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Evil Angel

Edward never got over his rebillous stage and spends his nights prowling for the scum on the streets he deems worthy of being his next meal. The target of one of his sets of prey has a scent he cannot resist. Under these circumstances, can Bella and Edward still develop a relationship? Or will the moster win the battle?

Story titled after the breaking benjamin song Evil Angel. Each chapter title will be a different song that fits the chapter.

1. Breakdown

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Scum. Every single one of them. The lowest of the low. No better than myself. They deserved to die.

I stood up from my perch on the rooftop where I had begun my hunting. It had only taken an hour or two since emerging from my lair of sorts to find suitable prey. Two men, their mind filthier than almost any other I had encountered. But there were too many witnesses on this street. And they hadn’t done anything. Yet. But they would. They always did. Thoughts didn’t lie. Still, to give the benefit of the doubt, I always waited until they acted. But with these minds, I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Over the rooftops, I followed them. I was upwind, a position that naturally made any predator uncomfortable. But I was not just any predator; I was a vampire. My prey had one of the worst senses of smell of nearly any creature on earth. And I had more weapons in my arsenal than could ever possibly be needed, not to mention the extra sense. It was this last advantage I used as I stalked them, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, following their voices, both internal and external.

It was only a matter of time. It had been nearly an hour, and their hunger was growing stronger with every passing minute. And with the growth of their hunger would come the satisfaction of mine. It would only take time. Time and patience.

It didn’t take much of either; my prey lacked the patience I had learned over the course of a century. They had seen a girl walking down the street who they both agreed had been worth the wait. As they prepared to strike, so did I, sinking into a hunting crouch and immersing myself in their thoughts.

I could see her in their minds. Or see selected highlights of her anatomy. Her chest, her ass; these were the things that the animals below me focused on. But I needed to see more of her, keep her human to keep myself from harming the victim of my victims while I fed. Through their minds, I could see her long, tangled brown hair obscuring most of her troubled face. Her loose shirt left most everything to the imagination, or would have if she had not been hugging her arms to herself so tightly, as if trying to keep herself intact through will alone.

I would not allow the two pieces of scum before me, both their thoughts and their scent showing how excited they were, to touch her. I would protect her from them.

I was surprised by the protective tone of my thoughts, but I had to prepare myself for my prey as their obscene thoughts made it even clearer that they were more than ready for their own prey.

They closed the short gap between themselves and the girl in a few short strides, calling out, “Hey baby,” before pinning her against the wall. “Want to have some fun?” the older and more twisted of the two, Raul, asked her before running his tongue slowly up her neck.

It was then that I acted, this last offense throwing me into a fit of rage. Nothing should be able to touch this girl that way. No one. She was scared thoughtless by the monsters before her, not a single peep emerging from her mind. And I was going to stop them.

I let out a guttural roar, launching myself downward and pouncing on the younger of the two, Peter, before pinning him against the opposite wall. Feeling more cruel than usual tonight, I bit him and drank deeply before breaking his neck.

Raul had seen enough by now to be terrified. I saw myself through his eyes: disheveled bronze hair looking darker than usual in the alleyway, my bare chest underneath my leather jacket glowing dimly in the night, an unearthly glow. My dark jeans and jacket blending in with the night around me. My mouth twisted into a cruel smile, red eyes glowing with hatred. I looked like the nightmare I truly was.

He held the girl in front of himself as if hoping to deter me with her weak, fragile body. It only made me madder as I leapt into the air and crushed his skull with my foot. I grabbed the body and melted in to the shadows to drink my fill and watch the reaction of this girl who had intrigued me so.

I saw the cell phone in her hand and smiled with relief. There had been a voice in the midst of my fight, if it could even be called such, but I had been too focused on my hunt to realize its significance. She had called the police department, and someone would be here to help her soon. Good. This delicate creature looked as if she needed all the protection she could get, even from the sun.

I was turning to walk away, Raul’s body in hand for proper disposal when it happened. My focus became something entirely new, something I had never even conceived of before. My entire world changed. The wind shifted.

I smelled it for the first time. That perfect, luscious, mouthwatering scent. I felt my mouth filling with venom, my arms dropping the body on the ground next to me as I sunk into a hunting crouch. I had to have her, had to taste her. All thoughts of protecting this girl went out the window. Her blood called to me, and I was ready to answer, just having fed or not.

She was mine.

I stepped out of the shadows once again, straightening to my full height of six feet two before taking slow, careful steps in her direction. Her mind was still a blank, wordless with fear once again. She should be afraid, although not for much longer. I would end her fear soon.

She simply stared straight at me before taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders, looking me straight in my red eyes.

It gave the monster pause long enough for the human I once was to scream in fury. Not her! I screamed at myself. What has she done to deserve to die? The wind shifted once again, giving me even more space to think, more control, but it was too late. I was dead set on her. Having her. She was mine.

But then the police cars pulled up, officers jumping out and running to her aid. I still could have taken her, easily, but it wouldn’t have been worth the effort. Such a massacre would certain draw the Volturi’s attention. And, the monster within agreed; we wouldn’t be able to savor it.

For now I vanished into the shadows. But she would be mine. Soon.