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The Edge

What if Alice never saw Bella jump? Will Bella ever be able to let go of Edward? theedge22.jpg The Egde image by hatchick113

Bella continues life in Forks with out Edward. Jacob has picked up the pieces, will she finally realize he is there for her? Will she ever be able to let go of Edward?

11. Chapter 11

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It was dark; the sky was clouded over, obscuring the moon and stars. Wind whipped violently at my hair, stinging my eyes and causing wave after wave of shivers to ripple through my body. Edward stood about 15 feet in front of me, his back to the edge of the cliff. One hand placed over his silent heart and the other outstretched toward a giant, russet wolf. Pain covered both of their expressions as they waited patiently for my response. I screamed into the wind but the sound was quickly carried away with the gusts that swept around me. Tears sprung to my eyes as I silently pleaded with Edward; I had to make him understand! I couldn’t pick! I wouldn’t sacrifice one for the other!

Recognition slid over his pain stricken face and he took two steps toward me. He turned slightly, meeting Jacob’s eyes and nodded once. Edward came to my side and took me in his arms, pressing my tear stained cheek to his chest. He bowed his head to Jacob, and the huge wolf began to step backward toward the edge of the cliff. I struggled against Edward’s grasp, kicking and flailing myself against his stone body but it was no use. He wouldn’t release his arms from around me. I screamed at him; at Jacob, but my cries went unanswered. I collapsed to my knees then; Edwards’s arms still surrounding me, and watched as the wolf disappear over the edge to his certain death below. Rain began to pelt my face as I lay in a heap at Edward’s feet. It was icy and painful as it cut into my face. My body was numb from the cold; my heart was numb from the pain.

I emerged from my nightmare as Edward’s hands gently caressed my face. Concern and torment distorted his beautiful features as he studied my tear filled eyes. I shook my head slowly and concentrated on breathing. “Bella, what happened?” His voice was pleading for an answer. My eyes filled with tears as my reality finally sunk in. I groped wildly at his shirt, his arms, his neck, as a fresh wave of sobs crushed down upon me.

My head was throbbing when I finally awoke the next day. My eye lids scratched against my eyes like sand paper with each blink. And my chest; it felt like someone had actually ripped through my body and wrenched my heart out. Ghostly, distant memories tore through my mind as I felt the newly opened hole throb painfully in my chest. Edward’s cool hands were on my face, touching my cheeks lightly. “Bella, Love, are you ok? Are you better now?” His eyes scrutinized every inch of my face, searching for some sign of pain.

“I’m fine, Edward.” I lied. I just needed some time. My heart would heal; after all, Edward was my love.

“Bella, I can tell that you’re hurting, I’m not blind.” His eyes were pleading with mine now. “I just hope you’ve made the right decision.”

“It’s fine. I love you. This is right.” I slipped my hand over his, sending an ice cold chill through my body. I could hear Charlie down stair and I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to get some space; clear my head. “I really need to get going though; Charlie is going to burn the kitchen down if I don’t go help him.” Edward’s face fell and he slowly picked himself up off the bed.

“Alright Bella; I’ll be back in an hour to pick you up. Alice is dying to see you.” His brow drew together above his golden eyes.

“Ok, I’d like that.” I smiled at him. He ran his hand through his bronze hair and crossed the room to the window. He looked at me and opened his mouth slightly as if he was going to say something. His jaw quivered, and then closed. In one swift motion he was leaning over me, pressed his cool lips to my forehead, and then disappeared out my open window.

My mind was blank and my heart was cold as I made my way downstairs. “Bella, I have to go into the station today; not really sure when I’ll be back. You’ll be ok by yourself?” He eyed me up and down; he still didn’t know about Edward or Jake and I’s little break up last night.

“Yeah, Dad, I’ll be fine. Have fun at work.” I kissed him lightly on the cheek and handed him his jacket.

“Ok, Bells. See you tonight.” He stepped out the door and shut it tightly behind him. I sulked around the kitchen for a few moments, wiping off the kitchen table and the open counter spaces, and finally headed up stairs to take a shower.

The water did little to ease my pains; if anything it simply made me focus more on my screwed up reality. I could already feel myself becoming numb; becoming the old, broken Bella from my days before Jacob had pieced me back together. Why? Why was I become that girl again? Edward was back, he loved me and he wasn’t going to leave again. Nothing was making sense! I loved Edward; as evidenced by my complete and utter collapse when he left. My eyes stung with angry tears. “Why?!” I screamed out loud slamming my fists against the slick tile wall over and over again; the sound reverberated off of the hard surfaces surrounding me, coming back to sting my ears. I stopped; just the sound of water droplets hitting the tub beneath my feet. My mind worked slowly, carefully. I knew why; I knew exactly why. I just wasn’t able to admit it to myself.

A nock interrupted me from my thoughts, or more accurately, the numb stupor I had fallen into. I took my jacket from the coat hanger next to the door and shrugged into it before answering the door. Edward greeted me with a quick peck on the cheek and slipped his hand into mine, guiding me down to his car. Rain fell softly as we drove to the familiar house. It had been so long since I had been here; since I had seen his family. Memories of my 18th birthday assaulted my mind as I though back to the last time I had been there surrounded by his family. What a mess that was. It had drastically altered my life. I would never be that same girl no matter how hard I tried. I would forever have a chip on my shoulder; I was jaded. My view of love had changed from the pristine ecstasy I had once known to something completely different. Love was something I wasn’t even sure I wanted anymore.

The car door opened as Edward’s hand once again found mine. I took a deep breath before climbing out. This was my reunion; my homecoming in a sense. I suddenly became very self-conscious and shy; what if they didn’t like me anymore? Edward seemed to have sensed my apprehension, “Bella, Love, you’ll be fine.” He leaned in slowly and touched his lips lightly to mine. Their cool sweetness flooded my lungs as I breathed in deep and allowed myself to kiss him back. Edward giggled quietly, “Alice is getting impatient.” We walked, hand in hand, up the short path to the house.

We had barely made it into the house when Alice came bounding down the stairs towards us. She hit my chest like I ton of bricks as she embraced me around the waist. She squealed with joy as she spun us around in a circle; finally holding me at arms’ length at which time my lungs filled with her sweet scent. Her eyes raked me up and down a few times, her brow furrowing slightly; she was probably disappointed that my sense of fashion had not improved at all while she was gone. She shrugged once and pulled me back to her in a bone crushing hug. “Oh, Bella, I’ve missed you so much!” Her soprano voice tinkled like a thousand little bells, and I hugged her back. I had my best friend back. At that my stomach lurched; at least I had one of my best friends back. The other was 20 minutes away down at La Push. He may as well been on the other side of the world. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the moment.

Esme and Carlisle entered the room next; their kind smiles making me feel more at home every second. Alice released her grasp just as Esme placed her arms around me in a warm, well, cool, embrace. “Welcome back, Bella.” She coed in my ear.

“Bella.” Carlisle nodded over Esme’s shoulder. I gave him the best smile I could muster, although I’m sure it looked more like a grimace than anything. I was feeling very overwhelmed at the moment, and I was thankful when Edward stepped in and toted me off to the low, white couch across the room. I gave him an apologetic look but he simply smiled back at me. Alice curled up and the love seat across from the couch and began the barrage of question she had surly been thinking up since the moment I had taken Edward back.

“So, Bella, how are you? How’s Charlie? René? What about our friends from high school? Are Angela and Ben still together? Is Jessica still a stuck-up bit-?”

“Alright, Alice, calm down. You’re overwhelming her. She’s not going anywhere; just let her adjust for a while.” Once again Edward had saved me.

“Oh Edward, you’re such a killjoy.” She glared at him. “Bella is my best friend and I’m dying to know what I’ve been missing out on.” She pouted, jutting her bottom lip out slightly. I couldn’t help but giggle at her slight overreaction; it was typical Alice.

“Well, I’ve been…ok. Charlie is doing well; René, well she’s as harebrained as ever. Angela and Ben are still together and going strong; they might as well be making wedding plans.” I smiled at her, “And yes, Jessica Stanley is still as unsavory as ever.” I decided to leave out the part how all but two of my friend had completely crossed over to the “I hate Bella” side; the Lauren side.

“Oh, Bella, I wish I hadn’t missed out! I really do!” Her pouty face returned.

“Trust me; you really weren’t missing out on much.” I though back to my personal dark ages and shivered.

Edward tensed beside me, his brow furrowing slightly. “Oh, Bella, I nearly forgot. There is someone you still have to meet.” He had barely finished his sentence when I heard the back door open and close quickly. I gave him a confused look as he stood up and turned toward the back door. I shifted on the couch until I saw what he was looking at. My jaw dropped. Coming around the corner, walking just a few paces behind Jasper, was the most gorgeous creature I had ever laid eyes on; I suddenly became extremely unsecure once again. She was tall, a few inches taller than me at least, and thin, but extremely curvaceous; her legs seemed to go on for miles. Deep, chocolate brown hair hung in loose curls that framed her face and flowed to her lower back. It shimmered and swished with every perfect movement she made as she approached our little group. It made my hair look even more dull and boring than it normally did. She was dressed in tight dark wash jeans and a simple white baby fit t-shirt. She had high cheek bones and a petite nose, full heart shaped lips and a small chin. Dimples puckered her perfect cheeks on either side of her perfect mouth. Her eyebrows were well defined over her eyes which were spaced just a touch farther apart than conventional beauty would have it; and that’s where I stopped. I couldn’t pull my eyes from her’s as I sat dumbfounded on the couch. Her eyes were a murky red color; it was as if she had been wearing gold colored contacts over her original red colored irises.

“Bella,” I jumped at the sound of his voice. “This is Nicole.” The girl smiled warmly down at me. “She has been living with us for the past few months.” I tried to smile but I couldn’t. There were so many emotions running through my body; confusion, fear, jealousy, disappointment, and betrayal. I just stared at her.

“Hello.” Her voice was lower than I Alice’s; a velvety, rich alto tone.

“Um, hi.” It was silent; and extremely awkward.

“So, we were just headed out; I was going to take Nicole to see the new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Would anyone care to join us?” Jasper asked tentatively. The mood lightened slightly and I recognized Jasper’s special ‘gift’ at work.

“That’s ok Jazz, I think we’ll stay here and catch up. You two have fun!” Alice chimed back at him.

“Ok, we’ll see you all later then.” He eyed Edward before continuing his way across the room to the kitchen and then to the garage.

“Good bye, Edward, Alice. It was nice to meet you Bella.” Nicole smiled at me once more before turning to follow after Jasper.

My mind was still fuzzy for a few moments after she had left. I couldn’t think of anything to say; I just sat there, wide eyed and jaw hanging open. I hardly felt Edward’s hand on my shoulder as he tried to capture my attention. “Bella. Bella?”

“Huh? Yeah. What?” I shook my head and tried to focus on his golden eyes.

“So, what did you think?” He seemed uneasy.

“Um, well she seemed nice I guess. I don’t even know her, Edward.” I said shyly, my voice barely above a whisper. “Why?”

“No reason. She’s just been very excited to meet you.” He smiled at me. Ha. I’m sure she was excited to meet me. I was human; I had blood. Something, it seemed, that she didn’t mind drinking. I stared at him, confusion creeping into my eyes.

“Why were her eyes red?” He sighed slowly.

“You noticed? Well, she’s relatively new, if you know what I mean. It takes a while for our bodies to use up all of our human blood after we’ve been changed, but don’t worry; she is as committed to the ‘vegetarian’ diet as the rest of us.”

“Oh…” Was all I could manage. An odd feeling of jealousy and regret swept over me and I immediately wanted to go home; to be alone. “Edward, would you mind taking me home now? I’m not feeling very well.” His face fell a little at my request but he agreed. We quickly said goodbye to Alice, Esme, and Carlisle and were soon back in the car traveling slowly down the winding road.

The car ride home was deadly silent; neither one of us spoke a word until Edward parked the car in front of my little disheveled house. Edward took my hand in his, an odd freaked out look spread across his face; a look I couldn’t quite place. I just stared back at him, confused and a little afraid. “Bella, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you want to stay longer? Alice really misses you; she was really looking forward to spending the day with you.” His eyes were pleading; I just wanted to get away.

“I told you, I’m not feeling very well. I think I just need to get some more sleep.” I unbuckled my seat belt and started climbing out of the car; he was around the car, helping me out before I had even noticed him let go of my hand.

“Well, feel better, Love. Can I bring you something? Soup? Chocolate?” He was starting to sound a little desperate.

“No, really, I’ll be fine,” I reached up on my tip toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “I’ll call you later.” I shuffled off quickly toward my front door; I could feel his eyes on my back as I trudged up the steps and fumbled to open the door. I closed the door behind me and hung up my jacket as I felt the tears come. All I wanted right now was Jacob.

Jacob’s Point of View

Hitting rock bottom is kind of like the turning point right? You can only go up from there, right? Well, who ever told you that lied.