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Perfect Shade of Lipstick

"Do you know what makes the best shade of lipstick?" Has nothing to do with the Cullens. 1204741731_red-spangle-lips.jpg picture by Babe7777 Banner made by the wonderfully amazing Emmett_Lover (!) UNDER RECONSTRUCTION! I've been re-working a LOt of it, in my head, so I will be changing things, some major some not so much. I reccomend re-reading once I re post the chapters. (Chapter 1 is new)


2. Chapter 1

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The Before

The experts say that vampires came into existence because of the Great Fire. That certain souls when consumed in the Fire hardened and became immune to death, that people who were strong enough walked away from the Fire cold and immortal. That the most stubborn, brave, idiotic, resilient humans were given the gift of walking the Earth for eternity. The experts are wrong. The Great Fire came into existence because of vampires. The Great Fire allowed vampires to come out of hiding, allowed them to become more than myth, allowed them to ‘live’ as they could not do before.

Twenty-five years past the 21st Century the Great Fire broke out. It started in North America spreading south; it followed the same pattern on the Eurasian continent, in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in many of the Indonesian Islands. The Fire burned everything. It was deterred by nothing, not rain, not natural barriers, not cement, not inflammable substances, not fire fighters. It burned through frozen tundra’s and desolate deserts. Scientists tried everything to stop the Fire, but were unsuccessful. The Fire was not natural, so the scientists just wasted their time trying to stop something stronger and more devastating than a natural disaster. The Fire burned because vampires wanted it to.

The Fire destroyed everything; technology, history, people, religion. It took away everything, it took away knowledge, it took away belief. After all historical accounts were destroyed surviving historians tried to record everything they could remember, but most of history was lost. Every continent lost their history, their inventions, their world. Computers were destroyed, buildings reduced to ash, records burned to nothing. Every technologic leap made in the last two millennia was lost. Cell phones, gone; computers, gone; the World Wide Web, gone; automobiles, gone; cinemas, gone; the modern world, gone. It was sad only to those who relied on technology too much. Many rejoiced in the fact that everything was gone, the fear of being taken over by machines finally erased from their minds (those silly humans in need of psychological help). But most were indifferent, not really caring about what had happened nor concerned about what could happen. To them ignorance actually was bliss. Yet, they continued as they only knew how, going about their lives as close to normal as they could manage after the destruction of everything.

The world had to start from scratch and vampires were there to lead the way. It took the world three hundred years to make it back to where it had been before. Three hundred years to rise from the ashes. What had been became the Old World, the now New. The Old World had no place for vampires, but the New World did. The vampires allowed the humans to think that the Great Fire created them, though the truth is just the opposite. Earth rose from its ashes as a phoenix does, alive and thriving in new life. Thriving, while the not quite alive help the living into death.