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Your Ex-Lover is Dead

All human. When Jacob takes Bella to meet and old friend, 2 months before their wedding, she gets a big surprise when that friend is Edward, Bella's ex. With Edward back in her life will Bella be able to follow through with her wedding?


6. Stupid Box of Letters

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Chapter 6: Stupid Box of Letters

As soon as Jacob heard Bella come in he gathered the box of letters, ready for the inevitable. Jacob knew something wasn’t right with Bella when he met her, now that he knew that it was because of Edward he felt a feeling of desperation he never knew. Edward had been the reason Bella was so messed up and jaded.

He remembered how he met her when her decrepit truck broke down and she asked him to do the impossible and fix it. She looked so heartbroken and Jacob knew it wasn’t just because of the car’s death. It took some major work for Bella to even notice Jacob as more than a friend. He asked her out to dinner and a movie, he thought he was clear in his intention, but when she showed up with Alice he made the best of the situation and charmed the heck out of both girls.

He remembered how Alice apologized for coming, she knew it was meant to be a date but Bella didn’t. It was with Alice’s help that Jacob had worked his magic in helping Bella recuperate.

He walked into her living room, with the box of letters in his hands, Bella was setting the table, when she finally turned around her face became pale. Paler than when he had met her.

“Jacob,” Bella said, hesitating.

Jacob didn’t say a word; he studied her reaction, hoping to decipher her emotions that were usually easy to read. There was pain, sadness, and anger, written on her face.

“Those letters were from a long time ago,” Bella said, softly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jacob asked, through gritted teeth.

“I didn’t think I needed to…” Bella trailed off.

Jacob’s mind was racing, their were so many things wrong with that sentence.

“Bella, Edward and I are about to sign the papers to be in business together. How could you not think?” Jacob didn’t finish his thought, because a new one entered his mind, the only reason Bella would keep this from him would be if she were hiding something, besides a past love. Everything clicked in that instant.

“You slept with him didn’t you?” Jacob asked, already knowing the answer. “Of course you did, it’s the only reason to explain the change in our sex life. I’m an idiot I thought, we were finally ok…”

“Jake, it’s not what you think,” Bella said, through tears.

“Do you still love him?”

“I’m… not sure. But I love you. I want you. What happened was something stupid. It was goodbye… I don’t know how to explain it,” Bella stammered.

“I don’t believe you,” Jacob said, feeling the weight of his words. No word in the English language could explain the anger and pain he was feeling at that moment.

He realized he was still holding the box of letters and pictures that signified their love and in that moment Jacob wanted nothing more than to destroy them.

“Fine if it was nothing, then I can get rid of these.”

Bella didn’t want her letters destroyed, she needed to keep something of her past, now that she was starting her new ife. Those letters meant something more than her love of Edward, she just couldn’t explain.

“Jake, no, you have no right. Those are mine!” Bella said through tears.

“I knew it! Bella, do you love me?” Jacob asked, taking advantage of the situation.

“Yes, but you need understand, those letters they mean something you wouldn’t be able to understand. They’re like my best friends, the only thing I could share my feelings with during such a dark place. Please, Jacob, don’t do this,” Bella pleaded with Jacob.

“Bella, I’m doing this for us,” Jacob said, storming out of the apartment.

Bella ran after Jacob but he was too quick, the elevator doors were already closing once she caught up to him. Bella ran to her room and broke down. She had never felt so alone. Bella’s mind was racing she didn’t know how to feel, when Edwards had left she managed to recover but now that both he and Jacob where gone she felt nothing.

She hated herself for not telling Jake the truth to begin with, in fear of a situation like this, but her imagination didn’t prepare her for this. Jacob was the only man who had ever been able to stir something within her after such a dark period. She couldn’t loose him; Jacob was her sun, her hope, and her savior. Bella wasn’t sure how she could survive now that she had nothing.

Jacob needed some space; he left the apartment and drove around before ending up in the local park. He thought for hours, searching for a sign of what to do. He still loved Bella, despite her lying and cheating. He felt like he was the butt of some cruel joke and was furious.

In two days, he was going to sign the papers, but he wasn’t sure he could go through with it. It was then that he realized he needed to know what Edward’s intentions were.

He called Edward and asked him to meet him at a local Ihop, the late hour forgotten. He walked in and the waitress offered him some coffee, he gladly accepted and waited for Edward to come.

It was twenty minutes later until Edward finally showed. Jacob knew his car well and didn’t hesitate when he saw it he walked out and before Edward had a chance to understand what was going on.

Jacob punched Edward in the face, and threw a few jabs to his stomach. Jacob felt a great pleasure watching Edward fall to the floor.

He stumbled to get up, when he finally did speak, he said, “I take it you found out.”

“Is that all you have to say?” Jacob asked, throwing another punch.

At that moment the police showed up and arrested the two. Jacob and Edward sat on opposite ends, uncomfortable with their close proximity. The officers took their statements and decided to hold them, until they cooled off.

The only comforting thought for the two, was the fact that no charges were being pressed. They sat in the holding cell, in silence, waiting for to be let out.

Jacob’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard Edward say, “She loves you, you know?”

“What? How can you say that after… after all she’s done?” Jacob asked, watching his temper this time.

“Because she told me, the night after the club she told me she didn’t want me. What happened before was goodbye, nothing else,” Edward said, inspecting his stomach.

“I don’t believe you,” Jacob said.

“Jacob, listen to me because I am only going to tell you once. Bella choose you, she didn’t tell you because she wanted you to have your mechanic shop. She loves you, not me,” Edward said, eyes clothes.

“Whatever,” Jacob responded.

Edward’s words floated in his mind, as they sat there in silence. Jacob didn’t want to take Edward’s advice but he sounded so sure of what he was saying. He knew he needed to speak to Bella as soon as he was free.

The sun was already up for an hour when they were finally released. Jacob called his friend, Embry to pick him up and drop him off at Bella’s, his car didn’t matter, only Bella did.

When he got to Bella’s apartment he didn’t hesitate to go in. He studied the apartment briefly and realized not much had changed form last night. He went into Bella’s room to find her in her bed, sleeping in a ball.

“Bella, honey, wake up,” Jacob whispered into her ear.

Bella stirred and her face lit up when she realized it was Jacob on her bed. Jacob’s heart broke when he saw Bella blood shot eyes and bags under her eyes, she had really missed him.

“Jacob, I’m sorry please let me explain,” Bella said, straightening her self.

Jacob didn’t want to hear the gory details he just wanted her back. If Edward was so sure she loved him and Bella could confirm it, none of it would matter.

“Bella, do you love me?” Jacob began.

“Of course, I love you. You have no idea how much, Last night I felt so empty without you.”

“And Edward? That was goodbye? It was only the one night right,” Jacob continued.

“Yes, I swear. I just…I just needed closure from my past,” Bella said bowing her head.

Jacob wasn’t sure if he was making the right decision but he knew he loved her and if both of them said it was over he needed to believe it.

“Then… I want us to continue. I want to marry you,” Jacob said.

“Jacob?” Bella asked, shocked at his response. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, if you love me like you say you do then I forgive you,” Jacob said, confidently.

Bella was surprised by his reaction but relieved at the same time. “Jacob, I promise you, I love you. You need to understand that what happened-”

Jacob interrupted her before she could finish, “Bella, I don’t want any of the details, I trust you. I believe you.”

Jacob wasn’t sure about his words, but he needed to believe them for his sanity and hers. The thought of them no longer together was a thought he couldn’t bare. He would have to believe in Bella.

Edward felt compelled to tell Jacob that Bella loved him. After their last night together, there was no doubt in Edward’s mind that what happened was goodbye. He fought for her and lost, and here was Jacob who had her and was throwing her away. She had messed up but she genuinely cared for Jacob and didn’t want to hurt him.

When he was released, Edward called Emmett so he could drive him to his car at the Ihop. Emmet couldn’t stop laughing the whole way when he found out Edward had been arrested. Edward was cranky and hungry when he got to the diner so he decided to grab some breakfast before he went home to shower.

Edward took a seat at the booth by the corner; he was looking over the menu when the shy waitress showed up.

“Hey, it’s you! The guy from the pictures,” the waitress said.

“What pictures?” Edward asked, already irritated by the situation.

“Hold on,” the waitress said, running to the back.

A few minutes shortly the girl came back with a box in her hands and a huge smile.

“Oh Edward, you really broke this girl,” the waitress said.

Edward inspected the box and couldn’t believe its contents. They were letters, all addressed to him and pictures of he and Bella.

In that instant Edward regretted opening his back fat mouth because he now knew that Bella still loved him.