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A New Start

When Alice returns to Forks in New Moon she tells Charlie that he should send Bella to a boarding school in England (because Bella failed 12th grade). Bella starts a whole new life in England including a new wardrobe that is to Alice's liking. What if a certain vampire shows up in England? What if What Hurts the Most caused a worldwide sensation? What does a bunny have to do with all of this? "I had been hurt over and over by him. I had accepted countless apologies but this was too much." (Chapter 19)Banner for A New Start Marvelous banner made by TheRealCullen

Thanks to my best freind Alice who was my beta. Diclaimer: Sorry i dont own any of the characters that are in any of the twilight books. i do own the other characters but thats it.


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Chapter 16

3 years later


“Thanks Layla. This will be a very good opportunity to unite Harry Rich and Golden Stone.” I said then hung up. I had just set up a, hopefully successful, duet between two hits. Tiana Santiago and Tony Masen. I would never tell Tiana. She would wring my neck if she found out that I set her up. She would be even more upset if she found out I was trying to set her up with Tony. She needed a guy. All she had been doing for the past three years was work. She never went out with any of the other cute guys around. I will never tell her that it was me.


I had a photo shoot with Vogue this morning that I was dreading. I mean who wouldn’t dread getting around 3 pictures taken of you in about 200 outfits?

“Probably Alice,” I said to myself as I put on the pink mini skirt and brown tank that Alice laid out for me.

I arrived at Vogue only to enter hair and make up right after I walked through the doors. I posed in a flirty orange dress as my latest assistant told me my schedule.

“Okay so after the shoot you need to go to the recording studio to record Send It On. Then you have a twenty minute break until you have to work on a new song,” she flipped through some papers before continuing, “ Its called New Classic. Someone will bring you the song and work on it with you.”

“Thanks Karen.” I didn’t leave Vogue until about noon. I spent a total of 6 hours in that studio, and I was thirsty. I drank some water on the way back; I didn’t want to act weird in front of the other stars and headed into studio 18.

I wrote the song Send It On for Disney’s Friends for Change. I also wrote it because it relates to everybody. I met up with the other stars that were singing. There was my best “star” friends Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. Now I only chose them because first of all Disney forced me, and second they had the best voices out of all the Disney stars. I was singing the song because I wrote it, and Disney wanted me to star in a new show but nothing has been set in stone yet.

“Hey Tiana,” said Joe. He is like Mike but I can’t get away from him. I wanted to yell STALKER in his face but I didn’t.

We started to record with my band and it took three long hours. Finally my break was here and I decided to work on a song I had been working on. It was called The Climb. I was in the middle of singing the chorus when I heard someone enter. I stopped, put away my guitar, and looked at the person.

I decided to play with the idiot that just entered my studio.