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Giving Fate a Hand

Graduating from college and taking a year off, Edward went on a celebratory roadtrip around the country. Little does he know that he would meet a girl who changed his life and the way he lived it for the foreseeable future. ExB.

This is my first attempt at Twilight Fanfiction. I'd appreciate any criticism. Please let me know how yall like it. :]

1. Chapter 1

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You know that feeling you get the first time you hold someone’s hand and you can tell that their hand was made for yours? Or how about the first time someone’s arm wraps around your waist and you want to weld it there and force it to stay forever? Or what about the first time you kiss someone, be it there cheek, forehead, or lips, and feel the rush of electricity course through your entire body? Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you felt it?

I have, and it is the most memorable moment of my life. My experience with these feelings is bittersweet, though. I never got the girl. Hell, I never got a second meeting with her. I spent six perfect hours with her, and never saw her again. She haunts my thoughts, my dreams, my relationships, and she has no clue. She’s the person I’m looking for, but I have no idea where to start looking. It didn’t matter to me that the six hours I spent with her was with 92,000 screaming football fans at a football game, she was the girl for me and I had no clue who she was or where she was from. Sure, I got her number before she left the stadium with her friends, but on our walk back to the car it started raining, effectively ruining the paper she wrote it on.

That was two years ago. I had taken a year off after graduating college to just drive and see what was out there. I got to experience almost every kind of sporting event that existed. There were baseball games in Boston and New York, hockey in Philadelphia, college basketball in North Carolina, and even a few NFL games in various cities. My favorite experience was SEC football. I was absolutely enthralled by it. My first game was in South Carolina, and the next in Athens, Georgia. By the time I was passing leaving New Orleans, I knew I had to find a way to attend an LSU game in Baton Rouge.

When I arrived in Baton Rouge, I got to experience a truly amazing gameday atmosphere. I remembered that a guy I was friends with in high school had gone to LSU and arranged to meet him for the game. We drank the entire day and by 4:30 in the afternoon, I had decided that LSU was my favorite place I’ve ever been. We made it into the stadium and ended up squeezing into a row that barely had room for two more people to stand. Choosing to stand-we never sat once during the game- in that row has changed my life.

I’d be lying if I said that I knew the minute she slid in the row next to me that she would change my outlook on life, it just isn’t true. I thought she was a pretty girl who looked cute in jean shorts. I noticed her a little more when the band made their way into the stadium. While I was talking to the guy next to me, she had thrown her hands above her head and was dancing to the drum cadence. I caught her eye as she danced and can remember thinking she was adorable when a blush colored her cheeks.

She introduced herself to me in the second quarter. “Hi, I’m Bella,” she had said, “and I figured we should know each other’s names if we keep getting shoved together all night.” I laughed and introduced myself. She was right, though. Anytime a good play happened, there would be a surge within the crowd and she would end up right next to me, pushed up against my left side. The first time it happened, I almost jumped out of my skin at the electric current I felt. Eventually it became a natural reaction to lift my arm and have her settle in next to me with my arm wrapped around her waist.

I learned a bit about her during halftime of what would shape up to be the best football game of my life. She knew sports like nothing else. “Sports, literature, history, and God, and family.” she told me when I asked her top 5 interests. “Of course, those are not in order. The last two would go first and the first three would go last if that were the case,” she had gone on to explain. She was a sophomore, making her about two and a half years younger than me. She was a walking dichotomy and I loved it. I always thrived on being able to peg people easily and figure out what stance they would take on a subject but I was not able to do this to Bella at all. Not even once. She loved sports, but she never played. She was too clumsy, she stated. She was very religious, but had a foul mouth. “Only when it comes to sports,” she assured me. She was always prepared with a quick response, but spoke slowly with a southern drawl that almost drove me crazy. “You know, I’ve never met anyone named Edward, so I guess that means you’re my favorite one,” she said sometime during the game. Before I left, I made sure to tell her she was definitely my favorite Bella. My brother would have laughed at the immense corniness of that conversation. But it was fitting, it was perfect, and I savored it.

The game turned out to be one of the best in college football that year, complete with 5 fourth downs including one that eventually sealed the game. Bella, being Bella, danced and celebrated and screamed until she lost her voice. At the end of the game, she launched herself into my arms and made me promise to be at the next game to sit by her; I was good luck, she told me. Then she asked one of her friends to take a picture of us, and luckily my friend had a camera to do the same. That’s what I’m left with, the memory of a perfect night and a picture that sits on my desk.

Well, and a house in the middle of Baton Rouge, of course. You see, I’m a big believer in fate. I’m not the type of guy to just decide something was a coincidence. No, that’s not me at all. And the way I see it, if the girl I want to see again, the girl I want to be with is in Baton Rouge, why would I live anywhere else? I graduated from an ivy league school with a degree in architecture, I can work anywhere. While I have a degree in architecture, I’ve always been interested in the structural restoration of historic buildings, and where better to do that than the deep south, where plantations are common? Or just down the road from New Orleans, where the architectural styles of so many cultures are welded into one? No, this wasn’t entirely based on Bella. My career benefitted from this move, too. Of course, these are reasons I came up with after I made the impulse decision to move to Baton Rouge and buy a house that rivals the one I grew up in.

Okay, so that probably wasn’t my best idea. The house was huge, and becoming increasingly lonely, but I had a good job and I liked my neighbors. I was pretty sure I was the youngest person around my house, and the people who lived around me took me in like I was a son. My parents appreciated that. I hadn’t told them the exact reason behind my initial idea of moving to Baton Rouge, but I had told my sister. Alice, of course, freaked out and began to gush about star-crossed lovers and now makes sure to ask me at least twice a week if I happened to cross paths with Bella. As if I wouldn’t be yelling it from the rooftops if I did. Unless she didn’t want me to do that, of course.

She did give me her phone number at the game, so I have to assume she wouldn’t be absolutely opposed to running into me again. I would just have to remind myself that she didn’t need to know she was the inspiration for my near cross country move. No, she definitely didn’t need to know that right off the bat. If I ever do run in to her, that is. No, that thought is not welcome. This is something I want, and I’ve always succeeded in obtaining things that I want. This situation is just a bit…trickier.

I’m a big believer in fate, but some things are too important to be left to it. I’m assisting fate, bribing it, if you will. I’m making fate’s job a little bit easier. I am determined to see this through, because I have no other option. I would really rather not know that there is a girl out there somewhere that sets my body on fire and is able to continually make laugh and smile. Even if nothing works out and the only good memory I’m left with is the game, at least I would know. She seemed so different. Strong but delicate, feminine but pig-headed. I needed to be able to unravel the layers of her personality.

Bella was like coming up for a fresh breath of air. I had been with countless girls throughout high school and college, and none left me with the feeling of absolute free falling that Bella did after six hours. There was something there, and I really wanted to figure out what it was. No, I didn’t want to, I needed to.

I just hoped she still lived in Baton Rouge.