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A New Start

When Alice returns to Forks in New Moon she tells Charlie that he should send Bella to a boarding school in England (because Bella failed 12th grade). Bella starts a whole new life in England including a new wardrobe that is to Alice's liking. What if a certain vampire shows up in England? What if What Hurts the Most caused a worldwide sensation? What does a bunny have to do with all of this? "I had been hurt over and over by him. I had accepted countless apologies but this was too much." (Chapter 19)Banner for A New Start Marvelous banner made by TheRealCullen

Thanks to my best freind Alice who was my beta. Diclaimer: Sorry i dont own any of the characters that are in any of the twilight books. i do own the other characters but thats it.

17. *Wince*

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Chapter 17


I was looking at the two beautiful dresses in front of me. Bella’s wedding dress and the dress that was supposed to be the after party dress, when I had a vision.

Stupid Edward. What has he done now?


I was no longer Edward Cullen. I was now Tony Masen. It’s technically my middle name and former last name but changed a bit. My agent, Layla had explained how Tiana Santiago wanted to work with me. I had her last two CDs but I did not have the time to find the first one. Her CDs Fabulous and Fantastic were indeed fantastic. I spent about a week writing the perfect song for the duet.

I started a career in music four weeks after Bella. I was hoping to find her but I was not successful. Instead the music helped me cope with my stupidity and her leaving. Emmet and Rosalie were my personal assistants and closest friends.

I was so dumb to accept that duet offer.

I walked into studio 18 and saw the image of beauty singing a stunning song in front of me.


“Hello,” I said sweetly... I was going to make him pay. “My name is Tiana Santiago. Are you the person who will be working with me on the song?” I was having fun as I grinned seductively at him..


“No. I’m not Bella. I’m Tiana,” I said sweetly. “Now the song please.”

He handed me the crisp sheets and said, now composing himself, “This is the duet we will be working on. By the way I’m Tony Masen.” He stuck out his hand and I shook it softly...

“This will work,” I commented as I swept through the lyrics... I shot a smile at him. How that pained and stabbed my heart.

We finished the song in an hour. I opened my cell phone to see that I was almost late for the final planning session. It was for my tour. I also had about 10 texts each from Jasper and Alice asking where I was. I said good bye and started to rush down the hall responding to the texts telling them that I would be there in about 2 min. Sadly Edward *wince* was following me. Wait! Is that a bad thing? I asked myself. Yes. Yes it is.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked harshly when we were on the elevator going up to floor 7 where the meeting was.

He didn’t notice the tone, “I’m part of the tour. We will be singing New Classic for about ¾ of the tour.”

“We will talk about this after the meeting...”

All we did in the meeting was go over last minute song order and lighting/wardrobe changes. To my delight, Rosalie was joining Alice as my hair/costume team.

After the boring ordeal Edward met me in an empty conference room.

“I’m so sorry Bella,” I held up my hand and he stopped.

“You left me and I am not Bella. Not anymore. Bella was left in Forks to rot and die of heartbreak. I am Tiana. I am strong, which is why,” I kissed him lightly not knowing what I was doing. Idiot! I was yelling at myself. You are just going to hurt yourself more. “I did that.” I walked away from a clearly dazzled Edward.

I giggled. I giggled? Huh? Who am I? Why did I just kiss him? Do I actually want to take him back?

“Yes,” a voice in my head said and I smiled.