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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Rated Adult for Language, Scenes of Sexual Exploration, and Suggestive Content. Bella Swan has been writing songs all her life. But when her favorite singer, Evan Cullans, announces that he needs songs for his next album, Bella jumps at the chance. She sends Evan a copy of her best work under a penname. But when Evan insists that they meet, things get ... weird. What happens when Evan realizes that the girl behind the songs is really the love of his life, and Bella realizes that Evan isn't Evan at all, but really her soon - to - be husband, Edward Cullen? OOC. Definately AU. Some Lemons in later chaptes. Takes place after Eclipse and before Breaking Dawn. This is what "happens" after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Disclaimer: Stephenie owns all recognizable characters, and ALL lyrics were written by Crossfade, and I in no way intend to use their brilliant work for monetary gain! Please Read and Review!!!!!!


2. Chapter Two: The Truth

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Starless by tayler1117

Chapter Two: The Truth


I knew that Alice and Bella would be hanging out together today, but I was starting to get pissed off at the fact that Alice wouldn’t let me read her mind. She just kept reciting poems and going through all of the sexual things that she and Jasper have done in her head. It was driving me completely insane.

But I had more pressing matters on my hands. Keeping the fact that you’re an international rock star a secret is no small feat. But keeping that secret from your one true love is even more of a challenge especially when there are no secrets between the two of you.

I was running through the forest just in sight of the main road. I was finished hunting, something that I had been putting off for weeks now. But I had a huge concert tomorrow, and being thirsty in front of thousands of screaming fans is something that I can’t risk. I just wish Bella knew the truth. My life would be so much easier if she did . . .

I glanced over at the road, the first time I ever did so. And what I saw shocked me. Alice’s Porsche was right beside me, keeping up with my vampire pace. Bella was in the passenger seat, looking, no, staring at me. Her arm was in a sling. Wait. What?

The sight of Bella’s arm made me lose my concentration and I hit a tree head long.

The huge oak tree split vertically right down the middle. I on the other had didn’t have a scratch on me. I kept running, not even looking back at the tree. I glanced over at Alice again and saw that she and Bella were in fits of hysterical laughter.

Alice was slowing down, so I looked ahead and saw that the turn off for our house was straight ahead. I turned quickly to the right and began dodging more trees as I wound my way to the house. I beat Alice and Bella there, and I rushed inside the white mansion, preparing myself to rain questions on Bella the moment she walked through the door.

I settled myself on the white sofa while the sound of Alice’s engine being shut off rang through the silence. Carlisle and Emmett were at the hospital. Esme and Jasper must have been out running around, and Rosalie was out hunting.

The front door opened and Alice and Bella’s laughter reached my ears. Bella’s scent was slightly stronger than usual. Venom and saliva filled my mouth at the decadent smell, but I quickly swallowed it back down. Now was not the time for me to get overwhelmed by Bella’s scent.

Bella and Alice walked into the living room, and Bella’s laughter faltered at once. I looked at her arm that was bound up in the sling, but my eyes wandered to her hand that was protruding slightly out of the sling. It was wrapped loosely in an Ace bandage, but I could distinctly smell blood. She must have cut her hand, I thought to myself.

I got up off of the couch and walked slowly over to her. I didn’t scold her. I didn’t even say a word. I just wrapped my arms around her and held her to my chest.

“What happened, my love?” I asked her after about a minute of silence.

“I cut my hand,” she said quietly into my chest.

“And how did you do that?” I asked her, pulling her away from me slightly. I stared at her intently, but she wouldn’t answer me. I pulled her face up with my hand and asked her again. “How did you do it?”

“I was opening my lap top box with a utility knife. Then Alice knocked on the door . . .”

“Say no more,” I said, holding a finger up to her lips. At that moment Alice stopped covering up the incident in her mind and finally let me see what happened.

Alice pulled into Bella’s tiny drive way. She knocked on Bella’s front door. Bella threw the door open with one hand. Even in memory, Bella’s blood smelled delectable. Alice held her breath when the wave of thirst tried to over – come her. But Alice didn’t cringe away. She stayed strong, just like Carlisle taught us to be. Alice did all she could to help Bella until they got to the hospital, but I don’t know how Alice didn’t see this coming. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen. Maybe Alice shouldn’t have knocked on the door. But I knew that if Jasper was there, there would be a repeat of what happened on Bella’s eighteenth birthday. And I didn’t want what those events lead up to to happen again.

I knew the look on my face wasn’t pretty because Bella looked worried.

“What’s wrong, Edward?” she asked me tentatively.

“I just realized how rough of a day you’ve had,” I said, shaking my head slightly. I didn’t think that someone could go through so much in just a few short hours. I slid my hands around Bella’s waist until they rested on the small of her back and then pulled her into my chest. A faint smell of salt met my nose and I realized Bella was crying. I didn’t know if it was from the shock of everything or if it the pain medicine wore off.

I placed my cold fingers under her chin once more and lifted her head slightly so she’d look at me. Tears were running freely down her face, making its perfection, if at all, even more perfect.

“Bella, love, don’t cry,” I whispered in her ear, picking her up and cradling her in my arms. “I’m not mad at you,” I added, looking deeply into her eyes. “Do you think that I’m mad at you?”

“Now I don’t,” Bella whispered. “I thought that you’d be really pissed at me for putting my life on the line yet again. It seems like I’m always doing something hurtful to my physical being. You know none of this would happen if I was like you . . .”

“Now, Bella,” I said, looking at her with a look of pain on my face, “you know that I can’t do that to you. I don’t want to damn you to this life. You have a lot of experiences that you need to live before you become like me . . .”

“So it’s still a possibility?” Bella asked, her face lighting up.

“Maybe,” I said, thinking about what I had said. “You have a lot of experiences that you need to live before you become like me . . .” Why did I have to get her hopes up? This was something that I knew I couldn’t do. I know Carlisle was perfectly capable of turning her, but I wouldn’t be able to stop once I tasted her blood . . . But I knew that I couldn’t live with the fact that I wasn’t the one to change her.

“Bella,” Alice said, getting up from the couch. “I’m going out to the car to get your medicine. You’re going to need it in a little while.” Alice skipped out of the room, and in no time at all she was back, shaking the pill bottle almost absentmindedly. But just as Alice started to open the bottle, Bella gave a sort of muffled scream as the last of the medicine wore off.

Alice finally got the bottle open and took two horse pills out. There was a glass of water on the coffee table and Alice grabbed the half full glass and thrust both the pills and the water into Bella’s hands.

Bella gratefully took the pills and threw them into her mouth, then tipped the water down her throat. She gave a satisfactory AHH and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

I knew that it was time for me to tell Bella the truth, about who I really was, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not now. Not here. I’d wait until later. Right now I just needed to focus on getting Bella better . . .