncomfortable. You have to wear the dress, I picked out for you last week. The black one, we need to make him sweat, and realize going into business with Jacob isn’t a good idea, being near you is never a good idea.”

“Alice, it’s not that easy. When he left here this morning he was pissed off. I really broke him; I don’t know what he’s thinking.”

“Bella, from what you told me it’s pretty clear he wants you to suffer. You can’t let him. Tonight, you have to be attached to Jacob, and when you can’t you stick to me and Jazz,” Alice said, sternly.

Bella nodded, her eyes still portraying panic, and she followed Alice to her closet.

All that was left was to get the paper work read over by their lawyers, and make all arrangements necessary to sign the papers. Edward had called Emmet to let him know he had found Bella. At first Emmet congratulated him, but once he heard the story he changed his tune.

“Emmett, I saw Bella last night,” Edward said into his phone, on his way home from lunch with Jacob.

“No shit? Congratulations! What happened?” Emmet screamed into the phone.

“It’s not like that, well it kind of is. Bella is getting married to my friend Jacob, the guy I was telling you about. I finally got to tell her my side of the story but she didn’t care. Or at least, I thought she didn’t, she let me spend the night and I thought we were okay. But this morning she was different. Not herself.”

“So, what now? You’re going to fight for her aren’t you?” Emmett asked, logically.

“Well I’m going into business with Jacob. Now Bella will have to see me, even if she doesn’t want to,” Edward said, sternly. He hoped Emmet, couldn’t read the pain in his voice.

“Edward, that isn’t a good idea. What’s going to happen when things blow up in your face? Your business should not have been brought into this,” Emmet said.

“I know, but it’s the only way to guarantee I see her again. Even if she actually marries him,” Edward responded, weakly.

Emmet gave out a big sigh and said, “I know I don’t have to tell you this, but either way it goes you’re screwed. I hope it’s worth it.”

“Yeah alright,” Edward grumbled, into the phone. “I need a table in the VIP section tonight. We’re all going to celebrate.”

“Fine,” Emmet grumbled back, and hung up.

Edward knew he was playing with fire, but the pain Bella inflicted this morning was insufferable. He hurt her and he knew it, but he was just a kid back then, now they were adults. Bella could do whatever she wanted, and it was obvious that he wasn’t it.

He felt bad for using Jacob, but after much thought, he figured he would be a silent partner, once his plan was over. His only goal was to make Bella sweat, he purposely choose the bar that he owned with Emmet, to make her uncomfortable.

Jacob and Edward were sitting in the VIP section, when he noticed Bella come in. She looked ravishing. She was wearing a tight black dress that hugged her curves perfectly. This dress was more obvious and sexier than yesterday.

He pondered the change, when he noticed, a small pixie, walking behind her, with a tall blonde guy. Of course, it had to be Alice. He cursed the world for his luck. Alice was not part of the plan.

Finally the trio made it past the security guard, and Bella went straight to Jacob, not meeting his eyes.

Alice and Edward shook hands, more out of courtesy than genuine happiness. She introduced him to Jasper, and they stiffly shook hands as well. The couple took a seat in the corner, and ordered a bottle of Grey Goose.

Edward knew he was the odd man out, but that didn’t bother him. What really bothered him was that everyone in the group was Team Bella, and he had no reinforcements. He quickly sent a text to Emmett, alerting him of the situation, asking him to hurry.

When Emmet got the text from Edward, he knew he had to oblige to his best friend. He didn’t agree with what he was doing, but he was the supportive friend, nevertheless.

Rosalie was another story. She thought Edward’s actions back then and now were childish. She only followed through because of Emmett.

“Rose, I know you don’t want to do this but he needs to make his own mistakes. We will not be hurtful towards Bella, I promise. We just need to be there so Edward doesn’t fall apart,” Emmet said, hugging her.

Emmet led Rose through the back entrance. He left his assistant manager in charge tonight and hoped things would be okay without him.

Jacob noticed right away the change in Bella. She had never worn anything so revealing. Usually, she went for more conservative and classic looks. He knew Alice was behind the change, but he couldn’t understand why However, it didn’t stop him from enjoying it.

Bella sat on his lap, kissing his neck. Although, he enjoyed the attention, Jacob knew that Bella must have lost her mind or was drunk for her to act this way.

“Bella,” he whispered into her ear, “What has gotten into you? Are you okay?”

Bella noticed Edward watching her, so she laughed when Jacob asked her if she was okay. She wanted Edward to leave and never come back. She needed Jacob to love her like he always did, especially tonight. She needed to forget and Jacob was the only man who could do that.

“Jacob, the only thing I want inside me is you,” Bella said, nibbling his ear.

Jacob blushed slightly, and began kissing her neck. Their passionate kiss was interrupted by a loud voice.

“Hey everyone, we came to party!” Emmet said, slapping Edward’s back.

Edward introduced Emmet and Rose to everyone; little did Jacob know almost everyone already knew each other. Alice and Bella stiffened at the sight of Emmett and Rosalie.

Rosalie tried to talk to the girls, but they were too busy making out with their significant others. She wanted to apologize for acting like such a royal bitch, when Edward had left.

Emmett could feel the tension, so he decided to order shots of Jose Cuervo for the table, in hopes of lightening the mood.

They all drank their shots in unison, but continued to ignore one another. Finally, Emmet suggested they head for the dance floor, and they all obliged.

Edward grabbed a random blonde; he had been eyeing, to dance with him. Dancing meant no talking, which relieved the tension slightly.

Jacob couldn’t understand why the group was quite and awkward, but he hoped it would pass. Edward and he had big plans, and he didn’t want his future wife and business partner to be bumping heads.

Bella was feeling adventurous, with both Grey Goose and Jose Cuervo in her system, she couldn’t help it. Bella bumped and grinded against Jacobs’s hips and knew he was enjoying himself.

They finally stopped dancing when it became too hot for them. The group, including the blonde, went to sit down at their table.

Jacob trying to soothe the tension again began talking to everyone, asking random question for anyone to answer. The only person who participated was Emmet.

Bella couldn’t take Jacob’s efforts at trying to bring the group together, so she asked Alice to follow her to the washroom. Unfortunately for them, Rosalie decided she needed to use the washroom as well.

When they were in the privacy of the washroom Rosalie began, “Bella, Alice, I’m sorry. When Edward left, he asked us not to say anything to either of you. I know it wasn’t fair for me to keep it from you. We were so close, but if I betrayed Edward it was like betraying Emmett. I just couldn’t do that. I know it’s not excuse, especially after how close we had gotten, but I did what I did. I fucked up and I’m sorry.”

“We forgave you a long time ago, but it doesn’t mean we can just be friends again. We also know that the only reason you’re here is because of Emmett. I know he tends to be loyal, but what Edward is doing is wrong,” Alice said.

“I know,” Rosalie responded.

“What now?” asked Bella. “I mean, Edward is my past, one stupid night with him is not going to ruin what Jacob and I have. Isn’t there anything you can do?”

“I’ll try again. But Edward is being selfish and stubborn, you know how he is,” Rosalie said, looking down.

“Yeah,” Bella responded. “I’m sorry things happened the way they did. I know we all said things that weren’t the nicest, and I’m sorry for that. I just wished you would have had my back, back then,” Bella said.

“Me too,” Rose said. “I thought I was doing the right thing. Edward said he wanted to tell you himself, and he wanted to make your last week together perfect. He didn’t tell us until much later that he never showed up. We stupidly defended him, I know, but we did what we did.”

“I understand,” Bella said.

“I want to be here for you now. I don’t agree with what he is doing. Emmett doesn’t want to be involved as much this time, just as long as we’re there for him,” Rose said.

“I don’t know what to say, let’s just go with the flow for now,” Alice responded and Bella nodded.

The girls hugged quickly and headed back out. The change in dynamic was apparent for the guys at the table, which ignited panic in everyone except Jacob. He had hoped that at least the girls would get along.

The night didn’t change much after that. The girls were livelier with one another, and they completely ignored the men. Edward was getting frustrated; his plan to make Bella suffer was not working.

He watched at how easy Rosalie fit in with them. He had felt guilty for involving her in all this, they had all been best friends once, so he couldn’t blame her.

The music was blazing and Edward’s blonde was no longer with him, because she needed to be with her friends.

Suddenly a stroke of genius hit Edward. He excused himself from the group, and headed for the DJ.

Edward’s departure did not go unnoticed by Bella, but she quickly let her attention wander back to Jacob. They were holding hand, watching other people dance, and not saying a word. Holding Jacob’s hand always soothed her and she was instantly at ease. Bella also couldn’t deny the fire that burning her insides whenever he kissed her neck. Only Jacob made her feel truly loved.

Edward returned, took his seat across Bella, and toasted his drink in her direction. Jacob thought it was for him, but no one told him otherwise.

Edward got up again and got closer to Jacob so he could hear him, “Hey, Jake, can I borrow your fiancé for a minute? I would rather dance with her than some of the girls here, if you know what I mean.”

Jacob was satisfied with Edward’s initiative. “You have no problems with me, but you have to ask her, she’s not my property,” Jacob responded.

“Bella, would you like to dance?” Edward asked Bella, his hand out ready to go.

Bella looked at Jacob who nodded in encouragement. She looked at everyone else who seemed to be in shock over Edward’s question. She knew she had no choice, if she said no she would come off as a bitch and like she didn’t like Edward. So she accepted for Jake’s sake.

Bella nodded and got up, not taking his hand. He led her to the dance floor and began dancing to the beat of the music.

As soon as she felt they were out of eyesight, Bella slapped Edward. “How dare you? I asked you to leave me alone; to forget about last night and about us. Why can’t you just respect my wishes? I can’t believe you pulled a stunt like this. Fisrt, the partnership, then bringing us all here, and on top of that you ask me to dance?”

Edward was surprised that Bella slapped him but he brushed it off, focusing on his response. “Bella, you said you wanted to pretend like last night never happened, to forget that we belong together, so that’s what I’m doing. Since, last night didn’t happen, and you never were the love of my life. I am just going into to business with my friend. Besides, I know you won’t tell him about us, if you did you would be ruining any chance at him having a successful business.”

Bella opened and closed her mouth several times, she knew he was right. When she didn’t respond Edward smirked smugly at her and she stomped on his toes.

“Sorry… not,” she said, continuing dancing, smirking at the sight of Edward squirming.

They continued dancing, when the song changed to a beat all too familiar. Jennifer Lopez’ “Ain’t it Funny” blazed trough the club. It wasn’t the remixed version with Ja Rule, but it was the original one, remixed with more Latin beats.

Edward smirked, and was relieved that the DJ had come through. That was the song that was playing on the radio in Bella’s room, when they had declared their love for one another.

None of them were fans of her music, but that song was significant to both of them. It wasn’t until later, that they realized the song described the feelings they felt for one another. Edward brought Bella’s body closer to his and began moving her to the beat. Bella was no longer in control again and she let Edward touch him.

When Alice and Rose heard this song they looked at each other, got up and scanned the dance floor. They both knew the significance of this song for Bella and Edward. More importantly, Alice knew that Bella was goo every time she heard this song.

Jasper attempted to soothe Alice but she was immune to his calming effect that night and gave up. The girls continued to scan the floor for Bella but couldn’t find her. Finally, after a minute of frantic scanning they found her in the corner, with Edward’s arms around her. Alice decided to run interference and got the rest of the group to follow her to dance floor.

Bella and Edward danced to the song, staring into each others eyes. It was in that instant that they were able to say all they really felt, their eyes were their messengers. They danced for a minute or two when she heard her name being called by Alice.

She quickly broke from her trance with Edward. Once she realized he was trying to seduce her she said, “Nice try, Edward, but the only man I’m sleeping with tonight is Jacob.”

Bella walked away and met Jacob half way. Edward cursed Alice for her meddling. He knew the night had been a bust but he still had one last trick up his sleeve.

Jacob was happy that Bella and Edward had a chance to bond, but he was even happier when it was time to go home with her.

Bella needed to forget her night with Edward, and Jacob was the solution. She felt guilty for not telling him and for using him, but she knew that Jacob was who she wanted. She didn’t want to mess up her chance at love, especially because of Edward.

Bella dragged Jacob to her bedroom and smiled, she was getting what she wanted. Jacob was a softer lover than Edward, he touched her softly, kissed her passionately, and made love to her gently. This is what Bella needed and wanted.

Jacob was always careful when being with Bella. He knew how fragile she was and didn’t want to hurt her, emotionally more than physically. Bella needed to be loved right, not just fucked, and he was the one for the job.

Jacob slid into her wet slit and began to pump softly for her sake. He was surprised when she kept screaming, “Faster… harder. I need you.”

Jacob did as she asked and began moving faster. His previous experiences with Bella did not compare to tonight. She was different somehow, and he was enjoying it.

Bella adjusted herself and rocked her hips to create more friction with Jacob. Bella couldn’t deny at how great it felt to have Jacob inside her, going deeper and deeper. Bella couldn’t contain the pleasure she was feeling and her walls tightened around Jacob and she climaxed, screaming his name, “Jacob… fuck.”

Once Bella was satisfied so was Jacob, he burst inside her and pulled out when he was done, collapsing on top of her.

Jacob stared into her eyes and saw a different Bella, a freer Bella.

It was Bella who broke their silence first. “Jacob, I love you that was amazing.”

“I love you too Bella,” he said, kissing her forehead.

Jacob didn’t want to leave Bella alone, especially after the new territory they had just explored, but he needed to wake up in his own bed, so that he could get to work on time.

After an hour of holding Bella, he left her note, because she was already asleep.

Edward had followed them home, he knew it was beyond stalkerish, but he didn’t care, he needed to follow them. He saw as Bella invited him up, he counted the hours they were up there, and smiled when Jacob left.

He waited half an hour to make sure he wasn’t coming back and headed for Bella’s apartment.

Bella woke to knocking on her door. She looked around, with Jacob no where in sight, finding his note instead. She assumed it was probably him, forgetting his keys or something, and opened the door, to find Edward in her doorway.