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Puritans' Daughter

This is the story of Jane, Alec and Sarah Good. We all think we know Jane and Alec the , rhymes with witchy, twins who love to cause pain and are little more thatn pets to the Volturie. But if everything we thought we knew about them was wrong. What if they were the victums. Enter Sarah Good their younger sister. This is her story the story of a three hundred year old vampire stuck in the body of a seven year old girl. Sarah has the same name as her mother, a victum of the Salem witch trials. She must hide from all exept Wendy, her friend, who she saved from a cruel slow death, the two of them wander alone. But as fate would have it they can not stay hidden forever. How will the vampire world cope with Sarah. She is and immortal child but she isnt not stuck she has mentaly grown though she is more emotional she is no diffrent than any other vampire exept she is vegitarian and When she hunts she doesnt use her sence of smell in fear she will lose her control. But all things hidden must come out of the shadows and reveal them selves. So whe Renesmee goes missing, Sarah knows she must find her. Even if it means revealing her self to the very vampires she has been hidding from... The Volturi If she goes she will most likely die If she doesnt Renesmee might never be seen again. Thats a lot of weight on a "seven" year olds shoulders Oh this is related to Remeber Me so if you have read it you will like this if you havent then read that too.

Rated teen for language Oh and there is some old English words mixed in but I think they are pretty easy to under stand. also this fist chapter and any that are journal entys or older are probaly going to be a little ruffer because for all of you who write diarys I am almost posative they dont sound like well planned stories

2. Sarah

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Modern Day

Some were in northwest America

The heart beat wasn't human Sarah was sure of that. The beating was quick and frantic, like a panicking bird, struggling, trying to find an escape. Sarah put the thoughts out of her mind trying to banish wandering memories. She needed to focus on the hunt. It was harder for her than it was others of her kind, vampires, Sarah didn't hunt with her sense of smell. She had seen firsthand what kind of craze it lead to and she never wanted to lose control like that. So she listened to every sound the heartbeat's owner made. Following as it wound its way through the ever damp forest. She was down wind so even though the only advantage was the promise that animal wouldn't be able to smell her. It was hidden behind a large rock so Sarah climbed a large tree ready to drop on it when it can close enough.

One, venom welled in her throat as she imagined the blood.

Two, her muscles tensed as she prepared to leap. Three, she jumped from the tree when her prey came into view. She gasped and the scent of the half human girl was everywhere. She landed on her pinning her to the ground. Bronze colored ringlets her hair was splayed over the ground. She stared at Sarah with large brown doe eyes. She looked like a giant porcelain doll. Sarah realized this must be how others saw her who Wendy saw her. Sara was about the same size as the girl who looked about five or six. Sarah opened her mouth to speak when something hit her and she went flying. Her natural response was to bend the rays of light and color around her so that she disappeared. She hit the ground hard but soundlessly the male was looking with critical eyes in the forest near where she had landed his brows knitted together and he consternated as if listening for something.

Sarah carefully sat up watching as he helped the girl up. Another vampire emerge a female then another, very large male, Sarah decided this is where she would take her leave. As she walked one of the vampires the brunet female turned and looked directly at her and Sarah could see her golden eyes fix on her. Then she turned away and Sarah started running.

She didn't look back but inhaled the scents of the forest picking up even more of the vampires but then she found the scent she was looking for. She turned and followed it stopping when she saw Wendy sitting over a small pond one finger tracing patterns in the water.

"Wendy." She said reappearing.

Wendy jumped slightly and looked at her a smile on her face.

"I will never get use to that she said sitting up her long dark brown hair draping behind her. Once her skin had been a dark chocolate color but since her transformation a white film had covered it giving her a unique appearance, beautiful know definitely but not something you saw every day.

"What's wrong?" She asked seeing the look on Sarah's face.

"Can we please go; there is a group of vampires her and a lot of them." Sarah pleaded

"What happened?" Wendy pressed knowing this was more then it seemed.

"I was hunting and well on of them is half human, so I heard her heartbeat and well attacked her. I mean I didn't hurt her but."

Wendy raised any eyebrow, "told you; you shouldn't hunt like that."

"I didn't expect to find a half human in the middle of nowhere." Sarah said.

"You should apologize you know." Wendy said bluntly

"No even if they are vegetarian I don't want to go through that again." Sarah said shaking her head.

"There vegetarian?!" Wendy asked exited.

"Yes but you remember what happened in Alaska I don't want to go through that again." Sarah pointed out.

"Please let's go see them, if anything happens they will forget." She promised.

Sarah sighed but she knew she couldn't win and she was tired of hiding and she wanted to apologize. She got to her feet and picked up a large pack that she had stashed before hunting. Wendy grabbed her pack and they followed the scents of the vampires. Wendy pushed as they passed over a place where many trails convened a puzzled look on her face.

"What?" Sarah asked

"Oh," Wendy snapped out of her trance. "Nothing, let's put out packs over her she said gesturing to an area where the ferns where extremely thick. Nerves had knotted Sarah stomach a she disappeared besides Wendy. They emerged onto a big white house there were no cars outside but Sarah knew they were in the house. Nine there were nine vampires in the house. Know Sarah was very scared. She gulped and stood behind Wendy as they climbed the front steps. The door opened before Wendy could knock on the door. A small spiky black haired vampire stood in the door way.

"Hi, Sorry I'm Wendy and I was in the area and well I thought I would introduce myself." Wendy said politely. The black haired vampire smiled and said, "come on in, I'm Alice Cullen."

"Nice to meet you Alice," Wendy said shaking her hand briefly then Wendy followed Alice into the house Sarah slipping in behind her. \

"Wendy this is Carlisle, Esme, Rosaline, Emmett, Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jasper. She said gesturing to each person in turn.

"Hi it's nice to meet y'all," Wendy said.

"You have a beautiful house." She complimented.

"Thank you," Esme said, "so what brings you here."

"Um nothing Sa..."

Then she remembered Sarah. "Sarah you can come out know,"

"I can't you know what happened last time." Sarah disembodied voice drifted across the room causing the Cullen's to freak out a little.

"New people dear." Wendy reminded her.

"Don't make me." Sara pleaded

"I not going to make you but if you don't you won't be right with yourself."

Sarah sighed and allowed the light to hit her. She had sat up against a wall near Wendy. She opened her eyes and saw everyone staring at her expressing of mortal terror on their face. A knot formed in Sarah throat and she quickly stood and ran away from the house. She knew what they saw an immortal child she could almost see them making crosses over their hearts. She wedged herself in a small crack between two boulders, crying dry tears.