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A Dark Adaptation of Breaking Dawn

The new moon illuminating the ink blue night, marks the dawn of a new world where chaos is about to be unleashed once again between the wolves and the vampires. Under layers of stone and concrete, a King paces back and forth in his room, shaken by the probability of a fallen kingdom. Men begin to shape into wolves in a nearby distance, mouths watering for flesh. And somewhere in the depths of a Romanian forest, a pair of chocolate brown eyes shoot wide open with a sudden gasp, announcing the beginning of a new life.

For those of you who have read my previous fanfic, "A Dark Adaptation of New Moon", I present to you the continuation of the story. Thank you for all your feedback. I hope you enjoy it!

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Edward's POV:

I stared down at her, her face hidden behind her small delicate hands, crying relentlessly. The pain I felt, to have to see her in such dismay, fueled a fire, a need for vengeance so great that I thought I would I throw myself to him and kill him right then and there. There were two things that kept me from losing it, and kept him alive. The first was the undeniable truth that despite my discontentment, Gabriel was after all, the father of Bella's child. The second came to me as a surprise when I turned to look at him, as I was contemplating my advances. I found that his face was just as torn as mine. He, too, stared at Bella with such lament that it made me believe that he shared her pain. His eyes were glossy, and when he flashed his them to me, a tear streaked down his face. He didn't speak aloud.

We must leave soon. They'll be here in just a few short hours. The sooner we leave, the more distance we put between them. I'll prepare the car.

Alice looked up as he left the room, and glanced at me before kissing Bella's forehead and following Gabriel. Bella didn't move. I had never seen her cry this way before and I wondered if this was the way she felt when I had left. It isn't fair for a person such as she to have to endure so much pain.

She ran her hands through her hair, burying her fingers in it and then looked up at me, her eyes cold but sad.

"I won't keep it" she said, squaring her jaw in determination. "I'll ask Carlisle to perform an abortion."

"What?" I said in disbelief and I walked over to her, kneeling before her. Another painful jab thwarted me when I saw her turn her eyes away from me, obviously uncomfortable at my proximity.

"Bella, what are you saying?" I whispered softly.

"I don't want it. This wasn't supposed to happen."

"But it has and you've done nothing wrong."

Her eyes turned to look at me, cynically.

"I've done nothing wrong?" she mimicked sarcastically. "Shouldn't you be lashing out on how disgusting I am? On how stupid and inconsiderate I was? On how I'm such a worthless piece of shit..."

Her disregard for herself angered me in a way that she's never been able to do. I grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and glared at her.

"You are nowhere near any of those things, Bella. You have done nothing wrong. You thought me dead. You didn't know."

A new tide of tears began to roll down her face and for a moment, I was glad that she had remained part human.

"But you're not dead. And here I am now having someone else's child! I didn't want it to be this way. I never thought it could end like this."

I hated that she used the word ‘end'.

"Bella, I'm here. It doesn't have to end. If you don't want to be here, if you don't want to be with him... then don't."

She stared at me with watery eyes, her lips quivering.

"Bella, I don't think you understand just how much I love you. I love everything about you. Everything, Bella. This child, he's yours. He is part of your flesh, of your blood, of your soul. What is there not to love if he comes from you?"

Her reaction was one that I had not expected. She stared at me for a moment and then suddenly pushed my arms away, her face twisted in anger. She stood and vanished before my eyes, moving across the room in a blur, searching for something. I stood and tried to keep up with my eyes as she glided across the room swiftly. When I realized what it was that she was searching for, I jetted towards her, grabbing her arms, having to put more force than I had ever imagined I'd use on her. Through the struggle, we crashed against the wall.

"Bella! Let it go! You don't want to do this, Bella" I said urgently as I pried the scissors out of her hands, carefully trying to pull the tip away from her stomach.

"LET ME GO!" she yelled and in an instant, Gabriel appeared right before my eyes in a whirl of dark fog, his hands moving incredibly fast. He tore the scissors away from both our hands, tossing it across the room. Bella let out a vicious snarl at the sight of him and I had to hold her back with great force. Her strength was unimaginable.

"Bella! What are you doing?" said Gabriel, astonished.

"I HATE YOU!" she bellowed. "I FUCKING HATE YOU! I WANT THIS THING OUT! I want this thing out" she wept helplessly as her body went slack and she fell to her knees. Gabriel just stood staring at her, his face marked in deep emotion. How easily she could bring him to tears. Though a part of me hated him for taking away my most prized possession, another part of me understood his pain. He adored her, there was no question about it.

"You may despise me, Bella. You may think me a monster. But our son is not to blame for our differences. I will not let you harm him. If you truly don't want anything to do with him, then I will take him once he is born and you will never have to see neither of us again. But you will not harm him. He is my son as well."

He turned his eyes to me and spoke evenly. "I've prepared the car. She obviously doesn't want me anywhere near her. If you would do me the favor of taking her to the car. Your sister awaits us."

A loud snap diverted our attention towards Bella. She was crouched on the ground, pressing against her stomach, vomiting thick blood. I immediately dropped to my knees next to her as Gabriel, too, knelt beside her. She howled in pain.

"What's wrong with her?"

"It's the baby" muttered Gabriel, his face calm but concerned.

Another loud snap made her bend to her side, holding her ribs. Once again she yelped in agony.

"What's it doing to her?" I asked panicked.

He didn't answer me, instead he did something very unexpected. He quickly moved behind Bella, wrapping one arm around her chest as he bit off a piece of flesh from his wrist and pressed it against her mouth. Before I could protest, Bella stunned me by drinking eagerly from his wrist. I stood there frozen, wanting to disbelieve what I was seeing. She continued to suck from his wrist, her eyes closed and her hands clamped around his forearm. Gabriel's expression was one of pure arousal, as if her drinking his blood gave me him a deep pleasure.

After about a minute or two or even longer... who knows, her body relaxed and to my astonishment, her stomach had grown. A perfect bump silhouetted beneath her blood-soaked nightgown. She seemed sedated. As if reading my thoughts, which he probably was, Gabriel looked up at me.

"It is vampire" he said and I knew he was referring to the baby.

"His growth rate proves so. That sound was the sound of her ribs breaking as he makes room for himself. My blood can heal some of the damage that he's caused her but I fear it won't be enough."

"What do you mean?

"Edward, this baby... can kill her."

Everything inside me turned cold when I heard his words.
"But how? She's one of us now? She's immortal."

"Immortal, yes. But she is half human. She can still die, Edward. Not of old age, or disease. But she can die, much easier than a pure vampire."

The child that I had thought helpless and deserving of her love was now a monster, growing inside her, threatening to take her life. I found myself regretting that I had interfered with her attempt in stabbing the foul thing. So quickly my affections have turned sour. I had to do something otherwise I would lose her all over again. Death certainly has it in for her, dancing circles around her while she's least expecting it. Prophecy or nor prophecy, I couldn't let this child be the death of her. I had to think of something, fast.