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You Can't Run From Fate

Made by JokesOnJane
(Banner made by JokesOnJane) What if there were no vampires? What would the shapeshifters exist to protect, and from whom? Their people, of course, from the enemy clan. Together, Jacob and Araea (OC) unravel secrets about their heritage that had previously been overlooked by the elders. The war is on between the Quileutes and the Makahs for the most powerful breed of shapeshifting-wolves. WARNING: I am reserving the right to break canon a bit, and to tweak around with ages and such - what you have read in the books about a character and their age, may not be the same in my fic, just for the sake of continuity, but I try to keep it all realistic. I use twilightsaga.wikia.com to help me with this. UPDATE (May 5th 2010): I pretty much went AWOL on this story, and if ANYONE out there really liked it enough to be saddened by this, I sincerely apologize. Being a senior in high school truly sucks, and I was constantly far too stressed out to think much about this story. However, I'm nearing the end of my high school education, summer is rolling around, and I've been plagued with the urge to WRITE. Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, my computer crashed, taking with it ALLLL the planning documents I had typed out, my plots, my twists, my details, EVERYTHING...so I will have to work on re-formulating those things before I can bang out chapters. ;/ It will happen though...I love this story too much to just let it die off and never see completion.

This story came from a wild idea I had, that just escalated and escalated until I couldn't contain it any longer, and I had to write it. I try to stay as close to the book as possible, but some things have changed. It does feature an original character, but to reveal anything else about her would be a spoiler.

1. Chapter 1: Too Much All At Once

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We knew all three of us wouldn't all make it out alive.

What was meant to be a laugh, a childish and foolish attempt to test our own wits and courage, turned into a disaster, a real life horror film...

It wasn't supposed to go this far.

All the Quileutes knew about the giant wolf that had been seen roaming our forests for the past week. Parents were being extra-protective, and it was considered insane to be outside once twilight had encroached the skies. Everyone was scared out of their minds, or rather, the adults were. The children were being quite nicely sheltered from the truth of it all. We were young, yes, but we weren't stupid. We all knew there was more to the situation than what was being let on to us.

It was for this reason that I was forced to sneak out with my brother to Jacob's house, just half a mile down the road. His house was in the perfect location of the reservation - within comfortable distance of both the beach and its lulling waves, and the forests and its tangled trees. The full moon was shining brightly, causing our russet complexion to appear just a tad ghost-like, as we teetered on the edge of the forests' boundaries, daring ourselves to step in.

"You scared, Araea?" teased my nine year old brother Andrew. From the corner of my left eye I saw his devious smirk.

"Yeah, I think she is Andrew. She is, after all, a girrrlll," snickered Jacob, who was on my right.

"Ugh, you little boys are so immature," I said, and bravely began walking into the mouth of the darkness ahead of us.

The soft thump of moist leaves and earth was all we could hear for a long time as I lead both Jacob and Andrew deeper into the forest...too deep. We appeared in a clearing, where the moon was unhindered by the trees and could shine directly upon us yet again.


"What was that?" Andrew whispered. I saw straight through his act; he was genuinely scared.

Before I had time to answer, we heard the deep, thundering growl reverberating from ahead.

I gasped, succumbing to the fear I had been bursting with the second I stared the darkness head on at the edge of the forest. Trying to walk backwards, I stumbled on my own quivering feet and fell back, luckily, into Jacob's arms. He helped me stand upright and circled my waist with one arm, and put a hand on Andrew's shoulder, who was also shaking in fear.

"Let's get-"

A more deafening, feral growl cut Jacob off abruptly. Not needing another hint, we all turned and slammed our feet against the ground, pushing our bodies forward with as much strength and speed as we could muster...

Our own gasps for air and thundering footfalls were not enough to drown out the sound of what followed us.

None of us dared to look back; we knew what it was.

We knew we had found what we sought out to discover.

The giant wolf's paws hitting the soil made twice the sound our own movements did, and it continued to growl at us in its pursuit. I felt like someone was grasping my throat tightly, and I desperately wanted to stop and breathe, but knew that if I did, it would be the last breath I took.

It really was my fault entirely...

I was too absorbed in my own fear, in my own survival that I failed to look after Andrew.

I should have clamped my hand in his the moment we began to run for our lives.

I should have taken better care of him...

But as we ran, Andrew, being shorter than either Jacob and I, with much shorter legs, could not match our long strides, and fell behind...too far behind.

"Wait! Arae-AHHHH!!!"

I whipped around just in time to see the nose of a wolf following the tail of another.

There were two of them!?

"ANDREW! ANDREW!" I screamed, feeling as if my vocal chords had ruptured from too much exertion due to panting for air and screaming as loud as I could. I began running in the direction I saw the wolves take him, listening to the rapidly decreasing volume of his anguished screams. My blood was curdling beneath my skin, I couldn't take it, I was frantic with grief, with despair, with the awful truth that-

"Araea, don't! Don't go after him! It's...it's too late..."

Jacob had caught up with me. The instant his arms wrapped around me, his words echoing what I already knew, I lost all the fight in me, and crumbled to pieces - Jacob was the only thing keeping me together. I sobbed and screamed some more, nearly choking from the effort of doing both. I was completely oblivious to everything, and it was only when I felt a different hand on my shoulder that I registered that we were actually just a yard or so away from the edge of the forest, and therefore, just a couple more yards away from Jacob's house. His father, Billy, was helping Jacob to steer me toward the house and away from the empty expanse of black that I stared and screamed at, praying it would expel my brother from its depths, safe, sound, and unharmed.

Jacob actually picked me up, and cradled me in his arms, like a child; he was quite strong for a thirteen year old. I welcomed the absence of the ground underneath my feet, the feeling of being kept whole by Jacob's arms, and feebly wound my arms around his shoulders, and took to sobbing softly against the curve of his neck. I must have blacked out from grief and fatigue, because the last thing I remembered seeing was Jacob's front door opening...


I woke up, feeling as though I had been trampled by a herd of cattle. Everything imaginable ached, but most of it seemed to stem from a now gaping hole in my chest, where my heart had been. His face was the first thing I pictured, his cries for help the first sound-recollection I called forth. Suddenly, with a strength I did not consciously have when I first stirred to wake, I had sat bolt upright, only to have two big, strong hands grasp my shoulders firmly, but not uncomfortably.

"Araea...you're awake. Are you alright?" Billy Black's soothing voice asked.

"Where's Andrew? Did you find him?" My hands gripped the sofa cushions beside me, nails digging into the fabric. My breathing was quickening again, and my lungs still felt raw and overexerted.

"Araea, I really need you to calm-"

"WHERE IS HE?!" I tried to stand up, but Billy's hold held me down to the couch.

He stared at me for a couple of seconds, probably gauging whether or not it would be safe to release me. Once he did, however, he reached into his back pocket and produced a scrap of white fabric stained with-

"I'm sorry, Araea, he-"

"No..." I crumbled to pieces again, my torso falling forward onto my thighs, my arms going limp at my sides. I shook with dry sobs, for I must have cried all the tears my body could carry last night. I knew it, deep down inside; so why did it shock me so, to see the scrap of Andrew's shirt dyed scarlet with his own blood?

I could have shrieked and thrashed around as I had just hours before, but my body had shut down in response to the finality of it all: my baby brother was indeed, gone.

And nothing I did could bring him back to me.

I heard Billy sigh, and then felt his big, but kind hand rest upon my shoulder soothingly. "Your mother will be here in an hour or two to pick you up...until then, you should rest..." Completely drained of any energy required to form any sort of response, I simply slumped over onto my left side, and curled into a fetal position, continuing to sob like a child, and appearing as one as well. Before I blacked out again, I felt a single, solitary tear slide down from the corner of my right eye, over the bridge of my nose, and onto my cheek...


"-cannot deny what is happening, Billy, my son, for god's sake, MY SON, is dead, and we both know why!"

"Analli, I assure you, it was an accident, it was never supposed to happen, it is indeed a most serious breach of the treaty-"

"There you go again, with that damn treaty! Billy, when are you going to realize that they are ANIMALS, incapable of being held down by such bullshit as treaties! It was only a matter of time before something like this happened, and now that it has, it will happen much more! I've had enough, I want out of this town, I want out of this life-"

"Be reasonable, Analli, you can't run from fate. This life is embedded in your ancestry and is therefore embedded in you, in your daughter-"

"NO! I WON'T HAVE IT, BILLY! SHE WILL NOT BECOME ONE! If I have to drag her halfway across the world to keep her from it, so be it!"

"You can't uproot her life here, Analli! It will only upset her even further than she already is!"

Silence. Two seconds.

"I will do whatever it takes to keep what remains of my family safe. I should have done this years ago when..."


"Analli, I'm-"

"No. Don't. I don't want to hear it. I'm done discussing this, Billy. I've made up my mind. You can't change it."

It took me about 5 seconds to realize that I was not dreaming - that I was actually overhearing a conversation between my mother and Billy Black. Within another 2 seconds, I felt my mother's small hand on my cheek. "Araea. Wake up. We're leaving."

Groggily, I opened my eyes and pushed myself into a sitting position. "Where are we going?"

Her hazels eyes, that were so much like my own, pierced into me fiercely. "Anywhere but here."

She grabbed onto my wrist and tugged with unexpected strength; I, however, resisted. "No."

She whipped her head around so quickly, I was surprised I did not hear something crack. "What did you just say?" Her voice was a thin whisper, but it was loaded with authority.

"I don't want to leave..."

I didn't have enough time to anticipate her face coming so close to mine, and so I twitched away from her when she was practically touching my nose with hers. "I don't care what you WANT, we are LEAVING, and that's that, now COME ON!" Every inflection was a deep hiss that was most unladylike, and caused a shiver to run all over my body. She tugged even harder on my wrist, successfully pulling me away from the couch and onto my feet. "No-what the-stop it! Stop!" I was still too drained from the night before, and any attempt I made to release myself from her grip was completely futile. I stared pleadingly at Billy, not daring to ask him verbally to help, but hoping he could sense the urgency in my gaze and would come to my aid. However, with sad eyes that were undoubtedly glistening with suppressed tears, he turned away from me and went back into his room, closing the door. Desperation clawed through my body again, not so much unlike how I had felt not too long ago in the forest, and I began panting in fear yet again. We were already out the door, when I remembered I had one, last hope.

"JACOB! JACOB, HELP!" I had no idea where he was; I hadn't seen him since I blacked out in his arms. I prayed that he had been in his room the entire time, sleeping just as I had, or simply just giving me some space and time to myself.

And then there he was, in the doorway, staring after me with wide eyes, mouth slightly agape. It took him just two seconds to register the situation, and he came running out after me, grabbing my outstretched hand and pulling me away from my mother - I was eternally grateful for Jacob's abnormal strength.

My mother, who was just inches away from the car door, rounded on him, an unfathomably horrid scowl upon her face. She pursed her lips and clenched her hands into fists as though she was trying to control herself, to restrain herself from smacking him across the face, or hitting him in any way. After a deep breath, she said "Get back inside, Jacob, this doesn't concern you."

"Yes it does," he replied defiantly, now holding me against him. "I was there last night, Ms. Summers. I was involved, and therefore-"

"It. Doesn't. Concern. You." She said slowly, deathly...

"If you're taking her away because you blame her for his death, then you're-"

"IT DOESN'T CONCERN YOU, JACOB! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, YOU STUPID CHILD! NOW GO BACK INSIDE!" I flinched at the volume of her voice, at the apparent hostility of her words, but Jacob was a much stronger person than I emotionally, and was not easily fazed by her eruption. He stared defiantly back, and slowly released me. "Whatever your reason, she doesn't deserve this. You will be sorry."

My mother half sneered, half snarled at Jacob as she grabbed my shoulder forcefully, opened the back door of the car and shoved me in, in one fluid motion.


In light of my removal from the place I had been born and raised in, the last and only place that tied me to my now dead brother, I had a renewed sense of strength, and refused to give up without a fight. In that moment, I didn't care that this house, that forest was stained with the memory of Andrew's death. All I knew was that if I were anywhere but here, I would be ten times more miserable than I was right now; I would not have Jacob by my side, to help me, as he had for almost a decade of our lives...

The door was shut unceremoniously in my face, muffling my screams. I attempted to open the door, but it was equipped with a child lock, and wildly threw myself over to the other door in what I knew was a hopeless attempt to escape - that door was child locked as well. I took to returning to the left-hand window, pressing my palms against it and sobbing as I stared at Jacob on the other side. He stood helplessly in the same spot, expressing quite clearly, overwhelming hatred and torment.

Then out of the blue, something absolutely unique and incredible happened..

Don't worry, Araea. This isn't the end. It isn't over.

Jacob? As I thought it in my head, I felt it echo in his own mind, and saw what must have been the same look of shock and disbelief on my face, mirrored in his.

What's happening? How can we- The engine started, and I turned to see my mother putting the car in reverse, pulling out of the driveway.

Araea! I'm sorry! I wish I could do more to help you! I swear, I'll find you, come back to you, somehow, I don't know how yet, but I will!

The response that I thought did not go through - I knew this because his thoughts were coming through to me as if they were from a badly tuned stereo, and I thought, surely, he must be hearing the same from me. I deduced that the strange, fleeting occurrence in which allowed us to share a mind, had extinguished.

For what felt like the twentieth time in the past 12 hours, I was burned out of any and all energy, and fell back onto the stiff cushions of the backseat, crying myself silently back to sleep.