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Bella just wants to feel weightless. From discovering something her parents kept from her whole family to her brothers death. not only to mention two groups of people are closing in on her. The very two groups she's been trying to avoid. SEQUAL TO ALL ALONE, WELL ALMOST

Hello! It's me. Now this story here is a cross over between Twilight and Mortal Instruments series!!!! Sadly i don't own either series. *tear tear* But oh well.

6. How?!

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Bella’s P.O.V

Liquor burns my tongue
It stings to count to three and look to see a hand upon your waist
But he holds you like he should
Graceful, gliding, glimpse of a lover's kiss
Another round of ale, an I don't believe this

Movements of a demigod
We're caught in a waltz and hope we dance forever
A dream from which we'll never part
And awake from your arms, I'd neevr, ever

He whispers in your ear
From what it seems it turns you on
Sends shivers down your back, like the violin runs
graceful, gliding, glimpse of a lover's touch
I can dance with my gloves on, I think this has gome far enough

Watch your steps and count to three

Stare across the room with careful scurtiny
Assess the situation
Proof is what I need, to show that I'm a man
I know just what I want, and have the liquid confidence to show her what I've got
The man that never care, that never bottled up and hid from all the feelings that je jad, and all the
things he never did
I stop my slurring speech and expect the best reply
"will you dance befoe the night ends, just one more time?"
Adrenaline, the confirmation, losing to the charm. In my arms

“Gah!” I yelled as Izzy hit me square in the chest. We were training while one of my favorite songs (Dublin Waltz by Monty Are I) played in the background for inspiration. Ever since the whole Dominic thing I was a mess, I mean sure I was up and about but I was usually miles away (mentally that is). This worried the Cullen’s while it upset my other family. They kicked my training into full gear. And when I use to give Jace a run for his money (he’s the best shadowhunter our age) I was losing to the worst of shadowhunters now. I groaned in pain and let myself fall backwards onto the ground. Izzy growled and pulled me to my feet.

“Snap out of it Swan! You’re better then this! I mean come on! If you ever bump into James or Victoria again the how are suppose to defend yourself?! Do you want to turn out like Dominic?!” Izzy screeched. That hit a nerve. I stood still for a few seconds before I was beating the living daylight out of her. Izzy let out a yelp of surprise before she was fighting back. I still won with ease though. In the end Izzy laid on the ground beaten to a pulp while I stood glaring down at her.

“Even if I became a vamp I would never kill humans.” I snapped before storming out, not even caring if Izzy couldn’t move to heal herself on her own. I managed to get out into the hall before I burst into tears. I slid down the wall crying (like in those cliché chick flick movies). I heard foot steps before I felt the cold arms wrap around me. I looked into Edward’s worried eyes. I didn’t say anything I just buried my face into his shoulder. When I finished my sob fest I stood up, pulling Edward with me. I went back to the training room to find Izzy trying to bring her stele to her skin but she couldn’t because her hand was shaking too much. I walked over and gently pulled it out of her hands and drew a healing ruin onto her arm. When she was completely healed I pulled her into a hug. I knew she got it even though no words were exchanged between us.

It wasn’t till weeks later something eventful happen. I had gone out to get something to eat (Edward was with me of course, he wouldn’t let me leave the institute without him) and I ran into them. Now I don’t really need to spell out who they are do I? And they had Dominic with them. As soon as Edward saw them he pushed me behind him. I stood there for a few seconds in shock then I was immediately sprinting forward. I attacked James while Edward took on Victoria, I don’t know how that fight ended because within 10 minutes I heard Edward yell my name before darkness took over my vision.

I opened my eyes and saw blackness. Then I hear arguing. It wasn’t something that I wasn’t use to. For a minute I was a little girl hiding in her room to get away from her parents arguing though I could still hear them through the walls, barely able to make out there words but could distinctly hear the raised voices. The reality hit, I wasn’t a little girl, and my parents were dead. But then… how could I hear their raised voices through the wall?