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The Edge

What if Alice never saw Bella jump? Will Bella ever be able to let go of Edward? theedge22.jpg The Egde image by hatchick113

Bella continues life in Forks with out Edward. Jacob has picked up the pieces, will she finally realize he is there for her? Will she ever be able to let go of Edward?

7. Chapter 7

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Bella’s Point of View

I woke up with a start, cold sweat coating my forehead and neck. The wind swelled through my open window; swirling the curtains violently. My sheets were tangled around my legs and my comforter had fallen to the floor. I took a few steadying breaths; it was only a dream. I wasn’t sure if I had been screaming or not but I hoped I hadn’t woken Charlie. The darkness engulfed my room, surrounding me and I checked the clock; it was a little past two in the morning. My legs slowly untangled themselves from the sheets and I leaned down to grab my comforter off the floor. I guess my luck had finally run out.

As I sat there alone in the dark room my mind retraced the nightmare. It was familiar, one I had been haunted by over a dozen times. I was wandering around a sea of ferns in a little meadow, but this time instead of wandering without a purpose I was looking for something; someone. I searched for what seemed like hours and finally the light began to fade from the sky, all but disappearing into the western horizon. I became frantic, running across the little clearing but never quite able to reach the tree line. My knees crumpled as I met the ground in a heap and cried, frustrated with myself for not being stronger; for not being able to find him.

It was then that I felt his cool hands on my shoulders and as I looked up, tears slipping down my cheeks, I could see his beautiful, golden eyes. He helped me off the ground and took my hand, pulling me toward the forest. “Edward, wait. Just hang on a second.” I whispered, my voice not quite reaching his ears; he continued on. The forest was dark, but I could see eyes around me, yellow and glowing, they followed us. When we finally broke through the dense forest I could see out to the ocean. I recognized this place; it was the cliff where so long ago I had seen Jacobs pack members spinning through the air toward the water bellow. Where I had slipped and nearly ended it all. I looked up at Edward, his face was pained, the same excruciating look he had worn the day he left me. He gestured toward the edge of the forest and a huge russet wolf slowly appeared. I reached out and touched him, my fingers tangling in his thick, warm fur. I hugged his neck and a homey thrumming sounded from deep in his throat. He pulled away and walked to stand in front of me by Edward. Edward placed one hand on his chest and held the other out toward Jacob; his eyes still racked with pain. “What?” I mouthed, my voice still inaudible. “You can’t mean….You want me to pick? But Edward, Jacob, you don’t understand. I can’t!” Tears were pouring down my face now.Edward nodded his head once in recognition, and they began to back toward the edge of the cliff.

“NO!” I screamed.

I was awake now but the dream still tortured me. The wind still blowing through my window whipped the curtains violently against the frame. I got up slowly to close my window and that’s when I saw it. A small white envelope was laying on the floor just under the window sill, my name printed elegantly on the front. I recognized the writing immediately; it was Edward’s. I froze; he had been here, been in my room. I slid the window shut and bent down to pick up the little package. I sat down on the edge of my bed and gently pulled up on the little flap, a single piece of paper was folded neatly inside.


I realize my timing is inopportune at best, but I must see you.

Shut your window if you want me to stay away. I’ll understand.


My heart was hammering at an unsteady pace and a new sweat had broken out over my forehead and arms. Edward was back, he was in Forks, and he was probably close enough to hear my heart beating frantically against my chest. My head was spinning and I could feel the air rushing through my lungs; tiny black dots started to flash in front of my eyes. It was all I could do to stuff the note under my pillow before I was pulled into unconsciousness.

Jacob’s Point of View

Patrol was easy that night; we hadn’t found a new trail since Bella nearly killed herself on the cliffs. I ran the usual rout around her house and the surrounding area, and of course, found nothing. It seemed that we had finally scared off that crazy bloodsucker; still it made me uneasy knowing she was alive…well, existing, somewhere. Until I saw her body rendered in a purple cloud of smoke I would continue my search, as would my pack.

Nothing new here, how are you guys doing? Find any new trails? I thought, already knowing there would be nothing.

Nope, no trace of anything out here.

Not here either.

Nothing out of the ordinary on my side.

Great, another long night of sit and watch, I sighed, a low howl escaping my lips.

Jake, why don’t you get some rest? You’ve been running patrol every night for the last week. Bella is going to be fine. If anything comes up, which I’m confident it won’t, we’ll let you know right away. Sam’s voice rang out in my head, layered thick with command.

Sure thing Sam, but if you don’t mind I’m gonna go curl up by Bella’s house. I didn’t have to say how much I hated being away from her; the pack could see it in my mind.

Jacob and Bella, Sitting in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!


Laughter roared through the pack mind, each member replaying their favorite scene between Bella and me. I just rolled my eyes, I didn’t care. I was in love and happier than I had ever been.

Alright, alright, that’s enough! Sam’s voice echoed with double timber, immediately silencing the group. It was quiet then, just the sound of the forest around me and the wind rushing past my pack members as they embraced their ancient calling as protectors of the tribe; protectors of humanity.

I found I dry patch of ground under a big pine tree on the edge of Bella’s yard and curled up, tucking my nose under my tail. Soon I was dreaming, my mind creating beautiful fantasies of Bella; however my dreams never stayed in once place. They were sporadic at best, always shifting and changing. It would start with Bella and me walking down the beach, hand in hand, just talking about nothing in particular. Then suddenly I would find myself flying through the forest at great speed, racing toward an unknown destination; my muscles aching with exhaustion. Next thing I knew, I would be sitting in my kitchen talk with Billy and Rachel, something that hadn’t happened in years. There was no way to make sense of the dreams; I just took them for what they were and went along for the ride.

My dream shifted again and I found myself at a public swimming pool, the sun was beating down on my bare shoulders as my pack splashed around in front of me. I got up, laughing as I did, and flung myself into the mass of bodies, hoping I’d hit a few on my way in. As my body plunged deeper into the water I realized I had misjudged the depth of the water; I continued to sink. The further I became submerged the more my lungs burned, my oxygen supply quickly disappearing. I tried to propel myself upward toward the surface but some undisclosed force was working against me. The harder I push against it the farther I became immersed in the water. Finally, when my lungs seemed like they might explode my head broke the surface. I sputtered as water filled my mouth and nose. It burned, man did it burn! I coughed and choked trying to ride my lungs of the burning water. Someone was near me, calling my name; they must have been trying to help me but they never reached out their hand in assistance. Over and over again they called and the burning worsened by the minute, becoming unbearable. Consciousness slowly swept over me; that’s when I heard the screaming.

I jumped to my feet as my nose was assaulted again by the same sweet, burning. With my head still clouded by sleep I did my best to understand the banter going on inside my head, my legs automatically carrying me toward their location. My muscles tensed and relaxed as I flew toward my pack and I was finally able to pick up on some of the yells that were filling my mind.

Filthy Bloodsucker!

We should just take ‘em down! He’s alone anyway.

He didn’t cross the treaty line. That would be like asking him to start a war!

I shook my head vigorously. What bloodsucker? Was Victoria back? But they had said he…They couldn’t mean…

WHO?! I screamed. Sam’s voice answered, calm but full of concern.

Edward Cullen. A shudder rippled through the group. We don’t know why, exactly, or how long he plans to stay, but we have a pretty good hunch it has something to do with Bella.

I couldn’t believe it; I nearly threw up just thinking he was back. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t let him hurt her again! They were all thinking it too. Images of Bella crumpled on the forest floor, soaking wet, tears streaming down her face; Bella standing by her truck the first time she came to see me, motorcycles and all. Her skin tight over her sunken face; dark circles under her eyes. Then an image of her today entered my thoughts, hair thrown on top of her head and a little smirk playing about her full lips; blush coloring her soft cheeks. She had come such a long way. I wouldn’t let him take her down again.

Where was he? What happened? Someone should have taken him down! I roared mentally.

Jake, calm down, please. He came from the direction of their old residence. He went to Bella’s house. He was right there. We were yelling for you but your dreams kept getting in the way. He didn’t harm her, from what we can tell anyway, but he definitely went in her house. His scent led right up to her window.

By now the blood was pounding in my ears, effectively drowning out their thoughts. I couldn’t take anymore. Right there in the little open meadow I threw up the entire contents of my stomach.