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Don't let Me Go

FOR EVERYONE WHO ALREADY READ THE FIRST CHAPTER, I added two paragraphs to it that help explain the story better, so, if you want, re-read this! I really don't want to give anything away but this is my first time EVER posting my writing publicly so tell me what you think. I told my friend about the plot of the story and she said that it was really good.

Here it is!

1. Chapter 1

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I stared out the window into the cold night

with the rain pouring down like sheets, mocking me

in my isolation. Victoria was out hunting with

Damian, obviously plotting together how to make

my life more miserable, if that was even possible.

Seven months after he had left me, Victoria came to

me, planning on torturing me to death. Her plans

changed, though, once she saw how much complete

and horrible pain I was in. Instead, she changed

me into a vampire, making me immortal so that I

would have to deal with the emptiness of not

having him with me for the rest of eternity. Victoria

didn’t leave me alone after she had changed me

like I had hoped. No, she took me with her

wherever she went, putting me through

unimaginable pain, emotional and physical, through

the process. She threatened to kill Charlie, Renee,

and everyone else I loved if I so much as dared to

run away from or disobey her so I had, and still

have, no choice but to obey her.

When we were somewhere in Brazil, Victoria

discovered another vampire, a purely evil one

named Damian, who wanted to join our coven and

marry me because of my absolute power, not at all

because he loved me. Victoria, of course, new that

this would tear my heart apart, even more than it

already was, so she commanded me to marry him.

Naturally and with a heavy heart, I obeyed her.

I am not like ordinary vampires. First of all

and probably the most important, I drink from

animals. My power, or powers I should say, are

extremely rare and desirable. I am what my kind

calls a Special. Specials are only created once every

millennium and their powers make them nearly

indestructible. They can hypnotize, cast illusions,

become invisible, cry, and their senses are about

five times stronger and more enhanced than regular

vampires. I am still immune to other powers. The

down side of being a Special is that, when we get

hurt, the pain is about two to three times more then

it would normally be.

There was a familiar roar of an engine that

I recognized to be Victoria’s car about ten to fifteen

minutes away. They would be back soon. I knew

they were ready to inflict more pain onto me and I

cannot say that I was ready. I was scared, to be

exact, but I would not let them see it. I heard the

car grow closer with every second and I knew that it

wouldn’t be long now. The engine was cut off as feet

hit the pavement. The key twisted in the lock of the

front door, sending shivers up my spine. Footsteps

banged their way up the stairs and I braced my self.

There was a loud banging on my door which

was soon followed by Damian bursting through

demanding that I get up. "Great news," he began,

"We’re moving back to that wretched little town of

yours." I felt the pit of my stomach my twist. No, he

can’t mean Forks, that would be too much. "Forks, I

believe it is," he slapped me hard across the cheek,

making my head spin in absolute pain, "Wipe that

look off your face." He was referring to the

countenance of sheer terror that just become

plastered onto my face. Tears welled up in my eyes

but I willed myself not to cry, not in front of

Damian. I would not let him see me weak, not this

time. "We leave in the morning, now start packing,"

he demanded as he threw the contents of his things

into a bag. I slowly obeyed with my cheek still

burning relentlessly.

He finished packing, told me to hurry up,

and left our room. The instant he was gone, I

collapsed to the floor and started crying. I honestly

don’t know how much more pain, mainly emotional,

I can take. I knew I could escape if I wanted to. It

has been one hundred and fifty years since I was

changed, and I everyone Victoria had threatened to

kill were already dead. The only problem was that I

would always be running, spending my eternity in

fear of being found by Victoria and Damian. I didn’t

want that just as much as I did not want to face the

punishment Victoria and Damian would put upon me

if I ran away and they found me. I am too terrified

to take the risk. Edward, why did you have to leave