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Breaking Dawn With a Twist

What might have happened if it turned into a fight in Breaking Dawn? This story is in Bella’s point of view. Breaking Dawn with a twist Banner By Me!

Hope you enjoy.

1. The Fight

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I could tell this was going to turn into a fight. I had to give up my family, my Edward, and my Renesmee. I will miss them all so dearly. The only way to save Renesmee from the Volturi is that I have to kill Demetri to give her a chance of hiding without them finding out where she going. Also I have to tell her to run. I don’t think I have the strength to say anything, but I have to, for her sake.

“Jake, Renesmee, run now!!!”

“What? Why?” Jake said

“Just go, Renesmee will explain” I hate to give her up. But she needs to go to be safe. Just then I could hear growling and hissing.

“Keep her safe” I said but they were already gone through the trees, now to get rid of Demetri.

The fight had already started. Kate had taken Jane, Rosalie and Emmett took Alec, and Edward was fighting Felix. Just then I spotted Demetri he was creeping up on Edward. Did Edward know Demetri was coming towards him?

“Edward watch out!!!” As I said this I pounced on Demetri.

“Bella, no run away, I don’t want you to get hurt”

“No, I’m going to help this time” While we argued we fought. Man, Demetri was a good fighter. But Edward was better he finished Felix and came to help me.

Demetri grabbed me and pulled me in front of him just when Edward was about to finish him off. Edward hesitated.

“You wouldn’t want to hurt your Bella would you?” Demetri said

“Edward don’t, just kill him. Save Renesmee from being found.”I said.

“Bella, I can’t lose you. I can’t hurt you.” He hung his head in defeat.

“Good boy, but I’m sorry to say that you all will have to be killed it’s the law.” Demetri said sounding a bit smug.

“What law did we break, Demetri?” Edward sounded angry now.

“You know very well what law you broke. That girl you call ‘Renesmee’ is an immortal child”

“No she’s not”

“What is she then?”

“She’s half vampire half human. I’m her biological father, and Bella is her biological mother.”

“Impossible.” He spat the word.

“We thought so too. Couldn’t you see the resemblance?”

“Well she does look a lot like you guys.” He sounded sort of apologetic.

“And couldn’t you hear her heart beat”

“Well yes, I thought it was a nearby humming bird”

“Maybe we should explain this to Aro, Cauis, and Marcus”

“That would be best.” How does Edward do this? How does he persuade you to think the things he wants you to think? I have to learn if we get out of this alive.

By the time we got to Aro, Cauis, and Marcus everyone was huddling in to see what would happen.

“Aro, we have misunderstood, we are here for no good reason. No law has broken.”

“What have we misunderstood? This coven has created an immortal child.” Cauis said.

“That’s just it she’s not an immortal child. She’s the biological child of Edward and Bella.”

“Is this true?” asked Aro

Amazingly I was the one who answered “Yes, she is.”

“Is she a threat to our existence?” Asked Marcus.

I didn’t notice Carlisle was standing right next to us until now. “No, she can survive on human food and she is very controlled.”

“Well I can see we have no reason to be here, well we’ll be on our way. I’m sorry for us reacting this way it won’t happen again.” Said Aro.

After the Volturi left everyone started saying their good-byes. I was surprised no one got hurt. Well almost everyone, I guess Felix was the worst fighter of the Volturi.

“Do you happen to know how to bring Renesmee back?” Edward asked in his velvet voice.

“Well not really, I expected it to go one way or the other, but if they followed my directions they’ll be in Rio.” I said.

“Well we better go find them then, did you give them a cell-phone?”


“Well let’s go book a flight to Rio”

The rest of the night felt normal. Alice and Jasper are back. So everyone was happy. We’re going to Rio tomorrow to find Renesmee. Kate and her family are going to stay another week.

“Hey Bella” Kate said


“Could we try pulling your shield out of your mind?”

“Sure, why not.”Kate dragged me out into the yard. Edward followed closely behind.

“Ok Bella, concentrate” said Kate I did as she commanded I concentrated. I concentrated harder than ever. I could feel the shield leaving my mind. Then Edward gasped.


“Do that again.” He demanded I did the same thing as before.

“Bella, I can read your mind. I can hear your thoughts.” He said astonished.

“What you can?” Kate said. She took the words right out of my head.

“That’s great Edward. You wanted that didn’t you?”

“Not most of all”

“What did you want more than being able to read my mind?”

“You, Bella.”I thought about that for a second.

“You can have me, even though I’m already yours.”

“I know.” He smiled victoriously.

“Let’s go find Renesmee and Jake shall we.”

We walked to the garage but he stopped at my after car that I haven’t yet driven.

“Shall we take your car this time?”

“Um, sure, why not?”

Edward drove us to the airport in Seattle.

“Bella, we’ll arrive in Rio before them, their plane doesn’t leave for another two hours.”

Ok I said dropping my shield. I heard Edward gasp. I chuckled.

“I don’t think I’ll get over that”

I love you I thought. He smiled and kissed me tenderly.

“I also.”

Time passed so quickly. I couldn’t stop thinking about Renesmee. I wanted to see her sweet face so badly. Her wind chime laugh. Before I knew it we were in Rio.

Renesmee was all I thought but he knew what I meant.

“Yes, she’s right over here, just call her name.”


Edward was right she came running into my arms as soon as she saw it was me.

“Oh, Mommy I missed you.” I dropped my shield as she touched my face, what did I miss, is everyone alright?

“Yes everyone is alright. I missed you baby”

"Aren’t you going to tell her” Edward said. I almost forgot he was here I was so caught up in Renesmee.

“Tell me what, Daddy?”

“That I’m able to read your mother’s mind.”She touched his face.

“Yes, really.” Then I realized something.

“Where’s Jacob Renesmee?”

“He went to get the luggage.”

Lets go find some tickets to Seattle. He gasped. I giggled. Renesmee gave us a questioning look, then decided it didn’t matter. Then Edward nodded. Our plane doesn’t leave for five days so were stuck in Rio for a while. Then I got an idea instead of staying in a hotel we could stay at Isle Esme.

Edward he looked up how ‘bout we stay at Isle Esme instead of a hotel?

“Sure, I don’t see why not?”Then Renesmee looked up.

“What are you talking about, daddy?”

“We’re going to stay at Isle Esme for the week”

“That the island you took her to for your honeymoon?” Said Jacob

“Yes. Excitador, nós temos uma mudança das plantas podemos você tomar-nos às docas, mim pagaremos extremamente”

“What?” Jacob said confused

“I was talking to the driver, I told him to take us to the docks and I’ll pay extra.” Edward said as if it were obvious.


We got to the docks within a half an hour. We boarded a familiar yatch and started out. When we got in view of the island all of us gasped. I was the first to speak.

“It’s just as beautiful as I remember, maybe even more.”

When we got inside the spacious house both me and Edward smiled I could tell we were remembering the same thing. The memories this place holds. Jacob and Renesmee were too busy looking around to pay any attention to us. Edward held on to my face as if I were human and kissed me passionately. How I love this place.None of us knew what to say.

“Man, Edward maybe I should marry you.” Jacob said.Edward growled.

Hey don’t tear each others necks. Edward I think Nessie is listening. So wait to yell at him till she goes to sleep.

“Fine” He muttered.

The rest of the week was really great. Nessie and Jacob really enjoyed themselves. Now it’s time to leave Isle Esme. Time to go back to the cloud covered town of Forks.

“Mommy do we have to leave, I love it here?”

“I’m sorry to say we have to leave, but I can promise that we will come back though.”

“COME ON LET’S GO” Edward called from the boat. I could tell that this would be the beginning of the most perfect forever.