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A New Start

When Alice returns to Forks in New Moon she tells Charlie that he should send Bella to a boarding school in England (because Bella failed 12th grade). Bella starts a whole new life in England including a new wardrobe that is to Alice's liking. What if a certain vampire shows up in England? What if What Hurts the Most caused a worldwide sensation? What does a bunny have to do with all of this? "I had been hurt over and over by him. I had accepted countless apologies but this was too much." (Chapter 19)Banner for A New Start Marvelous banner made by TheRealCullen

Thanks to my best freind Alice who was my beta. Diclaimer: Sorry i dont own any of the characters that are in any of the twilight books. i do own the other characters but thats it.

14. Emma

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Chapter 14

“Alice?” I called into the nearly empty house. Everyone except for Edward, Alice, and I had gone hunting. It has been about 2 months since my transformation and most of my stuff was already at my new mansion in L.A.

“Yes?” she said hurrying down the stairs.

“Edward and I are going to get married,” I paused to show her the diamond, circled by topaz, engagement ring, “And we want to have two weddings. That way you can have more fun.”

“Okay!” said the evil pixie, “I already have the color schemes. I know, I know, you can veto anything, the first wedding is only for vampires and werewolves, and I can’t go all out on the first wedding. We can’t start planning the second wedding until the first is done, and the first one has to be done within the next two months.”

“Well I guess you know the rules. Edward you can leave now. This is girl’s work.” I told him.

As soon as the door closed, Alice started to show me pictures of flowers and dresses from a huge stack of wedding magazines.

“The color scheme for the first wedding is blue because it’s great with your skin,” said Alice as she showed me a simple yet beautiful wedding dress.

“That’s the one,” I said. The dress I chose was simple white dress with a sash that was a satin blue.

“I knew that you would choose that one. Now you need to choose your maid of honor and bridesmaid.”

“Alice? Will you be my maid of honor? Rose?” Who had joined us after I chose the dress, “Will you be my bridesmaid?

“Yes,” they responded simultaneously.

We spent the next two weeks, since we had all dropped out of school since I had received the offer and I was now being home schooled by Esme, picking out invitations, flowers, menus/meal items (for the werewolves), and decorations. Not to mention the endless hours looking for the bridesmaids and maid of honors dresses. I had asked Tanya to be my other bridesmaid. The flower girl was to be little 4 year old Emma who’s parents were Sam and Emily.

The flowers were blue roses with white roses. My bouquet being the largest, and Rose’s and Tanya’s being the smallest. The petals were white, and the aisle was the same silk blue as my dress’s sash. Emma’s dress was a smaller version of mine but knee-length and short sleeved. Alice’s was the opposite of mine, blue dress with a white sash floor length, and Rose’s and Tanya’s dresses where the same design as Alice’s but knee-length. The men had normal tuxes but with blue ties. Edward’s was solid but Jasper, Emmett, and Tanya’s latest boyfriend, John had striped blue ties. The rings even had blue on them.

The day of the wedding arrived and all the vampires, the Cullens, the Denalis, and a coven from England that knew Carlisle, were there including the werewolves from La Push. Alice was curling my hair and carefully putting blue gems into it. I was already in my dress and was the last person to get ready.

“Okay so, your new, is your hair pieces, your borrowed is the engagement ring, which was Edward’s mothers, the blue is the dress, and the old is the tiara which I got for my first vampire birthday.” Alice explained to me as she placed the delicate silver tiara within my hair and spread out the veil. “You will be walked down by Carlisle for this ceremony but next time it will be by Charlie.”

I hoped that I wouldn’t trip on the dark blue heels Alice gave me. Then I remembered that I was a vampire, as I remembered this I took my place at the top of the stairs, and watched Emma walk down the aisle, then Alice, then Rose, Emmett, Tanya, and John. Then it was my turn.

Carlisle placed a reassuring arm out, and I grasped it. I walked down the stairs and into the gorgeously decorated, chandelier lighted room. I concentrated on taking one step at a time and kept my eyes on my soon-to-be husband looking handsome as ever in his suit.

My hand was placed in Edward’s as I stepped up to the alter and the vampire minister. When it came time to do the vows Edward tuned to me and whispered saying:

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you do this.”

“It’s okay. I want this.”

“I can’t do it. I’m sorry.” He said as he ran out the door. Everyone stared at me, and Alice came over to comfort me.

I was in shock. I couldn’t move.

He left me. Again. I thought over and over. Mindlessly. Rose, Tanya, Jasper, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, and Jake came over to comfort me. I pushed them away and ran to my room where I sat and cried.

I cried longer then any human could’ve. I knew what I had to do. I changed into a simple blue dress, one of the few clothes I had left in the house, packed the rest of my things, and waited.

I knew that he would come back, and he did. I was still crying.

“I’m so sorry Bella,” He pleaded.

“No. Don’t,” I said heartlessly. I went to the jewelry box where my few precious pieces of jewelry were.

I picked up the one I wanted and put the box in my purse. I grabbed my suitcase, walked up to Edward pressed the item into his hand, ran through the window, and ran to my car. I would call Alice later to tell her to meet me in L.A. I drove and cried all night in my Ferrari.


After I left the wedding, I went to the meadow to think things over. I spent almost two hours there then I returned to apologize to her. I didn’t know the reason behind my actions at the wedding, but I knew that I had to apologize to her.

“I’m so sorry Bella,” I said pleadingly that she would understand.

“No. Don’t.” she said. She grabbed something from the jewelry box that Alice had given her, put the box in her purse, and pressed the item into my hand.

Then she left.

She jumped out of her bedroom and left in her car.

I opened my hand and started to dry sob. My family heard and came to see what had happened. I opened my hand and they understood. Bella had left.

She gave me the proof that she could no longer love me. She gave me the last example of love I had given her. She showed me, in that one move, that she would not, could not ever marry me and that she would never forgive me for leaving her.

She gave me her engagement ring.