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The Ripple Effect

What if Bella’s parents never divorced & she was a normal girl. Best friends with Jacob Black for all her life & suddenly the Cullen’s moved to Forks. Everything is Alternate Universe, Romance, drama and friendships galore.


22. Chapter 22, Prom

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Chapter 22, Prom

The idea of school was a welcomed thought, as the cloudy spring days became bearable. Everyone had heard about our trip to Italy, the human version of course. And so now, I was not only dating Edward, but reaping all the benefits of a doctor’s son as well. While we walked the halls the first day back from vacation, everyone seemed to be in a rush to get back into the swing of things. Angela and Ben were flirting heavily outside of homeroom, as Edward smirked to the couple before bidding farewell.

I took my seat ahead of my friend, growling at the pre-prom posters that lined the walls every three feet of the hallway. The prom committee had been hard at word this first week back, they were taking submissions for prom theme. Moreover, since it was going to be a mixed prom it was the juniors versus the seniors. Finally, moments before the bell rang Angela slipped into her seat, blushing wildly from her conversation.

“I’m in love Bella.” She sighed, turning towards me while ignoring our Homeroom teacher.

“How do you know you’re in love?” I asked smirking at my friend.

She laughed shrugging. “My heart skips erratically, I can feel my cheeks blushing all I think about is Ben; and I’m pretty sure if all goes well the prom is going to be the night.”

I sat back in my chair raising an eyebrow.

“Could you be anymore cliché Ang.? Prom night should be about dancing and having fun, don’t you think it’ll be too much pressure?” I inquired as Angela’s smile faded away at the thought.

“You think?” She questioned, biting her bottom lip.

“I think, you should let things go their course naturally, but don’t get your hopes up. If it happens great, if not there’s no time limit.” I rationalized, as my friend twisted her lips sardonically.

“That’s easy for you to say, you and Edward went to Italy last week, I’m sure that you two have progressed way further than Ben and I. I mean look at you two; you have that whole glazed eyes, star crossed lovers thing going on.” She laughed baiting me into divulging more about my relationship.

“No, Edward and I are taking it slow. Glacially slow.” I sighed as Angela’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you serious?” She asked again, trying to verify I wasn’t lying to make her feel better.

“I’m sure, there’s no need to rush these things. Edward and I both agree on that.” I finished, tilting my head to the side wondering who I was trying to convince.

“Swan, Weber, am I interrupting something?” Our homeroom teacher asked as Jessica turned towards us, an eyebrow perked quizzically.

We shook our heads stifling giggles before turning towards the front of the classroom. By the time lunch rolled by, Alice was in full form excited by the bustling of school again. She waited with me in line as I picked up a salad verging away from my normal lunch.

“Have you voted for a prom theme yet?” Alice asked wrinkling her nose at the prospect.

“A prom theme, is that going on today?” I inquired as Alice gave a quick nod to the Prom Committee who had a table set up in the corner of the cafeteria.

Jessica and Lauren were fighting with two seniors about the ballot boxes, as I looked back at my friend.

“I am sure they will come to the same decision with or without my vote.” I sighed moving along in the line as Alice grinned, leaning in close.

“Do you want me to tell you the theme then?” She asked, eyeballing an apple before grabbing the fruit for cover.

“No that’s fine.” I answered paying for my lunch and her apple.

“It’s the Roaring Twenties.” Alice added ignoring my last statement. “The Charleston, Lindy Hop, it’s going to be great.”

I rolled my eyes taking our place at the table.

“I am sure you guys will have fun, but I’m not going to prom just no. I can’t dance, there is no way I will find the right dress and besides Edward isn’t into Proms and stuff.” I protested as we sat down next to Ben and Angela.

“We’ll see.” Alice finally answered pouting, lost in thought.

When Edward dropped me home that afternoon, I was excited to see the Black’s pickup in the driveway as I raced inside. Jacob as usual was sitting on the couch and waved an hello to me as I greeted Sarah and my mother.

“So I see you didn’t bring home any girls.” Jacob chuckled as I sat next to him holding out a brown paper bag.

“That’s not true, here is two postcards. One is Queen Elizabeth; they say she was a real hottie in her time. And of course Sophia Loren, one of the sexiest Italian women alive, so you’re welcome.” I laughed as Jacob took the two cards, shaking his head at me.

“When I said to bring me home women I was hoping they would be breathing, or at least under thirty. But this will do I guess.” He snarked, perking an eyebrow at me.

“And this is from Edward.” I laughed, handing him a black box as Jacob’s eyes narrowed.

“Your boyfriend is giving me gifts?” He asked holding the box awkwardly.

“He wants to be your friend, so open the damn gift Jake and play nice.” I joked punching him lightly on the arm.

Jacob followed my direction and opened the box slowly. I had no idea what it contained; Edward had made the purchase without my knowledge. Jacob laughed as he lifted the contents to show me. It was a silver keychain; hanging from the loop was a yellow crest. Inside the crest was a black horse rearing back, with the letters S and F on the sides. There were the colors of the Italian flag at the top green, white and red; it was the perfect gift for Jake.

“This is nice, tell him thank you for me Bells.” Jacob smiled, genuinely. It seemed when it came down to my oldest friend, Edward knew just how to handle him. He gripped the keychain in his large hand smiling to himself, before slipping it into his pocket for safekeeping. “So, tell me everything I want to know what it’s like to get out of Washington even if it’s vicariously.”

I perked an eyebrow at Jacob before obliging. I wanted to ask about the Reservation, but my friend’s avoidance told me it wasn’t a good time. When Sarah was ready to go, Jacob idled with me outside on the front steps as our Mothers slowly said their goodbyes.

“Do you trust Edward?” Jacob asked looking towards me; it seemed my answer would define something for him.

“Yes, of course I do why?” I inquired as my friend shook his head wincing at a thought.

“I don’t think it’s wise for you to come to the reservation for a while Bella, Sam’s very adamant about that.” He finished gritting his teeth in anger.

“Sam doesn’t want me coming to La Push?” I gasped, looking towards the darkness fighting back tears. “Why?” I finally finished staring at Jacob.

His eyes were sad, as if he was stuck in the middle and it was either me or Sam. He looked down before answering.

“Because he doesn’t understand you, and something about you putting yourself in danger.” He sighed pushing his hair back; he was due for his summer cut any day now. “Were you in the woods a few months back Bells? When those murders were happening?” His brown eyes searched mine; there was something more my friend could not tell me. But I couldn’t lie to him, so I avoided the answer.

“Is that what this is about?” I asked, as Jacob sighed heavily giving a stern nod.

“Look don’t worry about it, I’m going to sneak away as often as I can. I’ll take the bus if I have to. Sam is not going to stop me from seeing my best friend. I’ll hitch too if it comes to that.” He laughed easing the tension as our mothers joined us.

Two weeks passed by quickly, as everyone prepared for midterms. Spring had come in full swing but was now turning into summer. There were more posters now advertising for Prom tickets to the Roaring twenties extravaganza. Everything in high school from bake sales to choir concerts were always titled something, something extravaganza; so that was no surprise to me. Edward and Alice teamed up trying to convince me to go to Prom, with two weeks until the dance I wasn’t budging one bit.

It was a game between the Cullens and I. There was no subject too odd, no transition too abrupt. Talk about prom and the weather is starting to get muggy. Mention dress shopping and Charlie doesn’t understand why ESPN covers golf of all sports. When I was awoken in the early morning one day, I should have known the softball talks and nuances between brother and sister were too goo to be true.

“Edward?” I called out as I heard a giggle, Alice’s giggle.

“Hardly.” A silky voice replied and I recognized it immediately.

“Rosalie?” I questioned as Alice turned my desk lamp on.

The two girls were holding large thick garment bags, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

“What time is it?” I inquired as Alice began to hang the bags.

“I told you it was too early to do this Alice.” Rosalie hissed at her sister who shrugged.

“We have to be in school in an hour, why not wake up a little early, Bella doesn’t mind do you Bella?” She smirked as I sat up in bed, waking up quickly.

“I guess not, what’s going on?” I finally asked as Rosalie smiled beautifully her hands fitting into the grooves of her womanly curves, as she eyed me full of intent.

“We come bearing gifts.” The blonde answered, as Alice unzipped one garment bag after another revealing beautiful dresses.

“Those aren’t...?” I stammered.

“Prom dresses of course. Between Alice, Esme, Renee, Edward and I we have narrowed it down to five choices, for you to pick of course.” Rosalie purred, as her sister handed her a beautiful white silk dress. The cut was gorgeous and looked right off a 1920’s silent film star, it would have looked better on Rosalie than on me.

“I am not going to Prom you guys.” I protested as Rosalie rolled her eyes, before staring at me as if I was a petulant little sister.

“Yes you are.” Alice replied in her singsong voice, holding up another dress; this one was a more traditional pink chiffon number. That is when I realized, one was Alice’s pick the other was Rosalie’s.

“Let me see the other ones.” I finally caved, as Rosalie’s face broke out into a Hollywood glamour smile.

When we drove into the student parking lot, I was slightly annoyed. After having played fashion show for forty minutes, Rosalie and Alice drove me to school. We had narrowed it down to two dresses and according to them; I had two days to pick one. They were very good at playing good cop bad cop. Rosalie said I had five minutes to choose, Alice said a week; they compromised in the end.

Needless to say, I was frowning when we finally parked and I jumped out of Rosalie’s convertible. Edward was waiting for us a crooked grin plastered on his face, as he approached me.

“You do not seem to be having fun Bella.” Edward laughed taking my hand and examining it.

“Did you get woken up at five am, so you could try on prom dresses against your will?” I asked, slightly annoyed.

My boyfriend tilted his head, a bright sly smile spreading across his face.

“No, but I am sure my sisters have good intentions.” He laughed as I narrowed my gaze.

“You put them up to this didn’t you?” I inquired searching his beautiful face for some clue.

“Of course I did Bella; I want you to go to prom with me. We should do something normal and be happy.” He finally added, shaking his head as he laughed to himself.

“Then invite me out for a movie, or we can go to dinner or something. But don’t ask me to get all dolled up and go dancing like the rest of the school.” I argued; as Edward laughed wrapping an arm around my waist guiding me towards the schoo,l while we trailed behind his family. “And I don’t even remember you asking me to the prom, so I don’t understand where this came from.”

“Okay then, Bella will you give me the honor of escorting you to the Roaring Twenties Extravaganza?” He smiled raising his eyebrows for emphasis.

“Absolutely not.” I replied as Edward chuckled nodding.

“Alice said you would put up a fight, but you are going to prom with me Bella.”

He announced and my face flushed, Alice had seen me relent, it was an unfair fight now.

“I don’t do dances Edward.” He laughed pulling me to him as he tried to get me to dance. I giggled, my feet slightly scraping against the blacktop while we made our way into the front doors.

“Your feet may be indestructible; but unless you want a girlfriend with a broken ankle or leg, I suggest we rent a nice movie or play scrabble that night.”

He wasn’t giving up as he twirled me in place.

“Or you give in, and for once not worry about sticking out from the crowd. Bella trust me, there is nothing wrong with being a little traditional and enjoying yourself while you can.” He interjected, as some of our fellow classmates stared at us in wonder.

I dragged my feet on the Prom issue for the rest of the week until Alice cornered me in fifth period on Friday with a proposal.

“So I am thinking girls weekend? Just us girls sleeping over at my house and we kick the boys out. What do you think?” Alice asked shaking back in forth with excitement.

My lips curved into a smile, at least Alice wasn’t hinting at the prom today. Maybe they were getting the picture. I had chosen a dress; but that was only to stop Rosalie from glaring at me when the time came to choose.

“Okay, sure sounds fun.” I replied shrugging.

I had never had a girl’s weekend, or night for that matter. There was the occasional mention of them in teen movies or a babysitter’s club book; but those couldn’t compare. As I followed Rosalie and Alice into their home after school, Esme greeted us in the kitchen.

“Snacks?” She asked smiling at me, since I was the only one to appreciate her cooking without getting sick.

“She won’t be able to fit into her dress if she keeps eating those.” Rosalie chided, as I swallowed one of the puff pastries with delight.

“She will be fine.” Alice chimed. “Bella has a very fast metabolism and she does yogalates.”

I laughed at my friends as Esme smiled untying her apron.

“So are we ready for a girl’s only weekend?” She gushed, it was easy to see where Alice got her influences.

“Are the boys gone?” Rosalie asked, nonchalantly.

“Yes, they are fixing the cottage for me before a hunting trip up north. So it is just us four.”

“What is the cottage for anyway?” I asked as Alice and Rosalie smirked before Esme answered.

“It is for Edward, I fixed it up for a wedding present.” Esme smiled at me, her hand covering mine. “For what it is worth, I hope you two will enjoy it. I am so happy Edward has found someone like you.”

I gave a slight nod as Alice interrupted the moment with a laugh. “Well let’s get changed then, Bella I have some pajamas that you can borrow.”

Rosalie led us upstairs as we walked down the West corridor, past the bathroom. I had never been this far in the house, at the end of the hall we walked into a large room. The walls were white, trimmed with deep red and gold. The carpet was plush and brown, deep enough so my feet sunk slightly with each step, it all seemed very rustic. Emmett and Rosalie’s bedroom was different from the others in the house I had seen. This room had been decorated with more earthy tones. I admired the furniture, as Rosalie flipped the light on in her walk in closet.

“Here try this on.” Rosalie ordered, handing me a beautiful black nightie.

“I can’t wear this.” I stammered, staring at the black silk and lace as the blonde made a face.

“Why not?” It is just us girls; there is nothing to be ashamed about. I was only kidding about the dress, you are a beautiful girl Bella, don’t forget that.” She smiled handing me the silk fabric again. It was odd being complimented by Rosalie, she had a way of making you feel special.

“We are all wearing the same thing.” Alice announced, emerging from the closet in a pink nightie that resembled the one I had in my hands.

The fabric didn’t cling to Alice at all as I had imagined, it had a nice appropriate length and wasn’t too revealing. I sighed with a quick nod, before walking into the bathroom to change. When I finally finished, I stared at the full-length mirror before emerging. Usually I was a sweats and t-shirt sort of girl, or flannel pajamas in the dead of winter. However, for once I felt very feminine, I laughed at my silhouette before exiting the bathroom.

Alice was right everyone was dressed in the same outfit so if felt natural. With the current fashion trends, we looked all dressed for the beach or some summer party. Alice and Rosalie started a fire in the fireplace, as Esme smiled handing me a bowl of popcorn.

“I heard about prom, Edward seems determined doesn’t he?” Esme smiled, looking towards her daughters before back at me.

“Yes, he is. But I can’t dance and the Prom seems so trivial after everything.” I admitted, as Alice and Rosalie turned watching us.

“You were turned in the 1920’s weren’t you Esme?” Alice asked, smiling already knowing the answer.

“Is that the prom theme?” Esme asked as I gave an exasperated nod.

“And Rosalie still knows some steps too; I bet we can teach her.” Alice added, excitement building as she jumped up skipping out of the room.

“It really is hopeless.” I laughed smiling at Esme, as she grinned sympathetically.

“Well I was great at the foxtrot.” Esme laughed, her pale hand clutching her long neck at the memory.

“I brought records.” Alice giggled, placing an ancient record player on one of the tables. “This is the only one that plays seventy fives right?” Alice questioned, already placing the needle on the record.

“Come on Bella, if we can’t teach you the dances, then we will forget the whole thing.” Alice promised as Rosalie laughed, breaking her steely facade.

Esme took her daughter’s hand, as they began to dance while Alice and I watched with fascination.

“Looks like I still remember the steps.” Esme giggled as the music crescendoed.

It was fun watching the two, mother and daughter dancing right out of the decade they had come from. I could imagine the two beauties in some jazz nightclub two flappers enjoying the company and cursing prohibition.

“Come on Bella you can do this.” Rosalie laughed, taking my hand as the song changed to a different tune.

Rosalie slowly showed me a simple step, as my feet surprisingly followed. I couldn’t help but laugh, the serious and daunting blonde was helping plain Bella Swan dance. If anyone had told me this would happen back in September, I would have laughed until I cried.

“What is this dance called?” I inquired, as Rosalie showed me another move.

“This is what we used to call the breakaway, which turned into the Lindy hop. But baby steps first Bella.” She added, as we switched with Esme when the next song came on.

It was fun and tiring, I had never been this close with other girls. Moreover, I wondered if this was a regular thing for the Cullens. Esme had shed away her motherly exterior and for a brief moment, she was seventeen again.

‘This was the most fun I have ever had in this house.’ I thought as we laughed while I tried to imitate their dance steps.

When I finally fell asleep in Edward’s bedroom, my feet and stomach were sore from all the dancing and laughing. It was a rush of cold air that had awoken me, as the sun hit the horizon.

“Bella?” I heard Edward whisper, as I shook off a thought.

“You are not supposed to be here.” I groaned turning towards the beautiful boy as he laughed. His sweet voice intoxicating.

“I snuck away for a moment.” He admitted, running his thumb across my bottom lip.

“Why?” I asked, opening one eye slowly as he laughed.

“Because I have to do something, can you get dressed?” He asked, when I sat up the covers still encompassing me. Edward turned around as I pulled on a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

“What do you have to do?” I inquired as he turned towards me smiling.

“Come outside with me.” He ordered holding out his hand as I followed. When we were downstairs, I was still confused.

Part of me thought I was still asleep; this was like one of my dreams; waking up to Edward smiling down at me. Nevertheless, as we reached the clearing and I felt the wind glide across my face, it was obvious this was real. When we came to the lush grass Edward let my hand go, as he continued to walk into the circle.

“I have made a few mistakes Bella, I know that now. One of them of course; was thinking that asking you to be my wife, in the car on the way to school was appropriate. It was an error of judgment on my part.”

“Edward.” I interrupted, walking closer to him as he smiled shaking his head.

“It is hard for me to watch you suffer and to think of all that you have gone through because of me.”

“Because I love you Edward.” I added. “And there is nothing that I regret.”

He gave a gentle nod, his white teeth showing slightly before he spoke again.

“But I have learned from these mistakes Bella, I have learned how to do things the proper way. So I want to do this correctly this time.” He grinned turning in a circle before smirking at me.

“Edward, what are you saying?” I asked, a grin creeping up on my face.

He walked towards me, taking my hands caressing them gently, as he led me to the center of the clearing before bending down on one knee. The sun’s rays were peeking through a cloud at this moment, shining down on Edward’s face reflecting it with brilliance.

“I am asking you, right here and now if you will marry me Bella Swan. Because I know even if I live another hundred years, it will always be you. I cannot imagine living without you Bella. Therefore, you see, I am on one knee, in a place where I always wanted to ask for your hand, and here it goes. Bella Swan will you marry me and be with me forever?”

He was holding a black satin box now; his beautiful hands opened it revealing a gorgeous ring. There were tiny diamonds surrounding two bigger diamonds set in an oval white gold band. The ring looked old, but still sparkled in the sunlight. It was two magnificent things in front of me, reflecting the morning rays. I wanted to say yes, but this was such an important decision.

“And how long will forever be?” I inquired, perking an eyebrow as Edwards lips curved into a gorgeous smile. He took the ring out of the box slipping it onto my finger as my breath hitched.

“As long as you desire my love. My heart is in your hands, but first things first. Say yes, go to prom with me and live your life just a little bit before you give in.” He replied, his voice sincere and full of love. “Besides, give me another year to watch you blush, to hear your heart flutter to my touch.” He stood up now, pulling me so close to him, my body shaking with delight. “To kiss you and feel the heat flowing from our embrace.” He leaned in gently now, our lips touching and then moving in rhythm with one another.

When we pulled away, I had momentarily forgotten how to speak. He pushed my hair behind my shoulders, gazing into my eyes hoping for an answer.

“The ring was my mother’s, she would have wanted you to have it. I know you can not wear it yet, but I hope you will soon.” He sighed leaning his cold smooth forehead on mine. “So what will it be?” He smirked; his eyebrows raised quizzically, taking my breath away, the sweetness of him sent my heart reeling.

“Yes, A thousand times yes Edward Cullen, I will marry you. Today, tomorrow, next year but the answer is and forever will be unequivocally and whole heartedly yes.” Tears were falling from my eyes as Edward laughed pulling me close again. His cheek was resting on mine while the morning chill warmed to the breeze.

“I seem to remember that from somewhere.” He teased, holding me so close, as I laughed with him.

When Edward dropped me off back at his house, his family pretended I hadn’t left. I wasn’t sure how to broach the subject, but Alice’s wayward glances and beaming smiles told me she was supportive. On Sunday, before I left for home Edward returned with the rest of the family; that is when I knew we were for real. It was like a movie, or some daytime soap opera. Edward took my hand as we approached his family, waiting in the den expectantly. Alice was bouncing with delight, as the rest of the Cullens and Hales watched on with sly grins on their faces.

“I have asked Bella to marry me.” Edward announced as Emmett laughed dryly, barely avoiding Rosalie’s backhand. “And she has accepted.”

“Congratulations.” Esme beamed, pulling me into a soft hug, before embracing her son.

“So you’re going to be one of us after all.” Rosalie commented. Her face mixed with happiness and regret which only mired her beauty.

“She is.” Alice giggled taking Jasper’s hand as he smiled silently, his love’s giddiness overcoming his own emotions.

“So first prom and then the ball and chain Ed? How did you manage that?” Emmett chuckled, ducking away at an expectant swat from Rosalie.

“He’s very persuasive.” I laughed, taking a long steadying breath. “Plus, I think after this weekend I can handle a dance or two.” I smirked, as the women in the room smiled conspiringly.

“Well I imagine we have a lot to talk about Edward.” Carlisle interjected, sobering up the group with a dose of reality.

Edward gave a stern nod. “I do, but for now it is a promise, there is no rush is there Bella?” He asked, smirking at me lovingly.

I shook my head, letting some of the weight lift from my shoulders.

“No, I’m not in any rush.”

When the night before prom finally came, I was a nervous wreck. Jacob having caught wind of my venture into normalcy, decided to tease me for a week; standing on my doorstep after school for the last five days. Today was no exception as he lied on my bed, while I steamed my prom dress.

“So you are really going through with it?” He asked again for the twelfth time today.

I gave him a curt nod, my hair had been put up in a permanent wave this afternoon and the lack of humidity was a godsend. However, I was expecting Rosalie and Alice any minute, and didn’t think my friends would want a fifteen year old jokester ruining the night. Not that I didn’t love having Jacob around to keep me grounded, but I was still nervous about mixing the two friends together. But, it would be quite detrimental to Rosalie and my friendship right after she thawed, out to be stuck in a room with Jacob. Especially since, she viewed La Push as enemy territory.

“You aren’t staying right Jake? I mean not up here right, my Dad’s downstairs watching the game so.” I stammered, hoping not to hurt my friend’s feelings. We had never been separated because of others, but he had to get that this was a girl thing.

“I will be downstairs don’t worry I get it, I have sisters you know so no worries.” He sat up smirking at my dress, as it hung on the door.

“Thanks Jake.” I smiled, ushering him out of the room and down the stairs.

“Your friends are here Bella.” Charlie commented pointing towards the red convertible as it pulled into the driveway.

Jacob whistled holding the curtains back, to stare at my friends.

“Geeze those Cullens are beauties aren’t they?” He asked, as I shook my head taking a deep relaxing breath.

“Actually Rosalie is a Hale, but yeah they are pretty and you’re going to behave right? Both of you?” I asked looking from Jacob to my father, as they sat on the couch staring at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Of course, piece of cake.” Charlie smiled, placing his beer down gently on a coaster my mother made him use.

“And I will be here to keep an eye on them.” My mother added, smiling to open the door for my friends.

When Rosalie and Alice entered the house, they paused turning towards Jacob with slight alarm. Alice was the first to recover, smiling past a frown but Rosalie’s eyes narrowed as she waited for an introduction.

“Rosalie and Alice, this is Jacob.” I mumbled as Jacob waved shyly. His usual toothy grin wasn’t present as Rosalie smirked before turning towards me.

“Are we getting ready upstairs?” She asked, looking towards my kitchen and the stairwell to the right. I gave a quick nod, leading my friends up to my room and away from the awkward silence.

Alice and Rosalie also had their hair done and dress bags draped over their right arms.

“Nice house.” Rosalie commented, looking around my room as I grabbed two extra chairs to sit in front of the mirror.

“Thanks.” I answered, Rosalie was being sincere and that made some of the tension slip away.

“Okay so let’s get the dress on shall we?” Alice giggled turning towards me while I gave a gentle nod.

In the end, I went for a silk dress. But, knowing I couldn’t pull off white like Rosalie, I opted for the dark green. The gown was beautiful, it fell bellow my knees and tapered at the collar. The silk against my body and the green mixed with my skin-tone made me feel beautiful. There was a silver and crystal antique broach on the bodice, that made the fabric ripple towards my chest. I didn’t find out later that it was the dress Edward had chosen. Yet, knowing that only made the garment that more special.

I let Edward’s sisters dress and pamper me for the dance; my job tonight was to be a living doll. Moreover, both girls enjoyed every minute of it, Rosalie applying the lipstick while Alice tried to find the right perfume. But, the moment didn’t feel real, until I was standing in front of Edward as we walked slowly towards the banquet hall.

We watched as Lauren and company, pulled up in a stretched antique limo. My friends looked happy. Lauren was beaming with Tyler on her arm, and even our past couldn’t put a damper on the night; as we greeted each other before stopping to take pictures. Edward’s family was already inside, waiting for us to join them. I wasn’t sure why I had been so reluctant to go to prom, especially now as butterflies danced in my stomach.

“You look exquisite tonight, I must tell you that.” Edward whispered, as we moved away from the photographer who just snapped a few pictures.

I smiled, feeling the heat on my cheeks. “You look very dashing yourself Edward, look around. The envious green eyes are quite a sight.”

We laughed walking hand in hand, making our way through the crowds. First, we had to greet all of the faculty and upperclassman who organized the prom. When that was done we found our table, Angela and Ben were sitting with Alice and Jasper waiting.

“You look amazing Bella.” Angela gushed, a white corsage hanging from her wrist.

“Thanks so do you.” I smiled; as my friend blushed. Her hair was parted to the side, straightened like some old movie star; she was in her element tonight.

After dinner, the music became louder and Alice grabbed Jasper when she spotted Rosalie and Emmett on the dance floor. It was a sight to see, not many people had prepared for the full on Roaring Twenties experience. They were the only two couples to venture out, as a nice fast oldie played.

“You guys dancing?” I questioned Angela, as she shrugged looking to Ben.

“I have no idea how to dance to this music.” Angela admitted. “I thought they might mix it up a little.” She added, looking down for a moment embarrassed.

I smiled, my friends knew of my dancing phobia, but for once it didn't matter.

“Come on Edward, you guys too let’s go we’ll show you.” Edward grinned, as I took his arm unexpectedly.

I wasn’t a great dancer, but I knew my boyfriend would help me along the way. When we reached the dance floor with the others, I started one of the steps Rosalie had taught me. To Edward’s delight, he mimicked my moves, holding my waist as we laughed to the music. Some more couples including Angela and Ben joined us, staring at our feet to get a few steps in here and there.

Bella Swan was dancing;, not like the others but without falling on her face. It must have been a sight to see, but I didn’t care. I swayed in Edward’s arms and switched partners with my friends now and then. The night went by in a blur and what I thought would be embarrassing, ended up being fun. That is not to say I will be going to every dance from now on; but I did learn something, not everything is what it seems. What little time I had left to be human I would embrace. Every breath and every heartbeat, I would enjoy. Edward loved me so much, that he wanted to teach me this and how could I not love him for it.