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On My Fingertips

Edward bonds with baby Renesmee, whilst keeping a vigil over Bella's transformation. A simple fluffy oneshot for my enjoyment and hopefully yours.

Inspired by the events that occured when I was left alone with my 3 month old niece for the first time. I am scarred for life! And the brilliant song God Only Knows by the Beach Boys that is mentioned in the story. Many thanks to my beta Bleedforyou.

1. Chapter 1

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The house was devoid of most noise, no voices coming from mouth or mind. The only discernable sounds were my family‘s muted movements, my tired breathing, and Bella’s violent heartbeat. I squeezed my wife’s hand a little harder, my eyes flitting up from the wooden floor to stare at her immobile, deathly pale figure. Her transformation into a vampire had begun around 5 hours ago, 5 hideously long, agonizing hours; I had yet to leave her side.

There was a soft tap on the library-made-hospital door, causing me to jump.

“Edward…” Esme’s soft voice floated through the oak.

“Come in,” I mumbled, brushing my fingers over Bella’s unnaturally bloodless cheeks, oh how I wished for her blush.

The door let out a faint squeak as Esme pushed it open; I just kept my eyes on Bella.

“We’re going to hunt, after the… incident with Rosalie we thought it best,” she muttered.


“Jacob’s gone on patrol.”

“Okay,” I sighed wanting to get back to my silent vigil.

“Edward…” Esme said a little louder, her tone seemed like I was missing something.

“What is it, Esme?” I snapped, turning around.

Her arms were laden with curious items, a teddy bear, a fluffy pink towel and a steel baby bottle.

The gentle yet quick thrumming of my newborn daughter’s heartbeat suddenly registered to me, drifting up from the living room directly below.

“You need to watch Renesmee,” she breathed softly, watching me closely.

“But Bella—"

“—would want you to be with your daughter,” she interrupted me.

The thrumming became louder as someone brought Renesmee up the staircase and into the room. I was surprised to see her in the arms of Jasper.

“She’s become quite taken with her uncle,” Esme smiled, as Jasper slipped Renesmee into my arms.

She stretched slightly, stirring in her sleep. Abruptly a wave of terror hit me, I was 17 what did I know about babies? Well I wasn’t 17 but in all my years and in all my experiences I had never been a father!

“Esme what if she wakes up?” I whispered frantically as she followed Jasper out the door.

“Give her the bottle.”


“You’ll be fine Edward,” Esme said firmly, before shutting the door.

We won’t be far,” I heard her think as she and the rest of my family, ran off into the night.

I was frozen, it may as well of been a statue of me cradling Renesmee. I turned my head slightly to look at Bella.

“If I had known much trouble you where going to cause, Bella Cullen.” My voice was barely audible, but it disturbed my sleeping bundle.

A tiny whimper escaped Renesmee’s perfect pink mouth, and she squirmed awkwardly.

“No, no don’t wake up. Uh, shhh, go back to sleep,” I muttered desperately. What was I supposed to say?

I stood up slowly, my arms doing a stiff bobbing motion that I hoped was lulling Renesmee off—it wasn’t.

Her large chocolate eyes opened wide, and we both stared at each other for a moment. It looked like she was thinking about something, though in my panic it went unregistered, her mouth opened again and I braced myself.

A huge wail, impossibly big for someone so small, erupted out of her.

“Oh my… shhh, its ok, shhh!” Renesmee just cried louder, hot tears coursing down her plump cheeks.

“The bottle! Where the hell is the bottle?!” I hissed, and then silently cursed myself for cursing in front of my daughter.

I snatched the steel bottle off the lamp table where Esme had left it, but when I held it to Renesmee’s mouth, she batted it away, screeching at a painfully loud volume.

“It’s okay Renesmee,” I attempted to croon, bringing the bottle back to her mouth once more. “Please honey, take the bottle.”

I flicked her bottom lip with the teat, after another insanely long moment she latched. I heaved a sigh as she began to gulp at the liquid, her fast breathy swallows filling the room.

I propped her head up more, feeling the bottle lighten as she drained it, were babies supposed to drink it all in one go?

I abruptly pulled the bottle away, she looked at me with a scandalized expression, and once more her face trembled.

“Nice one, Cullen!” I scoffed at myself over Renesmee’s renewed roars.

I brought the bottle back, desperately trying to appease her. Her sobs halted and she gazed at me reproachfully.

“I won’t take it away again until you’ve finished.” I promised, feeling something like a smile creep across my face.

She finished the remainder of her liquid meal, grasping at the bottle in what I assumed was an attempt to stop me from moving it.

She let the teat go, sighing contentedly.

“Are you done?” I asked, setting the container down. I caught sight of the pink towel Esme had brought in; probably for if she gets cold.

Then I remembered something that made me groan outwardly, I had observed enough in my life to know that once a baby had been fed it needed to be… burped.

I heaved a sigh before maneuvering Renesmee to rest against my shoulder, holding her there with one hand and very gently patting and rubbing her back with the other. It only took about a minute before I heard a small satisfied belch in my ear; I smiled, mentally congratulating myself on a job well done.

My smile faded however, when Renesmee gave a little jerk and I felt something hot and wet run down my back.

“Oh that was what the towel was for…”

I brought Renesmee back into my arms, a small red trail dribbling down her chin, I dabbed at her mouth with my shirt; Alice was probably going to burn it anyway.

I sat down next to Bella, holding Renesmee high enough to see her mother’s face.

Sadness and longing abruptly overwhelmed me. I clutched Renesmee a little tighter to me, while she just stared intently at Bella.

I glanced up at the clock on the wall, ten past midnight.

“Hmm we better get you to sleep baby girl,” I muttered looking down at Renesmee’s wide awake face. “The question being how?”

A song flitted into my head, everything I felt about Bella and Renesmee and my family encapsulated in one song.

I began to hum it first then I began whispering the lyrics to a very good song I heard a while ago… God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. I considered it another win when Renesmee smiled ever so slightly, her eyes drooping.

The world would show nothing to me, so what good would living do me? God only knows what I’d be without you…

Renesmee yawned and snuggled against my chest, a feeling as strong as my love for Bella engulfed me as I kissed my beautiful baby girl goodnight.

My head shot up however as I heard my family nosily approaching the house, I darted over to the library window flinging it open, my arms shielding Renesmee from the cold air.

“Do you mind?!” I hissed at the several startled vampires, “The baby is sleeping!”

“Who’s the daddy? Edward’s the daddy!” Emmett yelled, laughing raucously.

I heard a whimper, and looked down only to see that Renesmee had tears in her eyes and her mouth opened again.

“Oh no…”