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I made the banner=] A oneshot I thought of while watching the fireworks last night. Everybody else is staying in for the 4th of July, but not Emmett. he wants to fufill his dream of being the person who shoots the fireworks up into the sky.

has anybody else ever wanted to see what it would be like to shoot the fireworks? I have! by the way, I have no idea about the geography of Port Angeles, so if I got it wrong, I'm sorry in advance. I also have no idea how to shoot fireworks, because I could never shoot my own. they are illegal where I am. you can only shoot them if you're a professianal. Disclaimer: I do not own twilight. I just think this would be really fun to do and Emmett would be the one to do it. Enjoy the story!=]

1. Have some fun on Independence Day!

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Emmett’s POV

Once again it was July 4th. Everybody else was staying home tonight, but I wasn’t. I actually intended to have some fun.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be the person who shoots the fireworks. Whoever it is must have tons of fun. So, I am going to be that person today.

“Emmett, don’t do it,” Edward said disapprovingly from across the room, obviously having heard my plan through my thoughts.

“Aw come on! Lighten up! Unlike you, I actually want to have some fun on Independence Day.” I smiled.

“What do you mean by fun?” Esme asked.

“He’s planning on knocking out the guys who usually shoot the fireworks and doing them himself,” Edward told her my awesome plan.

I saw Rosalie roll her eyes and Esme’s jaw dropped. I wasn’t going to give anybody a chance to object though. I ran up the stairs and jumped out the window in Rose and I’s bedroom. I ran through the trees on my way to the nearest fireworks in Port Angeles.

I hid in the shadows once I got there. It was sunny in Port Angeles today, but the fireworks wouldn’t go off until it was dark. I found the boat that was supposed to go out into the water to shoot the fireworks and knocked the two people guarding the entrance out.

I went on board and started looking for the stash of fireworks. I found them with the three people that were supposed to shoot them.

“Who are you?” one of them asked. “I’m your backup,” I lied. “You’re supposed to go on break for an hour before your show.”

“Ok….” the guy sounded as if he didn’t believe me, but they all left anyway.

“Yes!” I whispered to myself.

I reluctantly left the deck with the fireworks and went to go drive the boat. I drove it out into the middle of the water so that the real firework people couldn’t get to me.

I found a chair and sat back to wait until the sun went down.


An hour later, the sky was completely dark and it was time to start the fireworks.

I sauntered over to the deck and found the huge stash of fireworks. There must have been hundreds of them there and that just made me even more excited.

I lit the first one I could get my hands on, and it flew up into the sky. It burst into a million pieces and made a satisfying BOOM!

I heard a bunch of people clap for the first firework of the night, egging me on.

I shot another one up. It whooshed into the sky and then crackled down to the water. I grinned. This was really fun.

This time, I shot up three. The first one let off blue sparks and the other two let off gold.

I found a weird looking one and shot that up. It turned into a big red heart. Wow, I need to find a better shape than that.

I found an even odder looking one and lit that one. It made a big yellow smiley face and another very satisfying boom.

I shot a bunch more up for the next five minutes, until I decided it was time for the finale.

I got all the fireworks I could get my hands on and shot them up. Booms, crackles, whooshes, and claps from the audience filled the air.

I shot the rest of the fireworks up, except for one. I had something special planned for this one. I put it in my pocket.

Once I was done, I drove the boat back to the dock. There were five very angry people waiting for me. I moved them out of my way and ran back home.

When I opened the door, six very angry faces glared at me, while two smiled. Alice must know what I had planned for the other firework and Nessie was always happy to see me.

“Come on, let’s go out back.” I walked out the back door into the backyard. Everybody followed me.

I got a match and lit the last firework. Nessie needed to see fireworks, so I had made sure that I got one of the smiley face ones.

It made a big boom over the trees and I heard a gasp and someone clapping from behind me. I turned around and saw Nessie with a big grin on her face. I smiled back, walked over, and picked her up.

“You couldn’t go to see the fireworks yourself, so I brought them to you,” I said to her.

“Thanks Emmett,” I heard Bella say from beside Edward who had an unreadable expression on his face. “It was nice of you to do that for Renesmee.”

I smiled the biggest I had all night and looked around to the rest of my family. Everybody, even Rose, was smiling.

“That was fun! I can’t wait ‘til next year!”