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Perfectly Broken

When Edward leaves, Bella is heart broken, but does not fall into the trance of zombieness. Jacob goes quite the distance to help her, but when they go too far, will war ingnite between the wolves and the Cullens?

Its my first story so its not going to be perfect.

2. Chapter 2: Memories

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Jacob pulled the Rabbit up to the front of an impressive looking building. Even from a distance, I couldn’t see the top. Jacob turned the car off, and turned to look at me. He hadn’t looked or talked to me the entire car ride. His intimidating brown eyes bore into mine. I couldn’t look away, so instead I studied the emotions I saw dancing around in his eyes. There was concern, and fear. But there was also longing. Longing for something that I couldn’t identify.

He turned away from my gaze before I could. He stared at the hospital and he sighed quietly.

“Jake, is something wrong?”

He turned to me quickly and studied my expression for a minute before he replied.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For making life harder for you.” He leaned his head against the steering wheel and sighed again. My hand went to his head, and stroked his messy black hair.

“Jake, life isn’t that hard. Really. Besides, I’ve got the best boyfriend in the world to help me out when times get tough.” He turned his head to look at me with one eye.

“If you say so, Bells.” He lifted his head off the steering wheel and stepped out of the car. I opened my door, stuck my foot out…………. and fell out of the car right on my butt. Damn.

“Bella!” Jacob cried, and ran over to me. He carefully helped me to my feet, and he crouched to my height. I could swear he would never stop growing.

“Are you okay? No broken bones, no bruises, no cuts, no sores?” He fretted.

“Jake, calm down. I’m fine. I fell on my butt. It’s not like I got hit by a bus. Chilax.” He sucked in one deep breath, then let it out slowly.

“Okay, okay you’re right. Sorry I flipped out. It’s just that your luck isn’t quite the best, you know.” He smirked. My stomach did little flips when he mentioned my luck. Someone else had always told me how I had the worst luck of any human. I shook my head and tried not to relive the pain that always kept me up at night. Ed- He wasn’t here anymore. I shouldn’t dwell on the past, when my future was staring at me with warm brown eyes filled with concern for me.

“Bella, if you’re hurting in any way, you can always talk to me about it.” He embraced me, and I imagined that his warmth could reach down into my body, warming the icy recesses of my heart and melting the pieces together. I sighed.

“Same for you, Jake.” I remembered his more-than-frustrating ‘I would if I could’ response. Pain and sorrow filled his eyes, and he looked away.

“I know, Bells, I know.” He murmured. I leaned my head into his chest, and just wished this moment would never pass. I closed my eyes, and I entered a memory.

Edward and I walked down the hall way, hand in hand. No one else was in the hall, and we both were fine with that. As we reached the end of the hall, I felt my foot slip on something, and I began to fall. As my feet left the floor, I felt a pair of cool, strong arms catch me, and cradle me to his chest.

“You just have the worst luck, don’t you?” He chuckled.

As Edward carried me out of the school, I saw what I had slipped on. A paper clip.