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Face Down

Phil abusing Bella physically and sexually. She ends up pregnant and moves in with her mom's sister, Esme, her husband, Carlisle, their adopted sons, Edward, and Emmett, their wives, Rosalie (Edward's) and Alice (Emmett's), and Rose's younger brother, Jasper. Will Bella and Jasper fall in love? Only time will tell. All - Human. Warning: This is a Bella/ Jasper story. If you don't like that then please don't read.


2. Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Move

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Chapter 2: Ready Getting to Move

The next week he talked my mom into getting me a car. He said that, as a seventeen year old girl with her license, I should be able to drive myself to the places I needed to be. I knew it was just a bribe, but I kept my mouth shut. I did need a car. The car was perfect. A 2007 orange Mustang convertible; my dream car. I had to stay home while he went to pick out my car, so needless to say I was surprised when he got home and showed me the car. He handed me the keys.

“Go on, take her for a drive,” he whispered in ear, I flinched away, which he, thankfully didn't notice. “Don't forget to put these,” he handed my my registration and proof of insurance, “into the glove box.”

He then turned and went inside. I sighed and nearly ran to my new, or new to me at least, car. I hopped in, out my seat belt on, turned the key in the ignition, turned off the A/C,put the hood down, put the papers that Phil had handed my into the glove box, but as I opened the box a piece of paper fell out. I sighed, put the papers into the glove box (and closed it), unbuckled, reached down for the paper, and stuffed it into my back pocket for me to read later. I then re-buckled my seat belt, and slowly backed out of the drive way.

I drove to the next town, so that no one would recognize me, and turned into it's drug store's parking lot. Once parked, I put my hood back up, turned off the engine, opened my door, and hit the automatic lock. I walked into the store and searched for the row that would have the pregnancy tests in it. I grabbed the one that I'd heard had the most accurate results, then went and bought some of my vitamins and went to go pay for them. While at the register, I saw my favorite candy bar, Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream, and grabbed three of them. The total came to about 30.18, considering I bought a pack of five pregnancy tests. I paid and asked the person not to bag my items. She looked at me questionably, so I lifted the large purse I was carrying.

“Don't want my boyfriend to see the tests,” I lied quickly. She nodded and I grabbed my items and put them into my purse. She handed me my change and I left the store. I walked quickly to my car and drove home. I was my mom's and Phil's anniversary and they had gone out to celebrate.

I hide the pregnancy tests in my room, put my vitamins in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, returned to my room, and at my candy bars as I began my homework, forgetting completely about the paper in my pocket.

Three weeks Later

I stood by the bathroom counter, with the door shut and locked, and waited for the results that could change my whole life. My period was a week and a half late and I was finally home alone long enough to take the tests. It had already been three and a half minutes since I had taken the tests. I took all five to get the most accurate results. It was the longest five minutes in my life. Thirty seconds left......twenty......fifteen......ten...... five, four, three, two, one. It took all my will power not to turn away. Slowly, I lifted the first test, positive. The the second, positive. The third, positive. The fourth, negative. And the fifth, positive. Four positives, one negative; that was it. I was pregnant with his child, but I'd be damned if he got a say in this child's life.

I quickly put the tests back into the box and threw into the trash, which thankfully made it full. I, then, tied the bag shut and switched it with a new bag. I was just shutting the outside trashcan when Phil and my mom pulled into the drive way, parking next to my 'stang.

“We bought Chinese, sound good, sweetie?” my mom asked as she got out of the car.

“Yea, sure, Mom,” I replied.

We walked into the house, Phil being quite like usual these days. We set the food down on the kitchen counter, got ourselves plates, and started a buffet line.

“So, how was your day, Mom?” I asked as we sat at the table.

“It was fine. How was yours?”

“Fine,” I replied then continued. “I think I might move in with Charlie.”

“Your father's a drink, Bella. Don't be ridiculous you cannot move in with him. It's not safe for you there.”

“Then I could probably stay with Aunt Esme. I'm sure she'd be glad to have me, after all we haven't seen her or her husband and the boys in what seven years. We didn't even head up for Edward's or Emmett's weddings. I deserve to know my father, mom, and maybe, with me being closer to him, I might finally get him to stop drinking.”

“How would you get up there? We can hardly pay for a plane ticket and ship all of your thins up there.”

“I can drive my car. I have plenty of money for gas and for motel costs along the way. Plenty of room in my trunk for all the stuff that I would need. Then, after I get enough saved, I'll pay to have the rest sent up.”

“Honey,” Phil said to my mom. “She obviously thought of all of this. Let her do this.”

To someone, like my mom, who didn't know what he'd down to me, it would look like he was taking my side, but I knew that he was just seeing that if I moved out then my mom would never know what he'd done.

“Fine, you can go, but you have to ask your aunt yourself. You know why I don't speak to her anymore.”

“Because she dislikes Phil and believes that you could do one million times better than him,” I said as got up to wash up my plate. “I'll call her here in a minute.”

Once my plate was put away, I dashed up to my room and grabbed my cell from the beside table. I scrolled down my contact list until I found her name and hit send.

“Hello?” she asked into the phone.

“Hi, Aunt Esme. It's Bella,” I said smiling. I missed her, even if I barely knew her.

“Oh, Bella! What a surprise. I was just thinking about you. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Well, I was wondering if I could come up and live with you guys for a little while. I need a change of scenery and I've missed all of you and I think it might hep Charlie stop drinking if I moved closer to him,” I rambled on with my excuses not wanting to tell her the real reason I need to move.

“We'd be happy to let you stay here honey, but I have one condition, that once you get here you tell me the real reason you want to move up here, okay?”

“Okay,” I sighed. How she knew that that I was hiding something I could only guess was do to her motherly nature.

“When should we expect you?”

“Well, I plan on leaving the day after tomorrow and I'm driving so about four days from now.”

“In what do you plan on driving up here?”

“A 2007 Mustang convertible. Mom finally caved on getting me a car.”

“Well, then you should be fine on getting up here, but I'll ask Rosalie, Edward's wife, to take a look at it when you get here. She's really into cars.”

“Okay. I can't wait to see you guys and meet Rosalie and, um, Alice, right?”

“Right. See you soon.”

“Yea, see you soon.”

I hung up and pulled out my suitcases from the closet, along with the box of bubble wrap I had from when we moved to this house. I had two suitcases. In the smaller one. I put my small collection of porcelain dolls, wrapped in bubble wrap as those where my most treasures possessions, then placed my camera in the small space left in the case. In the other suitcase, I'd pack the clothes I would need, but that was tomorrow's job, it was time for bed.