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Bella just wants to feel weightless. From discovering something her parents kept from her whole family to her brothers death. not only to mention two groups of people are closing in on her. The very two groups she's been trying to avoid. SEQUAL TO ALL ALONE, WELL ALMOST

Hello! It's me. Now this story here is a cross over between Twilight and Mortal Instruments series!!!! Sadly i don't own either series. *tear tear* But oh well.

7. Well then...

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Edward’s P.O.V

I can’t believe it. I’d lost her. I’d lost my Bella, I deserved to die. I can’t believe it. She’s been missing three days now. Everyone was a wreck. And mad at me. I’d let them get her. Heck, I was even mad at myself. When were we going to find her?! I sat on the floor of the institute; I hadn’t left her room once. Even though everyone sent out search parties, taking turns. I couldn’t find the strength. I mean the first time was bad, but this was worse, she didn’t leave; she was taken.

Bella’s P.O.V

“Bella, you’re much to skinny.” My mom said. Yes my mom. My whole family was alive. Well not really alive but vampires.

“Screw you,” I said angrily as I turned away. My mom stared in shock; I’d never spoken to her like this before. Ever.

“Isabella, don’t talk to your mother like that!” my dad said. Both Dominic and my sister raised their eyebrows. My sister’s name was Lacey and my parent’s names were Renee and Charlie.

“Charlie, I have no parents, they left me and my younger brother who just recently died.” I snapped. They looked absolutely untouched, even Dominic but Lacey looked so guilty it wasn’t even funny.

“Bella…” Lacey started but was cut off by Renee.

“Watch your tongue young lady!” she snapped.

“Or what? You’ll ground me. Good luck. I’m a legal adult and honestly I could take you.” I said as cold as possible. Which for me it’s considered freezing. All of my family froze. In a quick motion I moved so I was standing up. Then I managed to get to the door without getting caught.

“BELLA!” my brother yelled in a desperate voice. Don’t look back, they’ll just catch you. Dominic is just trying to get your defense down. I made my way to the door. Pushing it open I ran out. I saw my bag sitting on the ground. As I ran past it I scooped it up and pulled out me cell phone. I had like 20 missed calls. I hit talk and called the last person who called. It was Edward.

“Bella!” Edward answered on the first ring.

“I’m heading to Central Park.” I managed to wheeze out then I hung up and began running in the direction of the park. I guess while I was sleeping the vamps hadn’t tried to feed me anything or get any fluids into my system. Because by the time I reached the park I was about to faint. I stumbled over to the park bench and just sat down. Heck, if my family came to take me back again I wouldn’t even put up a fight. But luck was on my side because I saw Izzy sprinting full speed towards me. Edward right behind her, trying to look like he was a normal human instead of a super speedy vampire; I managed to give them all a big smile before I let the dizziness take over and I fainted.

Edward’s P.O.V

I sighed and pulled Bella closer to myself. She has no idea how much she scared me when we had finally found her. She’d smiled at us like there was no problem in the world the just fell forward. When she did that I didn’t care if anyone was watching. I ran full speed and caught her before she could hit the concrete ground.

And now here I was 24 minutes later. As soon as we got her home everyone had either tried to make her something to eat or see how she was. It was rather hectic. I of course throughout all the chaos I had sat, clutching Bella to me like I would never let go. Who knows, I might.

‘Edward, she’s going to wake up soon,” Alice said sitting next to me. I looked down anxiously at Bella before nodding.

“Is there and edible food made for her when she wakes up?” I asked. Alice laughed then thought; I’ll go check. Then Bella began to wake up.

“Edward?!” she whimpered.