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Song-fic All Human
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I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns the wonderful world of Twilight. Shannon Thomas owns the song 'Edward'.

1. Edward Masen

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I tried to tell myself he got a good impression
I tried to make myself ask him one simple question
But I did not know how he felt
It wasn't easy
So I let him him slip,
I let him slip away

I parked in a random empty spot in the parking lot of Forks High. My head was throbbing, but I successfully ignored it. I didn't believe I had a fever, but that was a moot point. I would have come anyway. All tests were done, final exams finished, but, of course, they had to make us suffer through another full day. They say this was the day to get your yearbooks signed, to say goodbye to your friends and teachers. Though we could have easily done that during graduation.

Under different circumstances I wouldn't have come to school. I would have stayed home like several students would probably do today. But, no. I had to come. The reason? I'll give you a hint:

He had wild bronze hair, and gorgeous green eyes.

But did he know, oh
But did he know,
Did he know that he was the only one I noticed

I walked into my first period classroom, greeted by an over-excited Jessica.

"Bella!" she squealed. She launched herself onto me, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. I laughed, and stumbled back, hitting the door frame.

"Hi, Jess," I replied, still chuckling slightly. She was practically jumping up and down. She almost looked like Alice. Jessica grabbed my hand and pulled me to a desk to sit down. She sat beside me, and began to talk.

"I can't believe it's almost over! Can you?" She gave me no time to answer. "Anyway, Bella, I haven't had anyone sign my yearbook, yet! Will you sign first?" She shoved the yearbook into my hands.

"Sure." I took out a red sharpie from the purse I brought for once - no bookbags today - and opened it to the front blank page. Jessica peeked over my shoulder to see what I was writing. I wrote my signature - the only way my handwriting actually looked decent, and a not to my friend:

Have an amazing summer, Jess. Escape to somewhere fun and sunny. Wherever life takes you, I know you'll do amazing! Remember to write!

"Oh, Bella, thank you!" she screamed. I handed her my yearbook, as well and she signed her name, and put a note that said something similar to mine. I thanked her, and walked up to Angela.

"Hey Ang," I greeted. She smiled and gave me a huge hug - she was much taller than I was. We exchanged yearbooks, and signed our names. I out a small note on hers, but she just wrote H.A.G.S. (Have a great summer). She laughed.

"I suck at trying to put little individual notes. I'm not the best when it comes to writing!" I smiled. I didn't mind in the least. Angela had been one of my best friends since I got here. She was then swept away by someone else wanting their yearbook signed by her.

A couple of other people grabbed me to sign and say goodbye. When that was finally over and everyone seemed satisfied and left me alone, I sat at a desk in the corner of the room. I began to flip through pages and pages of pictures of people trying to smile and look their best. I hadn't seen myself yet. In fact, I hadn't looked at the yearbook at all. I had saved it up until this day. It was difficult, though.

I smiled back at the faces of my friends. The order went alphabetically from your last name. H, I, J, K, L, M . . . . My eyes flashed to Lauren Mallory's face and I winced. She had never liked me. Apparently she had a thing for one of the boys that had befriended me. But I didn't look at her face for long, for the one next to her's was the only face I ever truly noticed. Then face I would go deep in thought about, that I would analyze just because it was so beautiful.

Masen, Edward. His name stood out in bold letters. But even they didn't attract as much attention as his eyes did. They burned a bright green, accenting his face. He wore a wonderful crooked smile on his face, the one I had seen almost every school day yet my heart skipped a beat each time. Then I realized there was something off about his smile. The I realized that he wasn't wearing his genuine smile, the wrong corner of his lips were turned up. I wanted to know why he had to fake it. I wanted to know if he noticed.

The bell rang and everyone gathered their things to head off to their next class. I put myself on auto-pilot and daydreamed my way down the halls.

Did Edward know I wanted him bad
I just couldn't show the feelings I had
Did Edward see in me what I saw in him
'Cause it was everything,
It was everything

My day had been filled with yearbooks, treats, and movies by the end of fourth period. Alice and I were, of course, attached at the hip. She was my best friend and I was her's. She handed me another brownie her mother had baked herself, but the bell rang as she did.

"Oh well, their mine, I get to take 'em!" she chirped. I laughed at her bubbliness. You rarely saw Alice in a bad mood, and you truly did not want to be around her when she was. If you got her mad, she'd knock you straight into next week.

We began to walk down the hall, her carrying her brownies, me carrying our purses, when suddenly she stopped. She dropped the brownies, but I manages to catch the container before it made a mess on the floor. Alice had a blank look on her face but a minute later I watched a slow smile dawn on her face. She looked at me, mischievously.

"What?" I asked. Alice got that way sometimes. I hated it because she never told me why. I believed she was psychic, she refuses to admit it.

"Today is going to be a good day," she assured me. Never, I mean never, bet against Alice.

But how could today be a good day? Today was one of the last days I could see him. And then he'd be gone. Forever.

When summer came I knew that it was surely over
We'd graduate and I wouldn't find a four leaf clover
And if he wanted me the same way I wanted him
There was no,
There was no indication

We arrived in the cafeteria, carrying our lunch trays carefully. I watched Alice beside me just in case she dropped her tray as with the brownies. She rolled her eyes at me as we made it to our table where we had set our things. I gaped at who had joined us.

"Hi, Edward!" Alice's voice rang in my ears. Edward smiled a sincere smile at the both of us. Alice absolutely loved Edward. No, she wasn't like me. She already had Jasper to fill the 'boyfriend' position. She acted as if Edward was her older brother. We sat down across from him. He had a slight v creasing his forehead. What was upsetting him?

I made myself look down at my tray, suddenly finding my pizza very interesting. Tyler, Jessica, Lauren - sigh -, Eric, Angela, and Ben came to join us. I heard a sigh come from someone and looked to see Edward pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. Hm.

Jessica sat next to him and I watched as she leaned into him slightly. I had always known that she liked him. It gave me too much joy to watch him inch away from her. I could tell he didn't feel the same way to her, but that could always change . . . .

Alright, I was being paranoid. I know I was.

Lauren sat on his other side, so he had no escape, for she liked him as well. Great. I was going to have to spend all of the period watching them. If only I could tell him that I was head over heals for him. If only I could tell him I loved him.

But did he know, oh, oh
Did he know,
Did he know that he was the only boy I needed

I had him on my next class, as well, so when the bell rang, I gathered my stuff and began to walk. I thought I heard somebody stutter a bit behind me. I turned to see Edward a few feet away, but he was looking straight out the window. I wanted to laugh at myself. Edward Masen? Stutter? Never!

I sighed and turned again. He didn't even notice me as I walked away. Why was I the only one he refused to see?

Did Edward know I wanted him bad
Just couldn't show the feelings I had
Did Edward see in me what I saw in him
'Cause it was everything,
It was everything

It seemed I knew him more than he knew himself. I had just learned more about his smile this morning. His height was around 6 feet. He tended to pich the bridge of his nose when he was nervous or frustrated - just as he had done in the cafeteria. He was usually the first person in the class to finish an exam. He always knew the right thing to say, as if he knew exactly what you were thinking. He was a bit of a loner, with many friends, but not very social. He didn't seem interested in the girls that came onto him, or even the girls that didn't, really. He was just a quiet boy, in general. Yet he seemed thoughtful. When he looked at you it was as if he was seeing straight into you. As if he knew exactly who you truly were.

I watched Alice socialize for a while as I sat in the back of the room. Sometimes Angela would come up to me, not wanting me to be lonely, but it didn't help. I noticed Mike kept looking in my direction, and sometimes tried to come up to me, but was being pulled away every time. I hid my laugh at that. Mike was very popular in this school, and probably - besides Edward - the boy the most girls wanted to date. I liked Mike, he was very sweet, but I had no interest in him. He seemed to think of himself as very important. It was as if he felt the girls were lucky he would even spare them a glance.

But Edward held the number one spot. He was everything the girls wanted, and everything they just couldn't have. He was mysterious and unattainable. Mike absolutely loathed him for it.

The I realized I had been doodling on the only blank page left in my yearbook. I had written his name without thought at least ten times. I slapped the book shut.

"Hm," A voice beside me hummed. Startled, I jumped to the side to see Alice watching me. I scanned the room to find Edward. Had he seen it? I found him off to the side of the classroom, signing a student's ruined shirt. I sighed in relief. I felt Alice put a hand on my shoulder. I closed my eyes, I really didn't want to talk about this. She nudged me over, and I gave her the room to sit. She opened up one of her notebooks to a blank page and placed it on the desk in front of us. She titled the page: Things to do over summer vacation! Alice and Bella style!

"So, what's first?" she asked.

"Well, how about we first change it to Bella and Alice style," I suggested. She laughed. I smiled at my friend. I knew she was trying to help me. It worked for the time being, we filled up the list with ideas and even put a rating on each one of them. But nothing could distract me from the bell.

As always, he was out the door before anyone, and I knew I probably would only see him when we graduated. And he wouldn't spare me a second glance. I walked to last period with a lump in my throat.

Don't know why I couldn't tell him
Must've been too afraid
Now he's gone,
I'll never see him
And I'll never say what I needed to say

I held back the tears as I imagined trying to go even a day living with the fact that he'd never know how much I adored him. That I'd never see his face again. Since it was, basically, the last day it was a free day in gym . They set up the equipment and you could play whatever it was you wanted. I sat in the bleachers. Now that it was over and I was headed to my truck, I could hardly keep myself from crying.

I had become too attached to him. I had looked into his actions too much. I had let myself hope. And it was going to be my downfall. But, even though I knew I would hurt inside every day, I wouldn't change any of it. I wouldn't trade seeing his beautiful face for the world. I whimper escaped me, but I was able to hold everything else back. I suddenly wished Alice was here to brighten -

"Bella!" Oh, no. Mike ran over to me, holding out his yearbook and a pen. "Can you sign?" he asked.

"Sure." My voice was tight, but he didn't seem to notice. He wasn't the most observant boy. I couldn't hold my composure for much longer so I just quickly signed my name and tried to give it back to him. He stopped me.

"Can you give me your number?" He never gave up! "I mean, so we can keep in touch." I sighed and quickly scribbled my number down. His smile looked like it hurt.

"Thanks, Bella!" he yelled. Before I could do anything he leaned down and kissed my cheek. When his lips left my face he ran like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't hold my tears back, anymore. Luckily, I was outside and the rain his them from others. That's when I saw him.

Edward was standing in the by his Volvo, watching me. When I met his gaze he quickly looked down and ran his fingers through his dripping wet hair. I was only a few cars down from him and I stumbled and slipped through the puddles to get to my truck. I threw open the door and began to sob in the driver's seat.

When I noticed him looking in my direction
Was it just a figment of my imagination
I'd like to think the reason he never talked to me
Was a tragic case of the butterflies I couldn't see

Mike had given me my first kiss. Mike of all boys! Although it was only my cheek he had kissed and not my lips I still felt hurt. I had wanted that to be special with a boy I really liked or even loved. A boy like Edward.

I had been crying for quite a while now and when I looked up I saw most of the student body had gone. Only a few students were left. One of them sat in the silver Volvo I could now see. The people that had divided us had left.

As soon I saw the car it reminded me of what I had been crying about, and the lump in my throat got larger. As soon as the tears threatened to flow again Edward Masen stepped out of his car and headed toward my truck. I was too shocked to move, so I just watched him until he finally reached my door. He gave me a small smile.

I opened the door to see what he needed, but he just stood there in the cold Washington downpour. He was completely soaked from head to toe, his hair becoming darker because it was so wet. He didn't seem to care, or even notice at the time. He just stared into my eyes.

He then surprised me by leaning over me and reaching towards the passenger seat. He grabbed my yearbook and my marker and - while keeping under the roof of the truck so it wouldn't get wet - he wrote something down. He didn't let me see it while he wrote it. When he was done he set it on my lap. I began to reach for it, but he grabbed my hand. I looked up to see him looking at me again. There was a strange look in his eyes. He looked . . . determined?

He was full of many surprises, I realized as he leaned towards me. He stopped when he was mere inches from my face. His eyes bored into mine. What was he doing?

Then I realized he was asking my permission. I smiled, and that was all he needed.

He leaned in again until his lips touched mine. Automatically my arms flew around his neck, my fingers tangling in his hair. I didn't know how many times I had pictured this. How warm his lips would be. How soft his hair would be. How amazing it would make me feel. But it was nothing like that. It was so much better.

I felt his right arm around me, and his right hand caress my cheek. The tears were long gone, now.

When his lips left mine I felt a slight emptiness in me. I wanted him to kiss me again. I was now soaked because I was slightly out of my truck and because Edward had held me. I was shivering because the sun had disappeared again beneath a blanket of clouds. But I didn't need it. Edward was everything I needed and more.

He stepped back and my arms left his neck as he did so. He reclaimed his arms and just smiled a little at me. I smiled back. He brushed the back of his hand against my cheek, kissed me quickly one more time, and then walked back to his car. I watched with sad eyes as he quickly drove off.

Did Edward know I wanted him bad
Just couldn't show the feelings I had
Did Edward see in me what I saw in him
It was everything!

When I was finally home - and finally warm - I ran up to my room to read what he wrote. I didn't want to read it before I drove home. If he said he didn't want me after he had kissed me . . . well I would have either been crying at the school for hours, or would have accidentally crashed my truck. I quickly opened my yearbook to my first page of signatures.

It wasn't there. I flipped to the second one. Still no luck. I flipped and flipped until I got to the very last page. The only one that I didn't ask anyone to sign. The one where I had written his name over and over again. There, in the middle of that page, was his elegant script. I blushed furiously. I took a deep breath and read what he wrote:

Do you love me?

I gaped. He was asking me if I loved him? Did that mean that he loved me? For the first time, I let myself hope.

Under the question he wrote 10 digits. 3 dash 3 dash 4. He had given me his phone number! I grabbed the phone I had gotten last year on a trip to Seattle - an excuse to get out of a dance that many people seemed to want me to go to - and typed in the number. After saving it to my contacts I sent him a text. All I said was 'yes'.

That night after dinner my phone beeped, saying that I had a new message. When I reached for it it beeped again. Two new messages. When I saw who had sent them my heart flew and my stomach dropped. Both were from Edward. I read the one he sent first.

I love you, too, Isabella.

My breath came in gasps. I wanted to scream. In one day my whole world had changed. I quickly saved and went to check the other one before I began hyperventilating. As I opened it a melody filled my ears. He had sent me one of his voice recordings, but it wasn't his voice I heard. Instead, I heard the sweet notes of a piano.

Another beep. Another message.

I hated to stop listening to the song, but I was anxious to see if he'd written me again. Once I confirmed that it was him, I opened it to see what his message was. Happy tears filled my eyes when I read it.

You inspired that one. Sweet dreams, Bella. I love you.

Did Edward know I wanted him bad
Just couldn't show the feelings I had
Did Edward see in me what I saw in him
It was everything . . .
It was everything