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A Brilliant Birthday Party for Bella !

Birthday partyBasically, your challenge (yes, you the reader!) is to discover what exactly has happened in the Cullen household. It isn't hard, but...well. I'm hoping that this will be interesting. WARNINGS: This is what happens when people's minds wander in odd places. Absolutely and totally fluffy. Unsuitable for non-OOC readers. Non-canon. Depending how you look at it. And if you work out all the ... things... And finally- I think you need warning for this - I may attempt humour in this Fanfiction.

All about the odd occurences of Bella's Brilliant Birthday Party.

1. Bella's Brilliant Birthday Begins

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Bella had an odd feeling on the morning of her birthday. She didn't know why everyone had insisted on celebrating, especially since she wasn't aging anymore. It seemed kinda pointless. Anyway, it wasn't just that, but she had a feeling of apprehension growing at the back of her mind. There was a different atmosphere today and…well…if she admitted it, things had been a little weird around here lately. She sighed and turned away from the forest. It was time to face the music and as she approached the house, she did exactly that. She could hear through the glass doors a loud noise which somebody had probably considered to be music. Oh where was Edward's Debussy when she needed it? She entered the house with apprehension, only to be met by a seemingly excitable Esme.

"Hey Bella!" she called from halfway up the stairs, "Oh! You aren't going to wear that are you? Edward and I have brought you the nicest dress to wear!"

"Uh…you have?"

"Of course, come on!"

Esme proceeded to prance up the stairs towards her bedroom and Bella followed. Having reached Esme and Carlisle's bedroom, they entered and from the bed, Esme pulled a gorgeous dress in cream with black detailing. It was also cut off very short, promising to show a dangerous amount of Bella's thighs.

"Esme…um…it's really kind of you, but you know that I don't…"

"Please Bella? Just this once?" she put on her best pleading face.



"Okay then," said Bella resignedly, "But not again after this. Not for a few months at least."

Esme smiled widely. "Excellent! Just wait till you see the shoes!" As she said this, she pulled out a box from a dresser. Bella was already dreading whatever was going to come out of that box. It turned out to be a pair of strappy black heels and as soon as Bella saw them, she knew that she had been right to dread the shoe choice. The heels were less heels and more stilts…or skyscrapers perhaps. Whoever designed them had obviously never met Bella. Or any other bipedal creature for that matter. For Bella especially, however, these shoes (and the day that she would have to spend wearing them) were the exact embodiment of her worst nightmare. In fact she was pretty sure that it was one she had actually had back in the days when she used to sleep.

"Okay then," said Esme in a sing-song voice, "I'll just wait downstairs while you change."

With this, she bounced back down the stairs and Bella was left to make her way to the bathroom where she changed. Having changed into the dress she was relieved to find that was relatively comfortable and not too close fitting. Upon inspecting herself in the mirror, however, she could she that it did show about as much of her legs as she had been expecting. She tugged the edges down self-consciously. Now she needed only to attempt the challenge that was the pair of shoes lying innocently on the bathroom floor.

Ten minutes later, she found herself making her way unsteadily down the stairs, feeling like Bambi attempting to walk for the first time and cursing the clumsiness that vampirism had improved but not entirely cured. Well. Not for the times when people chose to put her in heels, at least. After tackling the stairs, she made her way to the living room, where the nightmare ensued. The scene was thus: a room, large, but barely large enough to accommodate the very great amounts of pink and purple decoration that had been put into it (most likely it had been through the Alice treatment, concluded Bella) and also inside the room, large amounts of presents, the source of the music she had heard earlier and the entire Cullen family. She supposed that she should have been expecting something like this when they spontaneously encouraged her to go out hunting on her own last night.

"Hey guys," she said. "This is… nice."

"Oh thanks," said Esme, "I organised it myself. I'm glad you like it."

"You look very pretty, Bella" said Alice warmly.

Bella looked to Edward, who looked a little disinterested. He surveyed her quickly, huffed and flicked a stray hair away from his face with a flamboyant head movement.

"Edward, are you okay?" Bella walked to his side and touched his arm tentatively. His only reply was to cross his arms and stick his hip out to one side so that he was resting one leg.

"Don't mind him," said Rosalie, entering the room, "He's just - Uh wow! Bella!" Rosalie stopped in her tracks and took in Bella's outfit with wide eyes.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Nothing. It's just, you look great!"

Again, her eyes swept Bella's body appreciatively, lingering a little too long in areas that she would rather Rosalie didn't look at at all and for the second time, Bella had an overwhelming urge to pull the edges of her dress as far down her legs as possible. Not only that, but it occurred to her that this was extremely worrying behaviour from Rosalie. It was unnerving enough with Edward acting oddly (grumpy and yet, rather surprisingly, a little camp), but this was just downright weird. Rosalie was giving Bella a compliment? Not only that, but she even genuinely seemed to mean it. There was no doubt about it know, something fishy was going on in the Cullen household. Had no-one else noticed it?