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Without You

My entry for It was a dark and stormy night...It was a dark and stormy night. And quite frankly, something didn't feel right. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Boy how right I was. The Volturi kill Edward. Bella tries to kill herself by jumping off the cliff in La Push for a second time. Surprise ending. One shot.


1. Feeble Attempt

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It was a dark and stormy night. And quite frankly, something didn’t feel right. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Boy how right I was.

I ran. I ran and ran, but he never got any closer to me. Men in black cloaks were pressing in on all sides, holding me back. Edward was slipping from my grasp. The Volturi were taking him from me. His bare skin glistened in the light from the frequent flashes of lightning. A fire burned bright before me.

This was no dream. This was real. There was nothing that I could do. Edward was ripped apart before my eyes. I could only wait in agony for my turn. It was only fitting that I go with him, because, let’s face it, we can’t live without each other.

But, they wouldn’t let me. The Volturi flat out refused to kill me too because I did nothing to give them a reason to. I begged and pleaded, but nothing I did or said could change their minds.

I turned on my heel and stormed out of the building. I couldn’t cry. I wasn’t able to. My anger and rage took over my body. I had no sense of self being anymore. It was like when he left the first time. But this time, the last time, the only way I could be with him was if I died.

I didn’t remember the place ride home. Alice sat beside me, staring at the floor. She was, if at all possible, more shocked than I was. No words were exchanged between us. When Alice’s phone buzzed at the airport in Seattle, she didn’t pick it up. She let it ring, too preoccupied in her own thoughts to care about anything anymore.

I left Alice where she was, perfectly well aware that she wanted to be left alone. I got a cab to take me to La Push. I put my bag down at the beach and pulled out a pen and a piece of paper. My farewell letter. This wasn’t how I pictured the end. For me, there wouldn’t be end. For I thought I’d always have Edward.

Dad, I’m sorry. Edward died in Volterra. I can’t live without him. You know that. Just know that I didn’t suffer. I love you, and I’m sorry. Tell mom I love her. Don’t cry. Be strong. I love you.

I laid the note on my bag. I made one last phone call.

“I’m sorry, Alice.”

“Bella, where are you?”

“La Push beach.”

“Bella, NO!”

“It’s the only way. You know that. I can’t live without him. I’m sorry.”

“Bella, don’t do this, please!”

“Goodbye, Alice. Tell everyone I’m sorry. I love you.”

I didn’t hang up the phone. I dropped my cell phone beside me. I stepped up to the edge of the cliff. How ironic this was. The first time I jumped for the thrill of the fall. This time I was meeting my death at the bottom. I didn’t even bother jumping this time. I just fell gracefully over the edge. This was easy, I thought, as I fell through the air, the water seemingly flying up to meet me. It seemed like I was in the water only a few seconds before I felt myself leaving it. I didn’t want to open my eyes, for fear that it didn’t work. Someone was standing over me, smacking my face. I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw that Jake and Alice were there, both looking very scared.

“How could you?” Alice asked me.

“You know why,” I said to her, not even bothering to get up.

“You seriously need help, Bella,” Jake said, shaking his head.

“You all just need to lay off me!” I screamed, jumping up and turning to run.

But there my father stood, a look of deepest shock on his face. He couldn’t believe that I almost tried to kill myself. It seemed that no one could.

“You know Edward wouldn’t want this,” Alice said, walking up and putting her arms around me. That’s when I broke down and cried. I cried and cried and I couldn’t stop. My father picked me up off the ground. He carried me to Jake’s house. I was asleep before I knew it.

When I awoke, I wasn’t at Jake’s house. I was at my house. And there Edward lay, right beside me, stroking my face, smiling his crooked smile.

“What’s wrong, my love?” he asked, smile fading. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“What day is it?” I asked him, blinking quickly and rubbing my eyes rather harder than necessary.

“Sunday, Bella.”

I smacked myself on the head. Tomorrow was my eighteenth birthday. None of this happened. It was all a dream.

“I’m not going to my party,” I said to him.

“Why?” he asked me.

“Just ask Alice,” I said, kissing him forcefully, glad that his death and my feeble attempt at suicide were all a dream.