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A New Start

When Alice returns to Forks in New Moon she tells Charlie that he should send Bella to a boarding school in England (because Bella failed 12th grade). Bella starts a whole new life in England including a new wardrobe that is to Alice's liking. What if a certain vampire shows up in England? What if What Hurts the Most caused a worldwide sensation? What does a bunny have to do with all of this? "I had been hurt over and over by him. I had accepted countless apologies but this was too much." (Chapter 19)Banner for A New Start Marvelous banner made by TheRealCullen

Thanks to my best freind Alice who was my beta. Diclaimer: Sorry i dont own any of the characters that are in any of the twilight books. i do own the other characters but thats it.

2. Taylor Swift

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There stood a glorious sight…it was the rest of my CDs.

The boxes also contained my school supplies, which I had left at the house, from my dad. I spent the rest of the night organizing the CDs first by year and then personal preference.

When morning came I looked at my schedule and went to my first class.



“ALICE!” I shouted.

“I’m coming. I’m coming. You don’t have to yell you know. I can hear you just fine when you talk normally.”

“We are going to be late because of you.”

As soon as Alice got into my red Ferrari, I hit the gas.

I had spent Thanksgiving break with Alice because I couldn’t visit my parents, and she didn’t want me to be all alone for four days. I decided to forgive her for being related to the stupid guy who dumped me. Don’t go there. Don’t go there, I told myself. Not today.

At Alice’s house we did each others nails, she played guinea pig Bella (I had gotten used to it), and we watched movies. It was so much fun. Sadly it is Monday, and Alice and I have to go back to Buckingham High. I was supposed to get a new roommate over the break, and it’s a guy because I had the last on-campus room available. I hope the guy will give me a bit of space. Most guys I know don’t even care that I already have a boyfriend. They just keep asking me out. They never seem to give up.

“What kind of guy moves in the middle of the first semester?” I asked Alice. Neither of us mentioning that we had moved in in the middle of a semester.

“I don’t know. Hey, stop talking. I need to finish my makeup,” Alice responded.

When we reached first period English we entered about 3 seconds before the bell rang. I went through a normal day with Alice until…


Biology. My last class of the day. I got to the classroom early and was already seated when the other students arrived. I noticed that Alice was in my class. Why is she here? I wondered. She must have seen me too because she walked past me and whispered, “Later.” I nodded my head and turned to the front of the room. I froze.

There heading for me was a girl and a guy. The guy was nothing special but the girl. WOW! She was (quoting the guy from the airplane) hot. Her hair was curled and cascaded down her back. She wore a dark jean mini-skirt, a red shirt, a black jacket, black five-inch heels and a silver B necklace.

Was I cheating on Bella by saying that this girl was hot? No. Bella thought that I had dumped her. Besides this girl already had a boyfriend.

The couple walked past me and the girl sat next to Alice while the guy sat behind them.

The class was very boring since I had learned all of it about 20 times. I did like the teacher though, because he was the only one that didn’t make me introduce myself to the entire class.

After school, I went to the closest bookstore and spent an entire hour just looking at books. After I had purchased about a dozen that looked good, I went back to the dorm to meet my new roommate.


I met up with my boyfriend Cody and we walked into biology together. Alice was already there and had saved me a seat behind…no. It couldn’t be. Yes it was him but apparently he didn’t recognize me yet. Cody and I walked past him and we both sat down. I was next to Alice, and Cody was behind us. I decided to ignore him (the guy n front of me) and concentrate on the lesson that I had already learned last year.

After school I hurried home and finished all of my homework in an hour. I went to the kitchen and was getting a pear out of the refrigerator when I head the door open and close. I turned around. No way. No. No. NO.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hello. Are you my new dorm mate?” He asked me in that velvety voice I had missed so terribly.

“Yes, uh… what is your name?” I asked even though I already knew what his name was.

“Edward Cullen. And yours?” he answered simply.

“My name is…” then the phone rang, and I picked it up.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hi,” said a high-pitched excited voice.

“Oh. Hi Alice.”

“You won’t believe who got tickets to the Taylor Swift World tour in London on Saturday!”

“Um, let me guess…YOU!”

“Yes, and you are coming with me.”

“Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!”

We squealed together like this until I remembered that Edward was still there.

“Oh. I have to go Alice. Tell me more tomorrow.”

“Okay. Bye.”


Then she hung up.

“I’m sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m Bella Swan.” I said as I moved closer to him and then I …