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Bella just wants to feel weightless. From discovering something her parents kept from her whole family to her brothers death. not only to mention two groups of people are closing in on her. The very two groups she's been trying to avoid. SEQUAL TO ALL ALONE, WELL ALMOST

Hello! It's me. Now this story here is a cross over between Twilight and Mortal Instruments series!!!! Sadly i don't own either series. *tear tear* But oh well.

3. Shadowhunters

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Bella’s P.O.V

“Ugh, how could we not see this happening?” I asked as I began wiping demon blood off of my arm.

“I don’t quiet know, though nice save. You kicked butt.” Izzy said as she ran a brush through her long hair.

“Naturally, note to self; don’t take short cuts through an alley.” I said. Izzy laughed. Edward and Alice stood in the corner of my room. I was glad they weren’t like Simon; they could actually come in the institute.

“Note to self; don’t listen to Izzy, I added in an after thought. Izzy gasped than made a move to hit me. I stepped swiftly out of the way then tackled her. We both fell to the ground laughing. Alice cleared her throat. As I looked up I saw Edward restraining himself from pulling Izzy away from me. I almost laughed remembering when we were attacked in the alley and Edward had freaked out and ran over Alice to get to me then how he would’ve run over Izzy if she hadn’t grabbed his arm and stopped him (yes she was able to do that because us shadowhunters are freakishly strong).

“Oh, you want an explanation now don’t you?” I asked Alice and Edward. I stood up and pulled them over to my bed. Then I cautiously slid closer to Edward and grabbed his hand. I hopped he remembered that I loved him, and I hopped that he still loved me. He smiled slightly and squeezed my hand.

“I’m a shadowhunter, I hunt demons,” I said. Both Alice and Edward stared shocked, and confused. I sighed.

“We have weapons, and runes. Which is what you see all over my arms, they help my balance, weapon ability, hearing, sight, and so much more, we also have this rune where if we get hurt we can draw it on and we get healed!” I said. I was speaking in such a high pitched voice and so fast I’m surprised they understood.

“How come we’ve never heard of shadowhunters?” Alice said.

“And how come you never knew you weren’t a shadowhunter? How’d you become one? Was Dominic one too?” Edward asked.

“I was born one, though some shadowhunters are born without the sigh-Dominic was too- and the sight is where you see Downworlders. That’s why James was hunting us, he wants to get ride of our kind and he knew my parents were shadowhunters. And since we didn’t have the sight and we didn’t know how to fight he chose us! And you guys are different vampires from the ones these guys know so they’ve never heard of you either!” I said. Izzy nodded in agreement to the last thing.

“How come I could see you’re future before but now I can’t?” Alice asked. I thought for a second before answering.

“You probably can’t see the runes, which I have all over me so,” I shrugged. Alice nodded, thinking. I turned to Edward and saw him looking directly at me. Then he asked the question I didn’t want him to ask.

“Why did you leave?” he whispered.

“Because, I was punishing myself from not protecting Dominic, so I took myself away from the only other people I loved.” I whispered.

“I love you too,” Edward whispered back.

Edward’s P.O.V

She loves me! I was so happy not even the disturbing thoughts from Bella’s friend bugged me, well at least for the next few seconds.