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Face Down

Phil abusing Bella physically and sexually. She ends up pregnant and moves in with her mom's sister, Esme, her husband, Carlisle, their adopted sons, Edward, and Emmett, their wives, Rosalie (Edward's) and Alice (Emmett's), and Rose's younger brother, Jasper. Will Bella and Jasper fall in love? Only time will tell. All - Human. Warning: This is a Bella/ Jasper story. If you don't like that then please don't read.


1. Preface AND Chapter One: Abuse - Physically and Sexually

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Face Down

By: alice18431863


I never expected myself to be a seventeen year old mother, disowned by both of my parents and their spouses. Nor did I ever think I'd live with complete and total strangers in the dreary town of Forks, Washington, the town of my birth. And a didn't expect to fall in love with one of the previously mentioned strangers. But as I looked into the two cribs that held my beautiful twins – a boy and girl – I wouldn't have had it any other way. I finally had a family in which I truly belonged.

Chapter 1: Abuse – Physically and Sexually

He came home drunk that night, like most nights when my mother worked late. Which now seemed like every night. On a good night, he'd bring some tramp home and lock me in my bedroom, with nothing to eat, drink, bared windows, and not let me out to use the restroom, those rarely happened and that night wasn't one of those nights.

“Bella, baby, come down here,” his slurred call came from the guest room right below my bedroom, which could only mean one thing.

“Coming,” I called back. I sighed and slowly got up from the chair at my desk, knowing not to make him wait for to long. I hurried down the short hallway but took the stairs more slowly not wanting to trip and make him angry.

I turned the corner and bumped straight into Phil.

“What took you so long?” he asked in an angry voice before he threw me against the far wall of the guest room. I'd have a bruise from the impact and I slide down to the floor, one tear escaping before I was able to stop it. Phil saw it.

“Ah, baby,” he said softly, all hints of anger gone, as he came towards me. “You know you shouldn't get me angry like that, you know I don't wanna hurt you.”

I nodded knowing not to disagree, that it would just it would just make him angry again. He turned my head gently towards his and placed his lips gently against mine for a chaste kiss that I would never return. The kiss quickly became hungry and full of lust. He picked me up bridal style without braking his kiss and gently laid me on the bed. He spread my legs with his knees and crawled over me. He attacked my lips again, this time forcing his tongue into my mouth. He slowly lifted my shirt over my head and threw it to the ground then started undoing the buttons of his. Once his shirt was next to mine on the ground, his mouth moved down my jaw to my neck, he grabbed my hands and moved them to his belt buckle.

“Undo it,” he whispered into my ear as his hands quickly removed my shorts. I did as he said not wanting him to get angry again. I was scared. It had never gone this far before as he had usually passed out by now and I could sneak back up to the semi-safety of my room with no real damage done. I didn't make a sound though, I just let him take advantage of me, knowing it would just be worse if I did make any noise.

He then took his boxer's off reviling his rather large penis. He then forced it into my mouth, like he'd done maybe twice, and I did what I knew he wanted as he made quick work of my bra. He came straight into my mouth forcing me to swallow all of his cum. Once he came down from his orgasm, he removed his dick from my mouth and took my panties off.

He hovered over my entrance for a few seconds before his lips where on mine again and he dove as far in as he could. I forced back the scream that almost escaped at his intrusion and forced myself to not struggle underneath him. His thrusts were strong and I knew that I'd be bruised there as well. He came into me thirty minutes later and was just able to get out of me and off of me before he passed out.

I quickly gathered up my clothes and hurried to my room. Once there, with the door closed and locked, I pulled on clean undergarments and my night gown. That night I cried myself to a nightmare filled sleep my only thought was that I hoped I didn't get pregnant from this.