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Bella just wants to feel weightless. From discovering something her parents kept from her whole family to her brothers death. not only to mention two groups of people are closing in on her. The very two groups she's been trying to avoid. SEQUAL TO ALL ALONE, WELL ALMOST

Hello! It's me. Now this story here is a cross over between Twilight and Mortal Instruments series!!!! Sadly i don't own either series. *tear tear* But oh well.

4. Red eyes

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Bella’s P.O.V

Edward pulled back from my hug, and he seemed to be searching my body for scars or something.

“What are you doing silly?” I asked.

“But, her thoughts, you should be dead,” Edward choked gesturing to Izzy. I turned to glare at her.

‘I’m just showing him what you do on a daily basis. He deserves to know Bell.” She said. I nodded, it was true. I fought demons for a living. There was always a chance I wouldn’t make it. Edward seemed to think the same because he pulled me close to him. I sighed. Then pulled away, ignoring his noise of protest.

“Can I see the rest of your family?” I asked. After a second of thought Edward nodded.

Some time later at the airport with Bella, Edward, and Alice,

I was in strong embraces. All of the Cullen’s were here; all of them (except Rose) were taking turns hugging me. Currently Emmett was hugging me. After a tear filled reunion (well not really the Cullen’s don’t cry so it was just me crying) we went to the hotel all the Cullen’s decided to stay at. We were all sitting in their room having a good time that is till Rosalie lost it.

“How could you be so selfish?!” Rosalie yelled surprising everyone.

“How was I being selfish?!” I yelled back.

“You left all of my family broken when you just up and left!” Rose snarled. Edward stepped forward and opened his mouth to yell at her but I cut him off.

“SELFISH?! It hurt me just as much as it hurt them if not more! I left behind my first real best friend! And her family which no matter how annoying you just can help but love them! I left my first true love, the one person who made me feel pretty, loved, protected, and wanted! So don’t talk like I’m the only one who suffered this whole year!” I screamed before storming away. I tried to leave but Rose tackled me. I turned around, big mistake Blondie I thought. All of the Cullen’s gasped and before Edward could come over and pull Rose off of me we were fighting. If she were human she would’ve been dead, I was beating on her that much. Rose twisted in my death hold on her and decked me right in the gut. Oh, she was so dead.

“Witch!” ok, so I didn’t say witch but I’ll look a lot better if we just stick with me saying witch. Then Edward was pulling me up. It took all my control not to fight my way out of his grip (which I so could’ve). But I didn’t because after living with 2 guys for a year I’ve come to realize that guys hate it when they get beat by a girl.

“Let go of me Emmett!” Rose screeched. I sighed. Then I stepped away from Edward his arms trying to pull me back but I shrugged him away and began walking towards the door. All of the Cullen’s sensed that I wanted to be left alone. I walked downstairs and made it all the way outside before more bad luck happened. I froze; there standing in front of the hotel was James and Victoria.

“What are you doing here? Honestly if you want to take me out, you have another thing coming.” I snapped. Both of them smirked and James shook his head.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” James said. Then both James and Victoria stepped aside to revel…. Dominic. My blood ran cold, he was my little brother. He was a vampire. He didn’t have golden eyes like the Cullen’s, his eyes were blood red.