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There is something, I see in you, It might kill me.

Did Jasper hunt a human? You'll see.

Me and my cousin, (ObsessedTwilightFreak... is her penname), were thinking of ideas and we both did the same one...but we did it with different people and different things...just the same overall idea...which was a human finding out the secret. But I hope you like it! And if u do...then check out my cousins...WHICH IS EVEN BETTER...CUZ SHES WRITING THIS RIGHT NOW!!! haha...lol...jk... it's called What kind of man that you are, if your a man at all. So nooow....ENJOY!

1. The human

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- There is something I see in you it might kill me -

Jasper’s POV

I was sitting next to Alice on the couch listening to someone on the news rambling on about the falling economy, I was getting thirstier sitting there I hadn’t eaten in about 3 days and we were going to school tomorrow. I was always scared that something would go wrong because I was just getting used to the fact that humans weren’t what I was supposed to eat.

I said quietly to Alice “I need to hunt, I'm thirsty” she smiled “ok” she hopped up and walked flowingly to Esme and Emmett in the next room. Rosalie had gone to another coven’s house with Carlisle to discuss something; I wasn’t fully sure what exactly. Edward was with Bella of course to me they seemed inseparable and that made me nervous.

“We should go hunt because tomorrow is school and Jasper and I are thirsty” Alice said to everyone cheerfully. They all said sure as we went to leave. I started to run as soon as I found my target. Alice was next to me skipping to find her prey. I slowed down and narrowed my eyes and I smiled as I caught up to the elk and launched to get my food. I snapped its neck like a twig on the ground as I slowly put my mouth to its neck I bit it and started to suck at its neck.

Behind me I heard “OH MY GOD!” my eyes widened as I turned around to see Jessica I went to lunge as for it was very hard for me to stop because I had just eaten and wanted more. Alice and Emmett were at my side pulling me back. As Alice yelled “you won’t do, it stop it Jasper” I calmed down as Jessica stood their frozen. I tried to calm her down and I did for, a while she stood there.

I whispered “wait” Alice grabbed my hand as Jessica started to run. I couldn’t stop her because that would only scare her more. She picked up her phone and I knew she was going to call everyone and I got more and more nervous.

Alice looked at me “she’s just going home for now don’t worry” I sighed and walked back to the house.

Esme called Carlisle and talked to him and then he called Bella so that she could talk Jessica into coming over to talk. I waited for the response as I went to get some blood stored in the refrigerator we only had one pint is why we went to hunt and I messed it up. I wonder what Jessica was thinking about right now.

Jessica’s POV

I had decided to walk through the local forest because it was a great day and I wanted to have some adventure. I started hearing some swift noise and I thought it was just some animals. I brought a camera and I brought my phone. I looked around getting scared as I heard what sounded like a twig snap, I soon realized it wasn’t a twig at all it was the sound of an elk’s neck breaking in two and as my eyes went wide I knew exactly what I was looking at. It was JASPER HALE!?

The first thing that came to my mind was “OH MY GOD” and I realized at that moment that I had said it out loud. As Jasper turned to look at me I realized at that moment that he was lunging for ME. The first thought I had was to run but I was frozen. At his side before he got to me was Emmett and Alice, Alice started to yell at jasper and he started to look calm. Then I started to feel really calm it was unusual and I didn’t know what was going on or how to stop it. All I saw was a monster in front of me and I didn’t want to leave because of how calm I was. I heard Jasper whisper “wait” and I looked to him confused. Finally I got rid of the calmness because all I wanted to do was run and get rid of the awful things I was thinking.

I ran until I couldn’t run anymore as I did I kept checking behind me to see if Jasper was coming after me and I grabbed my phone and called Bella.

“Hey Jessica” Bella answered and when she did I heard Edward in the background. So I hung up and kept running I wanted to call everyone but I knew I couldn’t they wouldn’t believe me so I just ran home.

When I got in the front door I got a call from Bella I didn’t want to answer it, but part of me knew they had to, so I did. “Hello” I answered

Bella replied “Hello Jess, please don’t hang up! I need to talk to you.”

I sighed “ok” I said softly

“ok Jessica what you saw is strange but the Cullen’s want to talk to you about what happened in the forest, they are truly sorry that they scared you and they want to have you over so that all of us can talk.” She said soothingly

I hung up the phone I was too scared to go over the Cullen’s I walked into the house and sat at the stairs my parents were at work so I was home alone. As I caught my breathe I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door and opened it. It was Bella and Edward! My eyes went wide as I went to shut the door, Edward’s hand stopped the door and I looked to him.

“Jessica you have to know that my family is very sorry for what they saw and they want to apologize. Maybe you can come with us to my house.”

I shook my head no as I turned around to go into my house more. Bella touched Edward and he walked back outside as she came inside.

“Jessica, you should really come to their house talk to them. I will be there for you if you don’t like anything we will leave, but you have to come. They need to explain themselves.”

I thought to myself “well Bella knows what they are and I will be safe I trust her” so I walked up stairs and got a few things and went with Bella to her truck.

We got to the Cullen’s house in no time, when I saw it and it looked so modern. There house was so open and at the same time closed off at the same time. We all walked to the door together as Edward led the way. We entered the silent house as the tension filled the room I looked around.

Jasper’s POV

Jessica walked in the gathering room after Edward and Bella she seemed, as I was nervous. I looked around to everyone as Esme and Carlisle went and greeted Bella and Jessica. Esme with her loving and open arms she took in Bella and walked to Jessica and she smiled and said “welcome to our home Jessica”

Jessica tensed up and I started to expel calmness the tension started to float away as Carlisle invited everyone into the dining room which we never used. We all took our seats even Jessica she sat beside Bella. Rosalie kept staring me down and I already knew I did everything wrong and I didn’t need her to tell me that.

Alice saw me struggling and she grabbed my hand and she looked sharply at Rosalie and waited for Carlisle to start the discussion.

Carlisle looked at Jessica and started off by saying “We are sorry for the events that scared you and if you have any questions please inform us while we are talking and we will answer them. I wanted to start this by asking you if you are ok?” he looked to her calmly as if he would one of his patients.

I looked down as Jessica looked across the table to each and every one of us. She started to studder “i-I just wanted to know if you could tell me ev-everything because I guess right now I can’t comprehend right now