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Bella just wants to feel weightless. From discovering something her parents kept from her whole family to her brothers death. not only to mention two groups of people are closing in on her. The very two groups she's been trying to avoid. SEQUAL TO ALL ALONE, WELL ALMOST

Hello! It's me. Now this story here is a cross over between Twilight and Mortal Instruments series!!!! Sadly i don't own either series. *tear tear* But oh well.

2. Reunion

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Edward’s P.O.V

Even though my future disappeared and we all had no idea why I was going to New York I was here. In the airport; with Alice beside me, everyone else had decided to stay behind. The thoughts of everyone around was just background noise I felt extremely close to finding something though I didn’t know what exactly.

“I see us going downtown then everything is black.” Alice informed me. I turned to her.

“Then lets go downtown,” I whispered. Hesitantly Alice nodded.

Bella’s P.O.V

“Come on slow poke!” Izzy yelled from up ahead. Just to make her mad I walked slower then I had before. Alec- who was walking behind me- laughed then leaned forward.

“I’ll walk faster if you walk faster,” he whispered. I loved Alec, almost as much as I loved Izzy. And I felt really comfortable around him because well he’s gay. In fact we were going to his boyfriend’s party right now. Magnus; who I loved as much as I loved Alec.

“No thanks,” I said.

“Come on,” Alec pleaded.

“No,” I said in a voice that meant this-conversation-is-over. Alec shut up. But what he did next shocked the heck out of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist lifted me up and began walking faster. This of course got a lot of stares from people walking by is (we didn’t feel like putting on a glamour). Jace laughed and shook his head.

“Don’t let Magnus see you two,” he called. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I turned my head to look at Alec but out of the corner of my eye I saw two familiar faces. I froze, the smile dropping from my face. Alec seemed to notice and stopped walking.

“Bells?” his voice was quiet. Everyone stopped. Izzy was by my side in a flash.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” she asked. Clary gently touched my arm in comfort. But I wasn’t paying attention. I only saw the two shocked faces.

“Put me down,” I whispered to Alec. He set me down gently, as if he was afraid I would break. Then I was sprinting across the street. Towards Edward and Alice tears of joy sliding down my cheeks as soon as I got close enough I hurled myself at them. Not at exactly Alice or Edward but right in the middle seeing which one would catch me first. It was Edward.

Edward’s P.O.V

Here she was. Bella, my Bella, was in my arms. I hugged her as tightly as I could without hurting her. Then I spun us in a circle. She was alive, well, and had friends! Though I’d have to keep an eye on this Alec guy, thoughts were basically the same from the direction of her friends; why the heck is Bella hugging a leech? And who are they?! How did they know about vampires? And what was Bella wearing?! It was probably the shortest dress I’ve ever seen! The two other girls in the group were dressed in the same style. Short dresses with fishnet stockings. I blinked. The only reason I put Bella down was because Alice’s thoughts were becoming impatient, and she was becoming hostile. I put Bella down and she was immediately swept into a big hug from Alice. Finally she put Bella down. But before I could claim her as my own again all of Bella’s friends were in front of her. How did the move that fast? Humans couldn’t run all the way across the street in a blink of an eye. Alec held Bella close to him while everyone else (who I don’t know the names of) stood protectively in front of them. The other boy was in the front. His thoughts filled with venom. From the sound of it he felt like Bella was his little sister.

“Who are you?” he asked. He was reaching for his pocket (which he had a lot of) like he was going to grab something. But it didn’t look like he had anything in there. The girl next to him-a small petite red head- grabbed his hand stopping him.

“Alice Cullen, this is my brother Edward,” Alice said calmly. Everyone’s face filled with understanding. Alec let go of his grip on Bella’s arm. She pushed through the crowd of friends and wrapped her arms around my waist. Then I noticed strange black marks covering almost every inch of Bella’s skin. Same with all her friends, she seemed to notice my stare because she grabbed my hand and told me she’d explain.

“Hey, guys go on without me. Alec give Magnus a kiss for me,” she said with a wink. Alec blushed but nodded.

“I think I should go with you just in case,” the girls with long black hair said. Bella stared for a long moment at the girl.

“Alright Izzy,” she sighed. Bella looked at me, her eyes suddenly full of sorrow.

“How’s the rest of your family?” she whispered as she began leading me down the street.

“Well, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be ok.” I sighed. She laughed.

“Let’s cut through the alley, it’ll be quicker.” Izzy said suddenly. Bella thought before answering. Then she nodded her head. Then, she let go of my hand and began walking forward next to Izzy. I was honestly scared out of my mind. What if Bella told us to leave her alone? What if she told us she was better off without us? I know she hugged me and Alice but that just could’ve been as pity, or she felt bad for leaving us a year ago. But I wasn’t going to let her go. I finally have her in my grasp. I was so deep in thought I didn’t notice something was wrong till Izzy yelped in surprise. I look ahead and saw something I’ve never seen before. What is that?! Both Alice and I thought at the same time. Bella was in front of it in a flash ready to strike.