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A Dark Adaptation of Breaking Dawn

The new moon illuminating the ink blue night, marks the dawn of a new world where chaos is about to be unleashed once again between the wolves and the vampires. Under layers of stone and concrete, a King paces back and forth in his room, shaken by the probability of a fallen kingdom. Men begin to shape into wolves in a nearby distance, mouths watering for flesh. And somewhere in the depths of a Romanian forest, a pair of chocolate brown eyes shoot wide open with a sudden gasp, announcing the beginning of a new life.

For those of you who have read my previous fanfic, "A Dark Adaptation of New Moon", I present to you the continuation of the story. Thank you for all your feedback. I hope you enjoy it!

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Jacob's POV:

We arrived at the gates of the Volturi dungeons before all the others. We had only a small window of opportunity to find the Cullens and take them out of there before the wolves arrived. Already, I can smell the stench of decay from the walls within.

"What do we do now? If we go any further, we'll be outnumbered," came Seth's voice in my head.

"We'll go around the back. The others will attack from the north. All the bloodsuckers will surely be fighting at that direction, leaving the south wing open and then we find a way in." I said.

We moved swiftly and quietly. The woods surrounding the building was thick and dark giving us camouflage in its blackness. It sucked that I couldn't make out the Cullen's stench from the rest of them. It would've made it a whole lot easier to find them. Within two minutes, we were facing the south gates. Already I could see two pale faces pacing the entrance. This would be easy.

We waited until we heard the howls pierce through the night. The wolves had arrived. The two bloodsuckers heard it too and turned their backs to us, looking towards the front of the building. I looked at both, Seth and Leah, signaling their advance and with swiftness; we sprung into action, running at full speed towards them.

Leah, ever the show off, got there first and took on the bigger bloodsucker, springing onto his back and with one snap of her jaw, decapitating his head. From the distance, I can see his white face quickly darken and shrivel to a black lump on the floor. The stench of his blood was overbearing. The other bloodsucker had barely enough time to realize what had just happen. Seth threw himself at him, knocking him down to the floor. He turned around instantly, trying to get at Seth with his razor sharp fangs, but Seth was too fast for him. He opened his jaw wide, and with a crunching sound, he chewed off his face and spit it out.

I didn't stop my run and dived quickly into the dungeon, jumping over all the descending stairs until I had reached the bottom of the sewer-like tunnel. Seth and Leah were close behind me. This part of the dungeon was obviously unguarded and I didn't like the feeling. Why would they leave any part of the dungeon open this way?

"Be careful, guys. Expect anything" I warned them.

We continued to move quietly but steadily down the passage until we came to a split path. To the left, stairs led up to a door. I could see a dim light around its edges and I knew this would lead us back up to the street. To the right, the path continued, long and dark and it bend up ahead. We took the right turn. Halfway down the corridor, I began to pick up the stench again and I glanced at Seth and Leah, who had also noticed the change in the air. We crouched low and proceeded with caution but after walking a few feet ahead, something began to happen to me.

I could feel my body begin to shift back to my human form. Alarmed with myself, I turned and looked at Seth and Leah. They, too, were morphing back.

"What the fuck is going on?" asked Leah out loud, her face just as shocked as mine.

We were changing back involuntarily and we couldn't explain why. Then I heard footsteps approaching us and instinctively, we all jumped to into the shadows, waiting for the bloodsucker to reveal himself. I didn't know if I would be able to take on any bloodsucker in my human form, but it was three to one, surely that had to count for something.

The footsteps slowed to a stop, just around the bend. I can see the shadow of a figure, just standing still.

"I will not hurt you" came a guy's voice. "I know why you've come."

I could see Leah's hazel eyes stare back at me, wide and alert. I couldn't talk to them now, in my human form without speaking out loud. So I shook my head, hoping she would take it as ‘don't move.' I slowly backed off the wall and took two steps forward.

"I have cut off your ability to shape shift as I am unguarded. I will not hurt you, Jacob" he said and I was shocked that he knew my name.

"Who are you?" I asked, still keeping in the shadows.

"I am Alec, and your friends are safe. However, I have not released them in fear that the wolves would kill them. If you would follow me, I will lead you to them."

"Turn us back first."

"Not a chance."

I didn't know what to do, or whether to trust this fool but I had to take the chance. I looked back at the two and tilted my head signaling them to follow me. I took another three steps until I had made it through the bend and was face to face with the bloodsucker. He did not appear menacing at all. In fact, his face was calm and friendly.

"Why are you making this so easy?" I asked, puzzled by the situation.

"Aro has gone, taking with him his elite guard. He's left part of his army here to fight your kind. He's also left the Cullen family behind. He knew it would be only a matter of time before the wolves got to them."

"Where has he gone?"

"To await of the coming of the mother and child."

I couldn't understand anything this dude was telling me.

"What mother and what child?" I asked twisting my face in confusion.

"Bella... and the son she is carrying."

Have you ever experienced something so fucking mind blowing, so fucking explosive but only you felt it? Like the world stopped turning and everything froze into place and you were the only one still moving. That's exactly what I felt when he said this to me.

"What?" I shot back.

"Bella has been brought back to life and carries the son of his brother, Gabriel, the true Lord of the Volturi. Her son is prophetic and his birth will bring an end to the Volturi. He wants to kill her... and the child."

My knees buckled and Seth's arms prevented me from hitting the ground. Bella was pregnant, by a vampire, by a Volturian, and she was a vampire. This is what Alice meant when she said that losing her was for the best and that finding her would not change anything. I can understand now why Edward begged to be killed and I could second his request. I've lost her. Completely. Definitively.