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The Ripple Effect

What if Bella’s parents never divorced & she was a normal girl. Best friends with Jacob Black for all her life & suddenly the Cullen’s moved to Forks. Everything is Alternate Universe, Romance, drama and friendships galore.


10. Chapter 10, La Push

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Chapter 10, La Push

When I woke up, Edward’s arm was around my shoulder; my head was nestled on his stone cold chest. I could hear him breathing, but there was no heartbeat. I knew there wouldn’t be, but it was so amazing to me that someone with so much life, someone I was sure loved me didn’t have a heartbeat. He was magical.

“Good morning.” He purred, before I opened my eyes.

I moaned a little waking slightly.

“I believe your Mother said you were to leave at eleven, it is Ten Bella.”

“Yeah.” I said, not willing to let him go.

He laughed. “I am pretty sure if your mother catches me here I would not be welcomed back.”

I chuckled, fully awake.

“I will be here when you return.” He said assuring me, moving slightly away from me as I stood up.

“You be careful Bella.” He smirked, “I can’t be there to save you.”

“I’ll be fine.” I answered. “No homicidal bleachers in La Push.”

I laughed lightly at my joke as he shook his head.

“Bella, come on you have to get up!” Renee called, Edward’s eyebrow perked up a smile playing upon his face.

“I’m coming.” I called down. “I should go take a shower.” I finished to myself or Edward I wasn’t sure which.

Edward nodded, watching me intently as he walked backwards slowly towards the open window.

“You’ll be here, when I get back?” I asked again trying to make sure.

“I said I would.” He answered.

He slipped out of the window, falling without even looking down. I ran to the sill, he was smiling looking up at me. In a flash, he was gone. Edward astounded me every moment we were together, I couldn’t believe it.

When I was finally dressed and showered, ready to go I descended the stairs. Although having just left Edward made me sad, I was in awe. Having just slept in Edward's arms, it was better than any story I had ever read. Nothing could have prepared me for the way I felt right now. My love for him ran even deeper; my heart seemed to double in size. This is was they meant by seventh heaven.

“Can we take the Chevy?” I asked, as I grabbed a piece of toast that had just popped out of the toaster.

My mother eyed my father, before he answered shrugging.

“Sure, why not.”

“Great.” I announced.

“Don’t forget your tackle box Charles.” Renee reminded him.

“Mmhmm...” Charlie groaned, reading the newspaper, he didn’t look happy.

“Something wrong Dad?”

He shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just...I don’t like to see killing Bells.”


“Unsolved murder, four towns down. I got a call last night to go and help investigate. They think it might be heading this way; they are not sure what’s going on. They’re thinking maybe an animal...”

“An animal? Like a bear?” I asked.

“We’re not sure, cougars? It’s hard to tell, wolves..” He shrugged. “We just want to stop it, whatever it is.”

“Oh yeah.” I bit my bottom lip thinking.

After breakfast, Renee and Charlie reluctantly walked towards my Chevy.

“This will be great.” I chimed, trying to imitate Alice.

I missed La Push, my visit was long overdue. I had a feeling my reluctance to leave Forks; to leave the Cullens had something to do with it. The feeling of guilt washed over me as I unlocked my car doors and my parents piled into the cab of my truck.

When we finally arrived at La Push, after the groaning of the engine, I was sure my parents could not wait to get out. I wasn’t sure if it was my driving or the truck that put them on edge. Parents never seem to accept that their baby is operating a three ton machine, and while some parents do accept it they didn’t want to participate in it.

Sarah met us at the front door, as Billy wheeled himself next to her waving to Charlie. They had a full day of fishing ahead of them, and I knew he wanted to get to La Push early. Renee had wanted to stay late, so they compromised with two fishing trips. I said my hellos to the Blacks, before looking around for Jacob.

“Where’s Jake?” I asked.

Billy laughed motioning to the backyard.

“Where else, Quil and Embry are with him, working on that damn car.” He sighed.

“I’ll see you guys later?” They nodded, waving me away as I turned the corner towards the garage.

Jacob had built the large structure with tarps and rope, completely separate from the house. I saw a gutted rabbit held up by cinder blocks with Quil and Embry flanking the car. Half of Jacob’s body protruded from under the rabbit.

“Hey Bells.” Quil beamed, pulling me into a hug.

“What’s up Bella?” Embry asked, giving me a welcoming nod.

I shrugged waiting for Jacob to acknowledge my arrival.

“Hey Jake.” I said as he laughed.

“I heard you coming all the way down the road.” He chuckled.

“Well that’s your handiwork.” I teased back, smiling.

“Maybe I need to tweak a couple of things, before you leave.” He added.

“Do whatever you need to do. This is looking good.” I mused motioning towards the car.

Talking about Jake’s car would come out and greet me, like easing a turtle out of its shell.

“You think?” He asked, popping his head out. He was covered in grease, with only a plain white t-shirt on and an old pair of jeans. He gave me an awkward hug as he beamed.

“I’ve been working on it for a while now, there’s still some parts missing.” He shrugged smirking while wiping his greasy hands on a red towel.

“Quil, give Bells a soda.” Jake ordered with the same ease he always did. His friends followed him around like a leader and I was used to it.

Quil laughed, handing me a warm soda can as I popped it open. It felt like the summer all over again. Instead of Jacob under my Chevy, it was this little yellow car. The boys all smiled laughing, as I sipped the soda, my brow furrowing.

“So are we doing anything special for your fifteenth Jake?” I asked eyeing the boys.

Jacob shrugged as Quil laughed.

“Has Jake told you he was dumped yet?” He couldn’t contain his excited laughter as Jacob threw his grease covered towel at Quil’s face.

“Shut up!” He growled, as I looked at Jacob confused.

“He didn’t even tell me he was seeing someone.” I countered, teasing slightly.

Jacob shook his head, as Embry chuckled silently; not wanting to feel his friend’s wrath.

“It was just a few dates.”

“It was Leah Clearwater.” Quil added, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe it himself.

“So, she finally said yes Jake?” I asked smiling, as my best friend blushed shrugging, taking a swig of his soda.

“No big deal really.”

“It was cold Bella, she’s seeing Sam now. But we all knew she’s had a thing for Sam for years.”

”We told him it was a suicide mission Bells.” Embry added. “Rumor has it she used Jake to finally reel Sam in for the kill.”

Jacob locked his jaw shaking his head at his friend. I didn’t realize all the drama on the reservation would go on without me being here. The thought made me sad, I’d been away for a while but time didn’t wait for me. Everyone was still growing up, my best friend had been used and abused while I was away from it all.

“Sorry Jake.” I sighed lightly punching his arm.

“Other fish in the sea, and all that.” I laughed as he shook off the subject.

“You want to make it up to me; you can get me a carburetor for a 1976 rabbit.” He laughed, beaming.

“I could probably figure something out.” I chimed smiling, he eased a bit laughing.

“Sam’s missing anyway.” Quil and Embry stiffened at Jacob’s comment. There was no malice in my friend’s words, just annoyance and frustration.

“Missing?” Jacob nodded shrugging.

“Figures right, she breaks it off with me and then Sam goes running for the hills.”

He laughed as Embry and Quil avoided eye contact shaking their heads.

I let the comment drop as Jacob chased his two friends away. “You wanna go down the beach Bells?”

He asked when we were finally alone and I nodded. Jacob and I had our best conversations on La Push beach. He would skip rocks along the waves while I imagined swimming to James Island.

As the sand crunched under my boots, Jacob picked up smooth rocks.

“Do you wanna tell me what the whole story is with Leah and Sam?”

Jacob sighed shaking his head, his hair was growing out again, and the cold provided a perfect opportunity for him to wear it down. I knew his mother itched to trim his hair as she did every year. As soon as school was out, she used to chase him around the house with his father’s electric shaver. Now the boys would pile into the Black’s kitchen, as Sarah gave buzz cuts to everyone. I remember hiding with Jacob those summers. I’d spend all summer with the Blacks if Renee let me. Charlie and Billy were such avid fishermen that it seemed natural to sleep over.

“It’s nothing Bella, just a stupid crush, I like someone else now.” He sighed making me laugh.

“Jacob Black the ladies’ man.” I commented as he blushed flashing his pearly whites as he bent down finding another stone to skip.

“Maybe.” He mused lost in thought.

“Do they have any idea where Sam is?” I asked concerned. Sam was always nice to me, he had a hard life.

“The elders don’t seem too worried.” Jacob replied, his teeth clenched.

“Of course Leah is freaking out.” He added the last comment with a bit of acid.

“You really like her huh Jake?” I questioned grabbing his hand, as he seemed to ease to my touch.

“I told you it’s just a stupid crush.” He replied letting my hand go as he began to throw the rocks across the waves.

I sat watching him for a moment, debating on whether to reveal my relationship with Edward. Finally taking a deep breath my mind was made up, as he threw his last rock before joining me on a bleached piece of driftwood.

“I had my first date last weekend.” I admitted wincing, as Jacob laughed.

I shook my head blushing.

“See you’re here in La Push playing Don Juan and your dysfunctional best friend just hit puberty.” He laughed again shaking his head, before turning to me feigning seriousness.

“Who is it Bella? Who’s the lucky guy?” His smile was so bright; I wondered how he’d react when I told him. “And don’t say Mike Newton...” He warned me as I shook my head.

“Edward, Edward Cullen.” I replied closing my eyes waiting for his reaction.

He laughed dryly. “Oh don’t tell my Dad.” He commented chuckling to himself.

I opened my eyes slowly, Jacob didn’t believe in the legends, or maybe he hadn’t put two and two together yet. Either way, he was okay with my relationship. A green light from your best friend was as good as your parents.

“So how’s Charlie taking it?” I shrugged.

“I think Charlie’s being willfully ignorant right now.” I answered smiling at my best friend’s innocence.

“Yeah.” Jacob sighed. “My Dad, he’s always so weird about the Cullens, having secret meetings when they moved here.” Jacob played with a handful of sand as his eyes narrowed angry.

“Maybe it has nothing to do with the Cullens; maybe it’s about something else.” I offered, trying to deflect attention away from the new family. Jacob shook his head.

“It’s like; one family has altered the reservation.” He sighed looking up as the sun centered in the middle of the sky.

“He really takes being a Black seriously, if I didn’t know any better I’d say he believed in our legends.” He laughed dryly taking a deep breath.

Jacob and Billy had been at odds recently. I attributed it to my best friend growing up, it wasn’t easy being the only boy and the youngest. His father always had these big dreams for Jake, and they always centered on his place in the tribe. But like any other typical fourteen year old Jacob was challenging his father, pushing all the envelopes to see how far he could go. We were getting older and I realized how many different responsibilities would be put on my best friend’s shoulders.

“You ready for lunch Bells?” He asked, as his stomach growled.

I laughed shrugging as he pulled me up from the log.

“You really are eating your parents out of house and home huh?” I chuckled as Jacob gave me a bump pushing me slightly to the side with his hips. We laughed as I staggered in the sand pushing myself further up the hill.

“Mom says I have a hallow leg.” He joked, I shook my head wrapping my arms around my torso shielding the wind coming off the shore.

“Or since you’re jolly green giant over here your body actually might need the extra calories.”

He smiled a glint in his eye as we made it over the peak of the hill and headed towards the house.

The warmth of the Black’s home met me, making me smile while peeling off the layers Renee had insisted I wear before going to the beach. I smirked at all the pictures of Jacob and his sisters that lined the coffee tables and the mantle to the fireplace. The old patchwork quilt that I had snuggled up to almost every summer night, laid across the beat up couch. I sighed following the voices of Sarah and Renee.

“Jacob, sit down and eat.” Sarah chided, taking the bag of Doritos from my best friend as he avoided her hand, which went for his head.

“Alright, alright.” He laughed defeated as our fathers’ came into the kitchen. I could smell the fish frying in the pan as I sat next to Jacob stealing his fork.

“You guys made out pretty good this afternoon?” I asked as Charlie smirked at his best friend before answering me.

“Sure did Bells, we’re hoping this evening we’ll get enough to last us till Thanksgiving.”

I shook my head laughing as Sarah pulled a couple of pieces from the frying pan. Renee began to lay the first batch of food out, as Jacob followed his father spearing a piece.

“Do you think you two could wait until we were finished here?” Sarah reprimanded as they both shrugged separating the meat from the bone.

“I’ve deboned the next batch for Bella.” She smiled making me blush.

I hated eating fish with bones, that and coupled with my penchant for choking on them Sarah always deboned a section of fish for me. Jacob grinned elbowing me slightly in the ribs.

“That’s okay Ma, I learned the abdominal thrust this semester, just in case.” He shook his head teasingly for inflection, as our fathers laughed heartily.

I gave Jacob a fake scowl before rolling my eyes. His mouth was full of fish and he didn’t seem to notice.

“So how are Rachel and Becca doing?” I asked, inquiring about Jacob’s two sisters away at college.

“They’re doing well; they’ll be home for Thanksgiving next week, which reminds me Renee are you coming this year?”

I glanced up wondering the same question as my Mother looked to Charlie and then back.

“Sure Sarah, we’re in.” I smirked at Jacob before Sarah turned the burner off and Renee pulled another plate of fish and potatoes from the stove.

It was a tradition that we’d spend Thanksgiving in La Push, I remembered fondly running through everyone’s house chasing after Jacob as we collected the kids from the dinner tables. A Thanksgiving in La Push wasn’t your garden variety holiday. There was no turkey, which I was thankful for this year. There was however, a lot of football and fish fry. Every house had a different dish, Renee and Sarah would go around sharing food and stories, laughing the night away. One living room suffered as the men piled in watching some big game.

”So have you given any thought to colleges yet Bells?” Sarah asked as she pulled a piece of fish apart on her plate.

I shrugged thinking.

“Maybe Washington State, I’m trying to put off the whole process all-together.”

Jake shook his head at me as Charlie cleared his throat.

“Bella’s going to be a writer.” My father added smirking.

“Dad.” I blushed shaking my head.

“I think that’s a good place to start then Bells.” Billy chimed in. “That’s what the girls did, narrowed down the colleges by their majors.”

Jacob’s father smiled before looking back down at his plate. Charlie looked at me quickly and smirked before changing the subject.

“Any word yet on the Uley boy?” Charlie mused, before taking a large bite of potatoes.

Billy shook his head, as Jacob looked up annoyed but interested.

“Just called before we sat down, no word yet.”

Charlie gave an assessed grunt as he wiped his mouth before replying.

“Well I’ve put the call out, we’ll find him where-ever he is soon enough.”

I smiled at my Dad, he was always so determined; it was a characteristic that made him a good cop, and a great Sheriff.

When lunch was over I offered to help with the dishes, Jacob seemed to be in a funk as he sat finishing the fish that was left over. Renee and Sarah chased us out of the kitchen as we walked back to the garage in silence.

“So,” I mused smiling, trying to cheer my friend up. “A carburetor huh?” Jacob chuckled, the frustration lifting from his shoulders.

“I took you cliff diving for your fifteenth Bells.” Jacob argued grinning at the memory.

I had begged Jacob to take me cliff diving after watching the other boys do it every summer. Jake finally relented on my fifteenth birthday; it was one of the best gifts. We held hands and took the plunge. It was exhilarating and one of my best birthday memories.

“I’m not saying I won’t be able to find you this part, just saying. So you really think it’ll be ready by next year?” I asked as he opened the hood of the car clicking the light on.

“Yeah, maybe even earlier.” His grin widened and my plan had worked, Jacob was easy to cheer up. He usually cheered me up, but I could tell whatever drama was going on the Reservation it was eating away at him inside.

“So about this boyfriend.” I looked up; Jake hadn’t mentioned Edward since before lunch and I had thought he had forgotten.

“I don’t know if I’d call him my boyfriend...” Jacob chuckled as he shook his head at me.

“So when am I going to meet the infamous Edward Cullen?” He asked, amused.

I blushed, wondering what would happen when my two worlds met, best-friend and boyfriend.

“You want to meet him?” I asked, teasing.

“No, just wondering when I’d have the pleasure.” He laughed dryly shrugging as I sighed.

“I have no idea.” I finally answered making Jacob laugh.

“Hey Jake!” A small voice called out as a young boy leaned on the side of the garage.

Jacob groaned as the kid skipped in excited.

“Hey, Bella.” Seth smiled as I shook my head. Seth Clearwater had grown a bit since I had last seen him. His change into a teenager was a slow process. He smirked genuinely as he walked towards me.

“What are you doing here Seth?” Jacob growled as the boy ignored my best friend.

“I can’t stand it at my house, Leah’s driving us crazy. She should have stuck with you.” He added with a toothy grin. Jacob shrugged turning away from the boy as I smiled encouraging.

“So how’s the rabbit coming along?” He asked running his hands along the chipping paint.

“Fine.” Jake answered shortly. I tried smiling to lighten the situation.

“So there’s still no word on Sam huh Seth?” I asked, changing the boy’s focus.

“Nah, and everyone has this serious look like something’s going to happen any moment.”

Jacob laughed sarcastically.

“You wanna help me get this engine out kid?” He teased as Seth took his coat off quickly, smiling excitedly.

“Sure Jake.”

I watched the two boys work on the car for an hour, Quil and Embry stopped by as the sun was setting slowly. I grabbed sodas for the boys as they joked around. Seth was beaming with grease covering his cheeks.

“Seth? Seth Clearwater you come out here right now!” A familiar voice called.

Jacob tensed as Quil and Embry exchanged knowing glances. I recognized the voice immediately, as Leah Clearwater stepped out in front of the garage.

“Leah, I.” His sister looked mad, annoyed as she put her hands on her hips.

“Mom’s worried sick and you know I...” She stopped seeing Jacob as he avoided her gaze.

“Hey Jake.” She weakly smiled blushing.

“Leah.” Jake answered standing up, setting his soda can down.

Leah bit her lip guilty as she nodded towards me.

“Long time no see Bells.” She smiled pulling her brother up from his seat.

“Come on Seth, let’s go home. Mom’s going to kill you, look at your clothes!” Embry and Quil laughed as Seth waved excited at his friends before being dragged out of the garage.

“Wow she looked horrible.” Embry commented as I looked to Jacob who was trying to keep busy.

Leah was my age, but today she had seemed much older than her years. Her eyes were red from crying and she looked tired.

“So who’s this other girl that Jake’s got a crush on?” I asked Quil as his friends laughed.

“Who knows, the girls are always chasing him at school.” Jake cracked a smile as he grabbed a wrench.

“Cause some guys got it, and some guys don’t” Jacob teased giving his best John Travolta from the movie ‘Grease’ impression.

“You two going to just stand there or are you going to help me?”

His friends shook their heads as they grabbed Jake’s tool box and work light. I followed them out to my car as Jacob slid underneath the engine.

“Just a couple of fine tuned adjustments Bells.” Jake laughed as the darkness overcame the last bits of sun over the horizon. I knew our fathers’ would be home soon. They only ice fished at night and that was in the dead of winter.

“Great so the loud roar will only be a dull one?” I teased as Jacob held his hand for another tool, Embry handed him something as he sipped his soda.

“So you actually drive this thing daily Bells?” Quil asked as Embry stifled a laugh.

“Yes, sometimes, when it doesn’t snow, or ice or rain too hard.” I joked as Jacob scoffed from under the truck as his friends ribbed each other.

“I don’t know.” Embry added. “I’ve always seen you in something like a mustang convertible, cherry red.” He snickered as Jacob slid out form under the truck.

Quil and Embry always play flirted with me; it drove Jacob insane since it was like watching your best friends flirt with your sister. I always laughed calling it practice for some poor girls who would fall for the two.

“Alright you two, enough off my land.” He chased them away laughing as I stood there blushing.

“Sorry, something’s never change.” He chuckled.

“It’s alright, I’m used to it.” He shrugged wiping his hands on the towel.

“Well it should run better, just bring it back and get it tuned up once and a while Bells.” He beamed as Charlie and Renee joined us from the house.

“Ready to go Bella?” Renee asked as they were saying their goodbyes. Charlie loaded the back of the truck with a cooler full of fish.

“See you Thanksgiving!” Sarah called as Renee waved.

“We’re taking the cruiser.” Charlie added dryly as I rolled my eyes at my parents.

“Call me Jake.” I whispered, “Let me know what’s going on with the Sam thing.” He shrugged watching me hop into the driver’s seat.

On the ride home, my parent’s were quiet. It wasn’t until we reached the driveway that Renee said anything.

“So Charles, do you want sweet potato or pumpkin pie this year?”

Charlie groaned pulling the cooler down from the back.

“Make both Renee; you know we always run out.”

My mother laughed watching Charlie head to the back to fill the freezer with the fish.

“How about you baby?” I shrugged; not a fan of either.

“Both sound fine.”

Renee made a face following me to the front door.

“You and your father are so much alike.” She smirked opening the door for me.

“Is there any chance you’re hungry again?” I shook my head, still full from our late lunch.

“Not a chance, Sarah makes a great fish fry.” I beamed as Renee laughed putting some leftovers Sarah gave us in the refrigerator.

“Heading upstairs?” She questioned.

I shrugged as Charlie emerged from the garage.

“So is it okay if I spend some time with Edward tomorrow?” Charlie glanced at Renee as she smiled knowingly.

“Sure, what do you guys have planned?”

I opened my mouth slowly trying to make something up.

“Well, Edward was thinking a movie, and then the Cullens have Family night.” I bit my lip hoping the story was believable. I told myself it wasn’t completely a lie, playing vampire baseball as a family could technically be considered a form of family night.

“It’s supposed to storm tomorrow.” Charlie added grunting past me as he washed his hands.

“We’ll be careful, stay in Forks.” I retorted smiling.

Charlie shrugged as Renee smirked.

“Sounds fine to me Bells.” My father finally answered as Renee nodded in agreement.

“Great, I’m just going to head upstairs, maybe get a head start on my homework.” It was a complete lie, I would try to do homework but silently hoped Edward was upstairs waiting for me.

I sighed when I flicked the light on only to find an empty room. I woke my laptop up before fingering through my cd collection. It felt like a Strauss day as I slid the cd into the player.

‘Morgen’ one of my favorite Strauss vocal pieces began to play. This version had a full orchestral setting accompanying in the background, as I tilted my head waiting for the vocal line to come in.

“Caballe, good choice.” I heard his voice and smiled with anticipation.

“I should have known you were a Strauss fan.” I whispered feeling his breath on my neck. The vocal line began, as I stood in my place unwilling to break the moment.

“Do you know the translation?”

I shook my head softly as he sighed, another sweet wave of his aroma wafted gently towards me.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow again will shine the sun. And on my sunlit path of earth unite us again, as it has done. And give our bliss another birth. The spacious beach under wave-blue skies; We’ll reach by descending soft and slow, And mutely gaze in each other’s eyes, As over us rapture’s great hush will flow.”

He spoke each line softly as Montserrat Caballe gently sung the tune. As she finished and the orchestra continued, I sighed.

“I always envisioned a pair of lovers, one awakening first and watching the other.” I admitted, a full blush creeping up my cheeks and neck. He stepped closer to me leaning his forehead into the nape of my neck.

“And?” I laughed tilting my head to welcome him closer to me.

“And singing as the first rays crept over their bed, so sweetly so longingly.” I laughed. “I’m not sure what is more beautiful the vocal line or the accompaniment.”

He smiled; I could feel his lips gently stroking my neck. “You are more beautiful of course.”

Just when I wanted more, when I was about to turn he pulled away softly, fluidly. As I made the complete turn towards him, he was studying me from the loveseat.

“How was your day?” He asked, a look of pained suffering flashed across his face, as I sat across from him. A quicker Strauss piece broke the spell and I turned to him smiling.

“Unusually pleasant.” I smiled sighing willing him to come towards me; he gripped the loveseat holding himself in place. “Except for Sam Uley being gone.”

Edward’s eyes narrowed.

“Sam Uley?” I nodded wincing. “It’s unlike Sam, he was going to school locally, he feels very attached to his mother after his father left them.” I paused still wondering how much to share with Edward.

“And he’s missing?” Edward added as I gave a quick nod.

“Jake’s very annoyed by everyone, and he wants to meet you.” I laughed looking at Edward for a moment. He had leaned forward studying my face and let out a long held breath before replying.

“He wants to meet me?” I gave a quick nod, wondering if this was going too fast.

“I told him about you and I, and it’s Jake.” Edward nodded softly thinking.

“Do they have any leads on Sam’s whereabouts?” I shook my head thinking back to what started the conversation.

“No, but Jake said the tribal leaders are very calm, almost excited about it.” I laughed as Edward narrowed his gaze lost in thought.

“What?” I asked breaking him from the chambers of his mind.

“Nothing, just, remembering something.” He smiled, it didn’t reach his eyes but I didn’t mind.

“And what about you? How was your day?” He laughed tilting his head flirtatiously.

“Boring, Esme said I was insufferable and Emmet accused me of cheating at video games.” I shook my head imagining the giant vampire throwing a fit over a video game.

“So, a good day then?” He shook his head.

“A good beginning and a good ending, but being away from you Bella was torture.” His breath hitched as his fingers itched to come closer. I met his gaze and bit my lip; I didn’t want him to fight his urge to be near me. But I realized those urges were coupled with something more dangerous. If I truly wanted this to work with Edward, I had to stop flirting with death.

It was a near impossible feat, like telling a child no in a toy store or candy shop. The more time we spent together, the more I wanted. There was a hunger for more, another step closer, or holding a gaze even longer. My mind wondered if it was the same for him, if he was fighting the attraction as much as I was.

My eyes closed with Edward watching, I couldn’t help but imagine awakening to Edward fast asleep in my arms. The song ‘Morgen’ still played softly in my head as I dreamt of the rays dancing on his skin.