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Face Down

Phil abusing Bella physically and sexually. She ends up pregnant and moves in with her mom's sister, Esme, her husband, Carlisle, their adopted sons, Edward, and Emmett, their wives, Rosalie (Edward's) and Alice (Emmett's), and Rose's younger brother, Jasper. Will Bella and Jasper fall in love? Only time will tell. All - Human. Warning: This is a Bella/ Jasper story. If you don't like that then please don't read.


3. Chapter 3: Forks

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Chapter 3: Forks

Forks. The place of my birth. The dreary little town my father and aunt called home. It was the safest place for me now. There was no Phil to beat me or force himself on me. No way for him to know of my pregnancy unless it was by my will. And I was just over an hour from it in Port Angeles.

I pulled my cell out of my pocket to give my aunt a call to tell her I'd be there in about an hour. I called the house figuring someone would answer. It rang four times before the answering machine picked up.

“Hello. You've reached the Cullen residence. We can't make it to the phone at the moment. Please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can,” my uncle's said and the annoying beep followed.

“Hey Uncle Carlisle, Aunt Esme. It's Bella. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I'm in Port Angeles now and should be there in about an hour. Cannot wait to see you guys. Love you lots. Bye,” short and to the point. Carlisle was probably at the hospital being one of the best, if not the best, doctors in every field meant long hours. I was hoping he'd be my OB/GYN. After all I trusted him. Esme was probably out getting the finishing touches to my – newly decorated – room. After all she is decorator. The boys are probably out with their wives or at class. Edward was four years older than me which made Emmett three years older than me. Both married right after high school and they are both attending the same college with their wives, and still living at home. It was Edward's junior year in college and he and Rosalie would probably move out into their own home sometime soon.

I sped down the highway, wanting to start my new life. I was, at best, a month pregnant, so I hadn't started to show yet. I only had a few months before the rumors started at best, and those months would be spent during a summer break. I'd start off my junior year of high school starting to show my pregnancy to the world.

When I finally pulled onto the long winding drive way that to my aunt's house, or small mansion would probably be a more accurate description, I was exhausted. I'd been driving since about seven that morning and it was now around two in the afternoon. I parked my car in front of the house and popped the trunk to get my suitcases out. I then made my way up to the door and knocked. The most godly stranger answered. He had shaggy blond hair and brilliant blue eyes. He was tall, over six foot, and muscular, but not as big as my body builder cousin, Emmett.

“Hi, um, I was looking for my aunt, Esme Cullen, but I must have the wrong house,” I said once I came out of my daze.

“No, your at the right pla-” he started but was cut off by an obnoxious yell from the stairs.

“BELLA'S HERE!” Emmett yelled rushing towards me and the Greek God, who promptly moved out of the way. Emmett then scoped me up into one of his infamous bear hugs.

“It's great....to...see..you...too,....Em. But I.....can't.....breathe!” I gasped and he quickly set me back down on the ground.

“Sorry, Bells. It's just been too long,” he apologized, using my nickname, and hanging his head.

“I know, Em. I know.”

“Well, it looks like my annoying little cousin has finally made it,” Edward's velvet voice said from the top of the staircase.

“Hello to you too, Edward. I see you haven't changed in the slightest. I'm I going to have to come up there to get my hug or are you coming down?”

He considered it for a moment before answering. “Half way?” he asked.

I laughed. Yep same old Edward. “Deal.”

We met in the middle and he gave me one of his special gentle hugs he reserved just for me. “I missed you, Bells. Why didn't you come to the weddings?”

“Missed you, too, Ed. Mom wouldn't let us come up. She's still mad at your mom,” I replied sadly. “But you guys did get my gifts, right?”

“Yes we did. They were wonderful, thank you,” he replied.

“Emmett you got yours, right?” I asked. I'd sent them both the same thing, three dozen of my homemade butterscotch cookies. They'd use to beg me to make some on my summer visits way back when.

“Yes, and they were just as good as remember them being,” he replied with his big goofy smile in place.

“I'm glad. So where are these wives I've heard so much about?”

“My daughter-in-laws are out shopping, they should be on their way back though. And that handsome young man over there is Jasper, he's Rosalie's younger brother. He'll be in your grade this year. Now come here and give me a hug young lady,” my aunt's sweet voice came from the kitchen doorway.

“It's great to see you, Aunt Esme,” I said while hugging her tightly.

“You too, Bella,” she replied hugging me just as tight. “Carlisle's at the hospital, but should home for dinner though. Come help me finish getting the pie in the oven. Emmett will you put Bella's things on her bed gently. She probably brought her doll collection.”

“Yes ma'am,” we replied in unison as she dragged me to the kitchen and Emmet took my suitcases upstairs.

“So what are we having and where can I start?” I asked fully aware that she didn't really need my help and wouldn't let me if I tried.

“You can start by telling me what made you move up here, Bella.”

“Okay,” I said wanting to get this over with. “I moved up here because I was raped. No, I didn't call the authorities. It was Phil and I'm now pregnant because of it. So like I said I needed I change of scenery.”