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the major scenes from New Moon from Edward's point of view


1. Chapter 1

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Love. True love. That's the worst part. But it must be done... I hated it.

Especially that look of hopelessness on her face. I wanted to turn around, wrap my

Arms around her, never to leave her... but... was it safe for her to know so much, like about the

Volturi? She knows so much...staying with her would only bring her harm, put her

In danger. I ran to Denali with my family. I only realized upon arrival that I would

Never see Bella again...I curled up into a ball. The only thing that kept me from

Going back was the thought of her, finally safe. She would live.


Bella is dead. She committed suicide. Jumped off a cliff. Sadness and anguish coursed through

Every bone in my body. She was dead?! No! I left her so she would be able to

Live! I immediately ran to Volterra, wishing to end my

Life. I didn't want to live anymore. I wanted to be with Bella, me

Angel. When Aro denied my request, it was decided. I'd provoke them


From my waiting spot in the shadows, I waited for the yellow-

Orange sun to be directly over the Plazza de Piorri. When it did, I

Reached my hands forward slightly. I walked into the sun, and almost immediately, an

Excited Marcus leaned forward, ready to pounce. An instant later, a

Voracious feeling coursed through me as Bella ran into me. Wow. That was fast. I smiled, internally

Estatic to be with my angel. I touched her face, murmering, "Amazing. Carlisle was

Right." As I slowly realized we weren't dead...yet, one thought flew through me as I flung Bella behind me protectively: Oh Crap.